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So… what is The Marketing Meetup?

The Marketing Meetup is the world’s loveliest community (we think at least) for marketers looking to learn about their chosen craft and meet one another in a friendly, open, inclusive, and positive environment.  

We prioritise ideas over selling, and human beings over job titles.


Sounds good… but how will I benefit?

We help you in two ways.

1. We help you learn stuff about marketing or keep up to date with the latest changes on the marketing scene with expert speakers, podcasts, newsletters, workshops, conferences and more.

2. We take away the anxiety of meeting fellow professionals by providing a friendly, happy and open environment to meet one another in.

The result? You become a better, more well connected marketer: more competent in your job and fulfilled in life 🙂

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BAU is dead, long live the KING – Mike Blake-Crawford

BAU is dead, long live the KING – Mike Blake-Crawford

BAU is drowning us in a sea of indifference. We’re becoming part of the wallpaper. People walk past us every day, but they never stop to notice us. 

Things need to change.

In this podcast, Mike Blake-Crawford, Strategy Director of Social Chain discusses how business as usual, is dead. He also explains how killer creative, along with a purposeful content strategy can make your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Pitch like a pro – Jon Torrens

Pitch like a pro – Jon Torrens

A sales pitch. Everyone’s favourite pastime. You get to waste a good chunk of your day listening to someone tell you why their product/service is so amazing, and why you should give them all of your money for it. 

Yet, it’s obvious they’ve done absolutely zero research on you, they’re not asking how their product can better your life, they just see you as the money. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Unfortunately, it seems to be the going rate nowadays.

It’s about time we change things up.

Jon Torrens is a former stand up comic, and current-day communications coach.

In this talk, Jon tells us everything you do in a sales pitch needs to be geared towards gaining your audience’s trust. People go off their gut, if something isn’t right then they won’t buy-in, even if you do have the most amazing product the world has ever seen. 

Event marketing – 10% Glamour, 90% Process – Emma Honeybone

Event marketing – 10% Glamour, 90% Process – Emma Honeybone

Anyone can host an event, it’s easy. Decide a date, a venue, send out some invites and provide some refreshments (we hear pizza and beer work well) on the day, jobs a good un. 

Well actually, it’s far from it.

In this podcast, Emma Honeybone, Head of Relationship Marketing for Engine Group, gives us her take on events and the process she puts into them.

Mastering a content strategy and the 10 best tools to help you do it – Andy Lambert

Mastering a content strategy and the 10 best tools to help you do it – Andy Lambert

The reality of many marketer’s jobs is having to come up with multiple pieces of brand new content, from scratch… everyday. On top of that it has to be relevant, engaging and win the internet… It’s no wonder we’ve never got enough time or feel like we’ve run out of ideas. 

So, how do you fill the gaps in your feed with stuff that matters?

Well, Andy Lambert, Director of ContentCal tells us exactly how in our latest podcast. He also arms us with a content management plan, as well as a list of tools to help us execute it efficiently. 

The case for creativity – Baz Richardson

The case for creativity – Baz Richardson

“Innovative”. “Groundbreaking”. “We’re disrupting the industry”.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… We’ve heard it all before, we’ve seen it all before. Originality is dead. Creativity is dying. Don’t you think it’s time we stopped worrying about ‘playing it safe’ and started focusing on creating quality content?

In this talk, Baz Richardson of Bravo Marketing presents his case for creativity. He shows us multiple real-world examples of outstanding creativity that delivered immeasurable results. He also explains why creativity is dying and outlines ways we can combat it. 

What is product marketing? – Ben Rees

What is product marketing? – Ben Rees

Ben Rees is on hand in our latest podcast highlighting common misconceptions around product marketing, and the things we should consider when taking a product to the market.

Events for you to attend, smile, learn and meet marketers at

DateTimeTitleEvent Style 
25/03/202012:15 - 13:15Hints and tips for online meetingsConversation ClubSign up now!
27/03/202008:30 - 09:30Finding creativity in times of crisisConversation ClubSign up now!
31/03/202018:30 - 19:30How to Gain a Competitive Edge in Times of Fear & Uncertainty with Rand FishkinWebinarSign up now!
06/04/202008.30 - 09.30Chat, learn and meet marketersConversation ClubSign up to be released soon
07/04/202018:00 - 19:00A Q&A with Margaret Molloy - CMO of Siegel+Gale and The Drum Marketer of the YearWebinarSign up now!
08/04/202012.15 - 13.15Chat, learn and meet marketersConversation ClubSign up to be released soon
10/04/202017.00 - 18.00Chat, learn and meet marketersConversation ClubSign up to be released soon
14/04/202017.00 - 18.00Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UKWebinarSign up now!
21/04/202018:00 - 19:00A Q&A with Dave Gerhardt, CMO of PrivyWebinarSign up now!
23/04/202009.30 - 13.30SEO Fundamentals with OptimiseyWorkshopSign up now!
28/04/202018:00 - 19:00Altering campaigns on the fly in reaction to times of crisisWebinarSign up now!
29/04/202009.30 - 13.30Personal branding for leadersWorkshopSign up now!
05/05/202018:00 - 19:00"Marketing isn't working for my business": The hole in your bucket with Bryony ThomasWebinarSign up now!
12/05/202018:00 - 19:00Mark Ritson, Ex-Marketing Professor, gone rogueWebinarSign up now!
26/05/2020 18:00 - 19:00Linkedin hits, tips and tricks from someone who knows their onions with John EspirianWebinarSign up now!

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