A positively lovely community for marketers interested in meeting their peers and learning from one another 🙂

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So… what is The Marketing Meetup?

The Marketing Meetup is the world’s loveliest community (we think at least) for marketers looking to learn about their chosen craft and meet one another in a friendly, open, inclusive, and positive environment.  

We prioritise ideas over selling, and human beings over job titles.


Sounds good… but how will I benefit?

We help you in two ways.

1. We help you learn stuff about marketing or keep up to date with the latest changes on the marketing scene with expert speakers, podcasts, newsletters, workshops, conferences and more.

2. We take away the anxiety of meeting fellow professionals by providing a friendly, happy and open environment to meet one another in.

The result? You become a better, more well connected marketer: more competent in your job and fulfilled in life 🙂

Facebook Community

Somewhere to ask questions, share cool stuff, and generally help one another out.


Once a month in each location we meet, eat, drink, chat, smile, listen, say hello, and be positively lovely: all while hearing from expert speakers.



The chance to get a bit more up close and personal with the expert speakers from the events, getting their advice in a small group situation


All the talks from the events recorded for anyone to listen to at any time.



An email put together with love and attention with the sole intention of helping you learn stuff.


Marketers in the community

Locations around the world

Events per year

Events for you to attend and smile and learn and meet people

02/09/201918:00 - 20:00NewcastlePaid social strategy and The things I wish I had known about marketingMeetupSign up!
05/09/201918:30 - 20:30BirminghamPitching budgets to decision makersMeetupSign up now!
10/09/201918:30 - 21:00LondonHow do you know your video marketing is any good?MeetupSign up now!
10/09/201918:30 - 21:00CambridgeMarketing StrategyMeetupSign up now!
11/09/201918:00 - 20:30BedfordGDPR one year onMeetupSign up now!
12/09/201918:30 - 20.30TorbayThe second meetup: TorbayMeetupSign up now!
17/09/201918:30 - 20:30ManchesterDon't build a brand, build a personalityMeetupSign up!
19/09/2019-Milton KeynesThe case for creativity & Behavioural economicsMeetupJoin the group!
24/09/201918:30 - 21:00NorwichWriting tips & the new reality of the SERPMeetupSign up now!
30/09/201918:30 - 21.00ColchesterStrategic Marketing Planning & AIMeetupSign up now!
01/10/201918:30 - 20:30LondonCourse: Jump start your marketing careerWorkshopSign up now!
TBC-Leeds-MeetupJoin the group!

The Marketing Meetup Podcast to vibrate your ears into excited fever

A whole heap of content to expand your brain

The Power of Simplicity: Why Less is More in Your Writing

As marketers, we are often guilty of overcomplicating our messages. Whether it’s our printed marketing material, the posts we put out on social media, or the content we publish on our blogs (and our clients’ blogs), there’s a tendency to use more words than we actually need.

Punk Rock Marketing

I’m not a marketer, neither am I a punk, but coming from a lifetime of working in the broadcast and print media I do understand audiences and I know how much people appreciate content that makes them think, makes them smile and makes them pay attention. Isn’t that the...

How to Exhibit Successfully: Driving Expo Success

    Exhibitions are expensive. But you can exhibit successfully by building a marketing campaign around your booth to capture leads and justify your investment. Our story begins with a common problem for new startups. Mixam had never done any marketing. Our...

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