The Bristol Marketing Meetup is an informal, friendly place for the marketers of Bristol to meet, learn, and share knowledge with one another. Come in 'listen' not 'sell' mode 🙂

Think of it as a community rather than a networking event. We just want to get together, say hello, have a chat, and have a nice time.
Now that we're back in the swing of things, we will be running events every two months from this point on, so take it at a pace you're comfortable with. If you're ready... then let's have a lovely night in the company of some amazin' people.

Speakers: Joyann Boyce from Arima & Co, and Rachael Wheatley from Watertight Marketing
Topic: Rethinking marketing

For this one, very special event, we will be breaking away from the single talk and networking format we have come to know and love. Why? Well, we have two incredible heavy hitters from the Bristol scene bringing their unique insights to The Marketing Meetup community.

Joyann will talk about going beyond inclusive imagery, and actually how to expand audience reach and increase ROI for your business. Rachael will then talk about repositioning marketing so that everyone in the business understands marketing’s value from a strategic standpoint. Like Peter Drucker said Businesses have two functions, Innovation and Marketing; the rest are cost centres. Rachael will give you the tools to start this valuable prepositioning work inside any size of an organisation.

Joyann Boyce
At Arima & Co, we are working to establish inclusive marketing as the industry standard worldwide. Marketing has the power to change society, and we believe by providing marketers with the education, resources and tools, they can make that impact positive. Inclusive marketing is not only about representing society, but it's about expanding the audience reach and increasing ROI.

Rachael Wheatley
Re-thinking marketing: Ever been pigeon-holed as the person responsible for lead gen or colouring in? Or ever heard someone in your company say they don’t need to focus on marketing because sales are good? It’s time to re-think marketing so everyone in the company can see its importance and what it brings to the table: strategically and operationally, to the Board and to the wider business. At Watertight Business Thinking we provide the thinking tools, training and coaching to help businesses scale and support every customer’s decision journey. You’ll go away with ideas to discuss with your team, your manager and your Board so everyone in the company can warmly engage with marketing.

Q&A: Please come armed with questions. This is your chance to learn!
The format of the night:

5.00 PM - Doors open - drinks, networking, and smiles
5.30 PM - Introduction and talks begin
6.30 PM - Talks finish, networking, listening, saying hello, and positively lovely people - a nice chilled out time 🙂
7:00 PM - End of the night - you leave with new contacts and fresh ideas
And finally...

Please let your marketing friends and colleagues know about this group too, I hope to build it into a great resource for the community over the coming months and years. Attendance will be taken at this event. Please do cancel your ticket if you can't make it -- if you RSVP 'Yes' and then do not come, you will receive a strike. Three strikes and you're outta here! This is simply a measure to allow appropriate respect to the organisers, speakers, sponsors, and your fellow community members 🙂
See you there!

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