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So… what is The Marketing Meetup?

The Marketing Meetup is the world’s loveliest community and marketing network (we think at least) for marketers looking to learn about their chosen craft and meet one another in a friendly, open, inclusive, and positive environment.  

We prioritise ideas over selling, and human beings over job titles.


Sounds good… but how will I benefit?

We help you in two ways.

1. We help you learn stuff about marketing or keep up to date with the latest changes on the marketing scene with expert speakers, marketing networking, podcasts, newsletters, workshops, conferences and more.

2. We take away the anxiety of meeting fellow professionals by providing a friendly, happy and open environment to meet one another in.

The result? You become a better, more well connected marketer: more competent in your job and fulfilled in life 🙂

Marketers in the community

Locations around the world

Online events per year

Facebook Community for Marketers

A safe place to ask questions, share cool stuff, and generally help one another out.

Marketing Events & Webinars

Once a month in each location we meet, eat, drink, chat, smile, listen, say hello, and be positively lovely: all while hearing from expert speakers.


Marketing Workshops & Courses

The chance to get a bit more up close and personal with the expert speakers from the events, getting their advice in a small group situation

The Marketing Meetup Podcast

Talks from the likes of Mark Ritson, Rory Sutherland, Margaret Molloy, Rand Fishkin and many more, recorded for marketers to listen to at any time.


the wednesday @ two club

Our not so normal weekly newsletter put together with love and attention with the sole intention of helping you learn stuff or smile.


Marketing events for you to attend, smile, learn and meet marketers at

DateFormatSpeakerSubjectGet yo' space
26/05/2020WebinarJohn Espirian, LinkedIn nerd. Relentlessly helpful.Linkedin hits, tips and tricks from someone who knows their onionsSign up
29/05/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up
02/06/2020WebinarChris Smith & John MossNegotiation and Persuasion for marketersSign up
09/06/2020WebinarRussell Parsons, Editor of Marketing Week.A Q&A with the Editor of Marketing WeekSign up
12/06/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up
16/06/2020WebinarGraham Robertson, Author of Beloved Brands.Creating beloved brandsSign up
19/06/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up
23/06/2020WebinarMax Hoppy, Co-Founder of BindHow they teach you to be creative at GoogleSign up
24/06/2020WorkshopChris Smith & John MossNegotiation and Persuasion for marketers: The workshopSign up
26/06/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up

The Marketing Meetup Podcast to vibrate your ears into excited fever

A whole heap of marketing content to expand your brain

Marketing during the coronavirus crisis + AMA with Mark Ritson

Marketing during the coronavirus crisis + AMA with Mark Ritson

The coronavirus crisis will test us all as marketers. Mark Ritson doesn’t pretend to have the answers, but he has earned the right to have an opinion worth listening to after a storied career that has left him as one of the world’s best known marketers. 

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