Workshop: How to drive more conversions from your website, August 22nd


Creating and utilising landing pages is an essential part of personalising your marketing efforts, making your user experience tailored and importantly a crucial ingredient to help convert more customers.

In this course, Marcello from Wiredmark will teach you about the psychology of landing pages, how to best design them, what tools to use and what elements to include or not include.

Course Aims

The course will explain the benefits of a landing page and why it’s essential to set one up before starting to advertise your services online. A landing page is your only shot to convince your customers to get in touch with you before they choose someone else.

With this course, you will learn not only how to design, and build an effective landing page, but also how to track your visitors’ behaviour to improve your pages over time and achieve even better results.

Who should attend and why they will benefit

From in-house marketers to freelancers and agencies. Anyone running a marketing campaign that wants specific actions taken on their website should benefit from using unique, well-considered landing pages. As a result, you will be able to better measure your efforts and improve conversions.


  • Getting started with WordPress and Elementor, our foundation to build effective and highly customisable landing pages;
  • The best layouts and templates to use to increase the conversion rate and sell your services or products with ease;
  • Different ways to communicate with the visitors;
  • Psychological techniques and how to take advantage of them to trigger an urgency in the visitor’s mind;
  • Collecting data such as heatmaps and visitor screen recordings;
  • Configuring the Facebook Pixel and the Google Ads Pixel to optimise your campaigns
  • Understanding the design principles behind landing pages
  • Building – Using Elementor, how to build in WordPress
  • Measuring success of your landing pages
  • Key guidelines checklist for building pages

Learning outcomes

  • Designing unique, effective landing pages that catch the visitor’s eye and drive conversions;
  • Understanding and interpreting visitors behaviour s to optimise your campaign
  • Understanding how to link landing pages with your advertising campaigns

Your trainer

Marcello Silvestri is a Digital Specialist, a Landing Page Designer and a Senior Full Stack Web Developer. For over 10 years, he has been helping Italian and English companies to strengthen their online presence.

The best ideas are often wasted because of poor technical development or the wrong marketing strategy. With his technical and strategic skills, Marcello helps companies to avoid this scenario.

With Marcello, you will be learning from an experienced professional who can explain how to get started with your advertising campaigns and landing pages the right way and achieve your goals effectively.

Date and Time

Thu, 22 August 2019, 09:30 – 13:30 BST, Redgate Software, CB4 0WZ


Note: This event is subject to minimum numbers. In the case of this number not being hit, the event will be cancelled and a full refund provided on the ticket price.

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