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DateFormatSpeakerSubjectGet yo' space
Every FridayNetworkingTMM CommunityOnline networking with the most lovely marketers you'll ever meetSign up
14/07/2020WebinarAndy Lambert, Director of ContentCalHow to get the right message in front of the right audienceSign up
21/07/2020WebinarDaniel Gilbert, Founder & CEO of BrainlabsProving the value of marketingSign up
28/07/2020WebinarJemmi Laaninen, Key Account Manager at LeadooConversational marketing, chatbots, and moreSign up
04/08/2020WebinarKris Tait, MD of Croud USAHow to not fall into a performance marketing rutSign up
11/08/2020WebinarSarah Roberts, Head of Digital Communications at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS TrustPersonal lessons on comms from COVID whilst working at a hospitalSign up
17/08/2020WorkshopJon Torrens, Communications CoachHow to present yourself like a proSign up
18/08/2020WebinarMary Owusu, Professor at Canisius CollegeThe things all marketers should know about analyticsSign up
25/08/2020WebinarHannah Anderson, Co-Founder of Social ChainHow social has changed, and how to adaptSign up
01/09/2020WebinarJordan Harry, Founder of StudyFast10 habits to improve your brain health, and how to remember themSign up
08/09/2020WebinarLee Wilcox, Founder of Electric House & On the ToolsTBA!Sign up
15/09/2020WebinarHelen Tupper, Co-Founder of AmazingIf & Marketing Week ColumnistSquiggly CareersSign up
22/09/2020WebinarApril Dunford, Author of Obviously AwesomePositioning JujitsuSign up
29/09/2020WebinarLouis Grenier, Podcaster in Chief at Everybody Hates MarketersHow to stand the f**k outSign up
06/10/2020WebinarHannah Thorpe, Director of Growth Strategy at FoundLanding pages & a live auditSign up
13/10/2020WebinarKirstie Smith, Founder of Social Circle 20 new advancements to implement into your social media strategy Sign up


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Videos from previous events and workshops

Some of the best marketing knowledge on the web

A Marketing Masterclass: Son of a Tailor

Part of the reason I love running The Marketing Meetup is that I love seeing great marketing in action. As Rand Fishkin puts it, ‘marketing done well can be a noble act’, because it matches a ‘need’ to a solution, which ultimately improves someone’s life.
So when a company absolutely markets the sh*t out of me in a compelling way, I can’t help but feel like I want to 1) sit back and clap, and 2) learn as much as I can from them.

Marketing during the coronavirus crisis + AMA with Mark Ritson

The coronavirus crisis will test us all as marketers. Mark Ritson doesn’t pretend to have the answers, but he has earned the right to have an opinion worth listening to after a storied career that has left him as one of the world’s best known marketers. 

These are the companies who allow us to help the marketing community. They’re amazing and deserve huge respect and thanks 

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