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Sponsorship Opportunities

 We’re all marketers here, so there isn’t any point pulling the wool over your eyes when it comes to sponsorship. It’s a long game and best applied at the ‘awareness’ stage of the marketing lifecycle. With that in mind – The Marketing Meetup partners with a series of local and national brands in order to deliver our events and more to the world’s friendliest marketing community.

We aspire, very simply, to create the world’s best partnership opportunities.

This doesn’t mean splashing your logo everywhere.

Nor does it mean selling you our database.

No. Partnership with The Marketing Meetup is all about creating a genuine, long term and human level connection with marketers who are not in the market to buy on the night but will be one day.

Many throw their hands up, few are called

We only align ourselves with brands who share our values and goal of building a sustainable, friendly community – for this reason, we’ve had to turn down a reasonable amount of business in the past.

The benefit of this curated approach, however, is a community ready to be elevated who trust The Marketing Meetup to only recommend companies (and ultimately the people behind them) that are right for the group.

Moreover, our partnership options are flexible given The Marketing Meetup’s growth model. Whether you’re looking to partner with the group on a local, national, or digitally – we can work with you.

Finally, we’re happy to encourage you to go crazy. If you think of some crazy idea that you think will improve the lives of the community – we want you on board!

So… all that being said, if you want to partner with the world’s friendliest marketing community to make marketers better at what they do (and get your brand name out there in the process), then hit us up – we wanna chat.

Contact your local event organiser, or email to discuss the options available to you.




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