Workshop: Personal Branding for Leaders 

“Personal Branding is becoming one of the most important terms in marketing. But it’s easier to get wrong, at scale, than ever before.

LinkedIn has created an opportunity for leaders to share their viewpoint with the click of a button. But in the current climate of COVID-19, those pushing content or talking about their businesses in a way that isn’t reflective of the situation could be deemed inappropriate: intentionally or not.

Now is not the time to stop marketing and investing in branding, but it is the time to change tact to ensure we’re saying the right things in a hypersensitive period. This workshop is a one-stop-shop for ensuring you’re making the most of the opportunities Personal Branding presents, while being respectful of the present global environment.

Course Aims

The course will give attendees a complete overview of the Personal Branding landscape, including why it’s important and ways that business leaders are currently taking advantage of it, and will walk attendees through building their own Personal Branding strategy and how to create a process that sees them able to effectively grow their online presence.

Who should attend

The course is designed for CEO’s, Founders, Managing Directors and business leaders.


The workshop will cover 3 areas: 

Personal Branding Overview

  • What is Personal Branding
  • Why build a Personal Brand?
  • B2B Marketing vs Personal Branding
  • Building a Personal Brand in 2019
  • The different ways a Personal Brand can be built

Strategy Fundamentals

  • Personal Branding Strategy fundamentals
  • Social Media Strategy fundamentals

Building A Personal Branding Strategy

  • Objective
  • Audience
  • Brand Pillars
  • Reporting

Learning outcomes/Benefits/Takeaways

  • Understanding the different ways Personal Branding can be approached
  • Personal Branding strategy
  • How to execute on your Personal Brand strategy
  • How to build a process that ensures commitment & consistency

Your trainers

In Ash’s own words…

“I’ve helped to build some of the UK’s biggest CEO’s & Founders into industry-leading influential figures on Social Media.

My journey started with Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain, where I was part of the Founding Team. A very long story short, in the space of a few years I worked in helping him to grow an audience of over 1,000,000+ across Social Media platforms. Steven is now widely considered the UK’s most influential marketer and is seeing huge commercial success.

Since then, I’ve worked with a number of CEO’s & Founders, most notably Umar Kamani, CEO of Pretty Little Thing, Julian Hearn, Founder of Huel and Sacha Lord, Founder of Parklife & Warehouse Project.

I specialise in Social Media Strategy, Content and Growth specifically for C-Suite, Founders & Director’s.”

Date and Time

29th April 2020, 09:30 – 13:30 BST

Note: This event is subject to minimum numbers. In the case of this number not being hit, the event will be cancelled and a full refund provided on the ticket price.


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