Don’t just be a logo. Let us tell your story.


Most sponsorship opportunities offer you the same tools to get in front of an audience: Logos in the right places. Placements in digital and physical spaces. Shout out and thanks at the beginning of events.

There is nothing wrong with these things. But like any tool, they can be used well, or they can be blunt and ineffective.

So rather than just place your logo in front of our 46,400+ strong community… let us tell your story.

Stories stick. They’re human. And they’re the difference between “we’re sponsored by Widget Ltd” and “Widget Ltd were established by a marketer with a big heart. They believe in giving back because a charitable donation was how they got going – so tonight, the pizza is on them”.

We’ll help you find the story that matters to you, and then work with you to understand how we can distribute it best across our network of 27 (and growing) IRL locations, wonderfully popular webinars, and our regularly commented upon newsletter.

Don’t just be a logo. Let us tell your story.

If this sounds good, book some time with the team below to chat through your options (please note this link isn’t for booking the opportunity to pitch talks – you can do that here, or speak with your local event organiser)


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Marketing Managers


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Lightbulb moments and smiles (probably)

What do you get in return?

We look at this in two halves. 

The first half is all the standard stuff you’ll expect. 

Your logo on our site

+ Your company listed as a sponsor on all events

+ Your company listed and linked on pre event emails

+ Your company shouted out at all events

+ Your company listed and linked on post event emails

+ The ability to list a deal on our website

+ The opportunity to guest post on our site

+ The opportunity to include a deal on our weekly newsletter.

But the second half is where it gets really interesting. It’s the reason we don’t have a ‘standard PDF’ we send through. 

We will work with you to understand what you would like out of the relationship in terms of business goals. We’ll then start a process of coming up with ideas to suit you and your business specifically, that also work to benefit our community of marketers. 

This is all about putting a smile on the face of the community while showing you off in the best light possible. 

It’s about doing things differently, while also working to the same cost as what you would pay anyway. Put it this way… if you’re benefitting our audience and you’re already a partner – we’re not going to charge you an extra £20,000 to make our community happy.

Who would be a perfect fit?

We only align ourselves with brands who share our values and goal of building a sustainable, friendly community – for this reason, we’ve had to turn down a reasonable amount of business in the past.

The benefit of this curated approach, however, is a community ready to be elevated who trust The Marketing Meetup to only recommend companies (and ultimately the people behind them) that are right for the group.

Moreover, our partnership options are flexible given The Marketing Meetup’s growth model. Whether you’re looking to partner with the group on a local, national, or digitally – we can work with you.

Finally, we’re happy to encourage you to go crazy. If you think of some crazy idea that you think will improve the lives of the community – we want you on board!

So… all that being said, if you want to partner with the world’s friendliest marketing community to make marketers better at what they do (and get your brand name out there in the process), then hit us up – we wanna chat.

Contact your local event organiser, or email to discuss the options available to you.


Our par+ners, all of whom are simply amazing

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