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Workshop: Attribution Modelling with Facebook

Attribution modelling has become a buzzword in the world of performance marketing but also a phrase that is feared by many marketers. With a variety of attribution models adopted by different platforms, it can be very challenging to really analyse and report how performance-based marketing is performing from a channel perspective.

This is no more apparent than with paid social advertising, specifically Facebook advertising. Facebook’s Ads Manager tool works on a first-click attribution model whereas Google Analytics works from a last-click model, which is why you can never get the two platforms to align. Enter Facebook’s new attribution tool. Facebook launched this tool late last year as a way to bridge the gap between Ads Manager and GA, and it does that.

This course will take you through the theory behind attribution modelling and the practical steps of how to set up and start using Facebook’s attribution tool for all your paid social reporting. The course will also take a deep dive into Facebook’s attribution tool, the data available and how you can use this data to build weekly and monthly automated campaign reports to report the performance of paid social spend to key stakeholders and the board. If you’re struggling to show the worth of paid social to your business, then this course is essential!

Course Aims

  • Build a better understanding of attribution modelling and the variety of models available 
  • Give practical step-by-step to set up and implement Facebook’s attribution tool 
  • Take a deep look into the data available through Facebook’s attribution data and build custom reports to support campaign and business as usual activity 

Who should attend

This course is suitable for marketers who work for brands and businesses that have a direct transactional website to the end consumer (this can be across both the B2C and B2B markets). The brand’s website must have Facebook’s pixel technology installed to be able to implement Facebook’s attribution tool. This course offers a mix of theory-based learning and also practical steps for the set up and implementation, therefore would be suited for marketers with a more hands on role.


The workshop will cover 6 areas: 

  • Attribution theory 
  • Types of attribution models
  • Setting up and implementing Facebook’s attribution tool 
  • Analysing Facebook attribution data 
  • Building custom reports with Facebook attribution 
  • How to adapt your sales funnel approach based on attribution data

    Your trainer

    Sally Hawkesford is the founder and director of Birmingham-based digital marketing agency, SHC Digital. Sally has over 10 years’ experience working in digital marketing within in-house roles and agencies. Sally has extensive consumer experience, specialising in ecommerce, to deliver more bang for clients’ buck and delivering a return on ad spend. Sally loves nothing more than a good old chat about attribution models and data matching to help understand the true performance of digital media, which is why she is so well placed to be the leader of this course.

    Date and Time

    Online, 21st May, 09.30 – 13.30 BST

    Note: This event is subject to minimum numbers. In the case of this number not being hit, the event will be cancelled and a full refund provided on the ticket price.


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