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02/11/2021 08:30 Pieter Paul von Weiler and Matt Davies, BetterBriefs Marketing briefs: Marketeers and agencies are speaking different languages Virtual Sign up here
09/11/2021 08:30 Mike Blake-Crawford, Consultant Social-First Storytelling, Identifying the Real Hero Virtual Sign up here
09/11/2021 17:45 Max Hoppy, Educator, Bind Manchester In Person: The first one back! Manchester Sign up here
17/11/2021 08:30 Kirsty Hulse, Founder, Roar! Training Developing confidence: Levelling the field for marketers Virtual Sign up here
23/11/2021 14:00 Eddie Shleyner, Founder, VeryGoodCopy How to never run out of ideas Virtual Sign up here
07/12/2021 08:30 Sarah Warby, CCO, Nandos The choices we make with Sarah Warby, CCO of Nandos Virtual Sign up here
14/12/2021 14:00 Jay Acunzo, Host, Unthinkable Podcast How to resonate more deeply with your audience – Jay Acunzo Virtual Sign up here

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John Espirian

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Nathan Anibaba - Founder of AgencyDealmasters

Nathan Anibaba, Founder of Agency Dealmasters

Catherine Newman - CMO of

Catherine Newman, CMO of Manchester United

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