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25/01/2022 08:30 Diane Wiredu, Founder of Lion Words How to find the right message Virtual Sign up here
01/02/2022 08:30 Mark Ritson, Professor, Mini MBA Marketing Ten questions with Mark Ritson About/After the Mini MBA Virtual Sign up here
08/02/2022 08:30 Tom Roach, VP Brand Planning, Jellyfish In a world of change, what won’t? 7 unchanging principles of effective communication Virtual Sign up here
15/02/2022 08:30 Thierry Ngutegure, Head of Data The where’s, what’s and how’s of data: Using data to tell stories for internal buy in and external storytelling Virtual Sign up here
22/02/2022 08:30 Sophie Miller, Founder, Pretty Little Marketer How to turn followers into a community Virtual Sign up here
01/03/2022 08:30 Bryony Thomas, CEO, Watertight Business Thinking How to get the wider company on board with marketing Virtual Sign up here
08/03/2022 14:00 Jay Baer, Entrepreneur, Talk Triggers: How to Create Customers using Word of Mouth Virtual Sign up here
15/03/2022 14:00 Pragya Mishra, Head of Marketing, SHIELD and Lea Turner, Linkedin Coach How to smash Linkedin Virtual Sign up here
22/03/2022 08:30 Helen Tupper, Co Founder and CEO, Amazing If Marketing Careers in 2022: Pivots and Possibilities Virtual Sign up here
29/03/2022 08:30 Sally Farrant, Founder, Business Growth By Numbers Budgeting for marketers: How to create and manage a budget that helps you get your job done Virtual Sign up here
05/04/2022 08:30 Sol Enenmoh, Head of Digital Transformation at Vanquis Bank How to create meaningful change in your business Virtual Sign up here
12/04/2022 08:30 Vaughan Flood, Founding Director at Flood and Partners Quantitative Market Research: How to find out what people aren’t saying Virtual Sign up here
21/04/2022 08:30 You? Apply to speak! Lightning talks Virtual Sign up here
26/04/2022 08:30 Jeremy Connell-Waite, Global Communications Designer, IBM How to tell stories with impact… the return! Virtual Sign up here

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