People come to our marketing events because they’re hungry for knowledge and want to meet new marketing friends.

They come back because the community produce a lovely environment, with listening, saying hello, and being positively lovely at its core.

The Marketing Meetup runs a comprehensive online schedule of events and webinars for marketers. Thanks to our lovely sponsors, the webinars are free to attend for anyone looking to come or watch for seven days after they go live on our blog and The Marketing Meetup Podcast. Marketers then discuss and stay in touch with each other in between events in our Facebook group.

Want to be part of it? Check out our upcoming marketing events below.

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25/01/2022 08:30 Diane Wiredu, Founder of Lion Words How to find the right message Virtual Sign up here
01/02/2022 08:30 Mark Ritson, Professor, Mini MBA Marketing Ten questions with Mark Ritson About/After the Mini MBA Virtual Sign up here
08/02/2022 08:30 Tom Roach, VP Brand Planning, Jellyfish In a world of change, what won’t? 7 unchanging principles of effective communication Virtual Sign up here
15/02/2022 08:30 Thierry Ngutegure, Head of Data The where’s, what’s and how’s of data: Using data to tell stories for internal buy in and external storytelling Virtual Sign up here
22/02/2022 08:30 Sophie Miller, Founder, Pretty Little Marketer How to turn followers into a community Virtual Sign up here
01/03/2022 08:30 Bryony Thomas, CEO, Watertight Business Thinking How to get the wider company on board with marketing Virtual Sign up here
08/03/2022 14:00 Jay Baer, Entrepreneur, Talk Triggers: How to Create Customers using Word of Mouth Virtual Sign up here
15/03/2022 14:00 Pragya Mishra, Head of Marketing, SHIELD and Lea Turner, Linkedin Coach How to smash Linkedin Virtual Sign up here
22/03/2022 08:30 Helen Tupper, Co Founder and CEO, Amazing If Marketing Careers in 2022: Pivots and Possibilities Virtual Sign up here
29/03/2022 08:30 Sally Farrant, Founder, Business Growth By Numbers Budgeting for marketers: How to create and manage a budget that helps you get your job done Virtual Sign up here
05/04/2022 08:30 Sol Enenmoh, Head of Digital Transformation at Vanquis Bank How to create meaningful change in your business Virtual Sign up here
12/04/2022 08:30 Vaughan Flood, Founding Director at Flood and Partners Quantitative Market Research: How to find out what people aren’t saying Virtual Sign up here
21/04/2022 08:30 You? Apply to speak! Lightning talks Virtual Sign up here
26/04/2022 08:30 Jeremy Connell-Waite, Global Communications Designer, IBM How to tell stories with impact… the return! Virtual Sign up here

“If any of you haven’t engaged with The Marketing Meetup yet, now’s your chance. And believe me, you do not want to be left out.”


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Some of our previous marketing speakers

Our speakers include some of the world's most famous and most effective marketing practitioners and thinkers. From Oscar Nominees to Disability Rights champions, to well-known names - we've had them all on our stage.

John Espirian

John Espirian, Relentlessly Helpful Technical Copywriter

Nathan Anibaba - Founder of AgencyDealmasters

Nathan Anibaba, Founder of Agency Dealmasters

Catherine Newman - CMO of

Catherine Newman, CMO of Manchester United

Why attend marketing events like The Marketing Meetup and what makes them among the best marketing events?


Marketing, when done well, can be a noble act. It matches a problem to a solution for customers and communicates it creatively.

But why attend events like The Marketing Meetup? Very simply, marketing doesn’t have to be a solo adventure. We can all make each other better. We can help each other along. We can learn, collaborate and grow together. Marketing done well is an amazing thing.

The Marketing Meetup is a friendly, inclusive and welcoming place to be. You leave feeling informed and welcome. That’s why they feel like some of the best marketing events and webinars around.


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These are the people who support our marketing community.

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Some of the best marketing knowledge on the web, courtesy of the likes of Mark Ritson, Rory Sutherland, and many other great marketing minds.