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28/06/2022 18:00 Mychael Owen, Founder at mychael TMM IRL: with Mychael Owen Newcastle Sign up here
28/06/2022 18:00 Lee Edwards, Global Senior Brand Marketing Manager at the LEGO Group TMM IRL: Purpose, Passion and Potential London Sign up here
29/06/2022 17:00 Mark Benjamin (Pukka Herbs), Anna Herbert (Hobbs House Bakery), Emily Enright (Sawday's) TMM IRL: Sustainability in Marketing – what does it mean to you? Bristol and Bath Sign up here
29/06/2022 18:00 Jodanna Bird, Senior Creative at Gymshark and Chris Williams, LinkedIn Specialist TMM IRL: Top takeaways from Cannes Lions and Being Kind on LinkedIn Birmingham Sign up here
30/06/2022 18:00 Alice Smith, Head of Marketing at Gearset TMM IRL: Scaling marketing teams Cambridge Sign up here
05/07/2022 14:00 Ellie Middleton, Personal Brand Manager at Great Influence How to approach neurodiversity as marketers – Ellie Middleton Virtual Sign up here
12/07/2022 14:00 Nishma Robb, Senior Director, Marketing at Google UK Nishma Robb – To be announced! Virtual Sign up here
12/07/2022 18:00 Duke Tanson, Marketing Director at Missguided TMM IRL: Q&A&Chat with Duke Tanson Manchester Sign up here
19/07/2022 08:30 Max Hoppy, Co-Founder at Bind How to deliver great presentations, speeches and pitches 🙂 – Max Hoppy Virtual Sign up here
26/07/2022 14:00 Richard Cook, Social Media Manager at Monzo Bank How to stand out on social media in ‘boring’ industries – Richard Cook Virtual Sign up here

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John Espirian, Relentlessly Helpful Technical Copywriter

Nathan Anibaba - Founder of AgencyDealmasters

Nathan Anibaba, Founder of Agency Dealmasters

Catherine Newman - CMO of

Catherine Newman, CMO of Manchester United

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