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Every week we hold events with amazing marketers. We then send you the recording, podcast, and key takeaways from said event. On top of that, you’ll get job updates and invites to upcoming events.

Our speakers include people like…

Harry Dry on building email lists

Mary Owusu on SEO + the changes GA4 is bringing

Mark Ritson on marketing strategy and training

Eddie Shleyner on amazin’ copywriting

Carrie Rose on PR and getting links

Asia Orangio on inital marketing traction

Rory Sutherland on behavioural science

April Dunford on positioning

Thirry Ngutegere on data led storytelling

Helen Tupper on marketing careers

Lea Turner on building a Linkedin audience

Sahana Sekaran on imposters syndrome as a marketer

…and so many more, plus invites to weekly webinars and tonnes of IRL events, too.

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I founded The Marketing Meetup because I was that marketer who walked into events and felt fearful to say hello to anyone.

It wasn’t just my introversion – it was also the inevitable sales pitches that came along with saying hello to anyone. I figured we could do better.

And so TMM was born. And with it, a safe, kind and welcoming place to learn and meet others. It’s just fab :):)

And an important part of all of that is our newsletter. We do our best to have a lot of fun while also making it easy for you to learn from some clever crisps.

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