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So… what is The Marketing Meetup?

The Marketing Meetup is a community designed for marketing generalists and marketing managers looking to learn about their chosen craft and meet one another. 

We achieve this through events, podcasts, workshops our Facebook community and newsletter, although we’re always looking for new ideas.

We try not to overcomplicate things, but do stuff with the goal of creating the world’s best platform for these people possible.


Facebook Community

A safe place to chat in-between events with your fellow marketing professionals. Somewhere to ask questions, share cool stuff, and generally help one another out.


How The Marketing Meetup got going. Once a month we meet, eat, drink, chat, smile, listen, say hello, and be positively lovely, while hearing from expert speakers.



The chance to get a bit more up close and personal with the expert speakers from the events, getting their advice in a small group situation on how to apply the lessons they’ve spoken about.


All the talks from the events recorded for anyone to listen to at any time.

The Marketing Meetup Podcast makes it super easy to learn on the go if you can’t make the events themselves.


An email put together with love and attention with the sole intention of helping you learn stuff. 

There are millions are newsletters out there, but this one is ours, and now it can be yours.

Marketers in the community

Locations around the UK

Pounds raised for local charities

A whole heap of content put together with you in mind to expand your brain

Top 5 marketing priorities for 2019 – Mira Nair

This post was originally published on Mira's LinkedIn here. Another New Year ritual is upon us as marketers. Predictions of top 2019 marketing trends now abound. They may seem bewildering in their diversity. It's like that proverb about blind people feeling different...

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Back to basics – Nicola Bray

Nicola Bray runs SEVEN companies. Basically, she's superwoman. In this talk, she goes back to the very basics of marketing and shares some values of what marketing really means beyond the channels, beyond the hype and beyond the hyperbole. This is also the second ever...

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Video Content 101 – Gary Gumbleton

Video is still the most powerful tool in a marketer's toolbox for storytelling, yet, people STILL aren't taking advantage of it as much as they should be. Enter Gary Gumbleton, founder of CapCo Group. Gary talks eloquently and in simple terms about video marketing and...

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Growing great businesses – Luca Senatore

Luca Senatore is a serial entrepreneur, leader, and now - author. Luca has started businesses in a range of disciplines including health clinics and ju-jitsu gyms - but his biggest hit has been leading the agency - Genie Goals: famous for work with Calvin Klein, Karl...

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Events for you to attend and smile and learn and meet people

29/01/201918:30 - 21:00NorwichPredictions hype & What makes your news, newsworthy?MeetupSold out!
04/02/201918:30 - 21:00Birmingham"There's nowhere to hide!"MeetupSign up free!
06/02/201918:30 - 21:00CambridgeSEO & Mistakes marketers make when launching a podcastMeetupSold out!
12/02/201918:30 - 21:00LondonTo be announced!MeetupSign up not open yet
13/02/201918:00 - 20:30BedfordTo be announced!MeetupSign up not open yet

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