Get Access to TMM+ 🙂

As one of the Founding 250, you’ll be part of creating something new and useful. The beta will run with a monthly pricing model, but we’ll look to add annual very soon!

Frequently asked questions

What is TMM Plus?

The Marketing Meetup Plus is an education platform where marketers can come and learn about how to be a better marketer. 

We have gathered marketing specialists from across the world to deliver, short, practical videos on how to do their subject well. Years of experience simplified to minutes of guidance from the best.

What kind of content exists in TMM plus?

TMM+ content is designed to be ‘how to’ based.

This is based on our own experience of having access to many talks and accreditations that speak about marketing, but having less access to things that tell you how to apply those thoughts in the moments they are required.

What is included in a TMM Plus membership?

The launch of the beta includes access to our video platform to start off with. 

Over time, we’d like to add more features that make sense, and improve your marketing world 🙂

How much does TMM plus cost?

TMM+ costs £10+VAT per month or £100+VAT on an annual subscription per login. If you would like to purchase a bulk subscription, drop us a note on

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime through your TMM+ account page.

What's the roadmap?

This is just the start! As part of the beta, we really need your feedback on what would make this experience most valuable for you. That’s why we’re starting out with a beta 🙂