Place yourself at the heart of the local marketing community 😊

TMM events only happen down to the efforts of our local organisers. Find out more below πŸ‘‡

The Marketing Meetup community educates, connects, and builds confidence in marketing folks across the world.

Our local events bring together communities in events that feel like hanging out with friends.Β 

The legendary local organisers are central to bringing together the events πŸ™‚

TMM provides you with training, the playbook for running an event, as well as an established community to help provide that initial sense of momentum to make the event a success from day one.

Our organisers come from a range of backgrounds – but the most important thing that unites them is a sense of looking for community, and the proactivity to create it.Β 

You get a ready made community, the opportunity for plenty of smiles, and the backup to make it happen. It’s just a lovely time.


Marketing Events

What organisers do

Curate speakers

Find local speakers on topics you and your community are passionate about. We’ll help you with guidance and connections when required, too.

Find a venue

As a small team, we don’t know all the good spots in your town/city. We’d work with you to find an appropriate space to run the event.

‘On the night’ stuff

MC the event and help build that sense of community through the smooth running of the event. We’ll train ya here! πŸ™‚

What you get in return

Training, the playbook and support

We’ll give you the training you need to run an event that feels ‘TMM’-y, then support you before, during and after to run great events

A ready made community

We’ve already 50k+ folks in the community and a social following of 200k+, so help with the initial stages of community development is taken care of.

Placed in the centre of your community

Whether you have a local business your represent, or just want to meet others – you’ll be seen as the person who’s bought it together! πŸ™‚

What happens post-application? πŸ™‚

So, what happens when you apply to run a TMM event?

First, we’ll take a look at the application and understand whether this is a location that we feel we can help you do a good job on.Β 

Next, you’ll chat with one of our team (likely our Head of Events, El!) – we’ll find out more about you and why you’d like to run a TMM event.Β 

Next, we’ll provide you with the training you need to run a TMM event, to help you feel comfortable on the night.Β 

After that, you’ll get the full playbook.Β 

And then, finally, it’s time to run your first event and have an amazing time πŸ™‚


Marketing Events

“Organising my first TMM felt a little bit nerve-racking but El was on hand to answer any questions and removed any concerns or fears I had. Everything I needed was shared with me and the whole experience was very smooth and not at all stressful. Also, the lovely group of people you get to bring together make it all worthwhile.”

– Jen Szczepaniak Slone, TMM Liverpool

“The crowd TMM events pull is just brilliant. It’s really refreshing to be part of such a relaxed and welcoming event. Organising TMM event is made easier with the incredible support from TMM HQ and a massive range of resources to help you with everything thought about that you could possibly need. PLUS the superb organiser community in your pocket is always helpful. I love it”

– Rai Richardson, TMM Reading

“The great thing about TMM is genuinely the community it builds. We launched TMM Northampton not even a year ago and I can honestly say that we already have this beautiful community of like-minded peers blossoming. Organising the events is so easy and straightforward with the support of El, Joe and James. I genuinely look forward to every single event and love seeing our regulars every time and building friendships.”

– Elisha Digham, TMM Northampton


How much time commitment is required?

The first event is undeniably the hardest to get going. After we get in a flow, the time commitment reduces – with the main job ahead of time being finding the speakers.

How often do events run?

We typically run events every two months in a location.

How many events do I need to run?

We ask you to commit for a year. We want to commit to building a community where you are, so 6 events enables us to build initial momentum in an area!

Do I have to do it by myself?

Not at all! We encourage you to build a local team to lighten the load on yourself. TMM will also help you find a local team, if you don’t have anyone specific in mind!

Is this a paid opportunity?

Our local organisers are volunteers. TMM does not typically make much money from each event after pizza/beer costs! They’re an exercise in community, rather than profit generation, for all involved.

Are you looking for international hosts?

Absolutely! We run events on 5 continents, and would like to be truly global – wherever we can help folks, we’d like to.Β 

How quickly can I run an event?

Usually we want at least 6 weeks to get a new location up and running, plus another 3-4 to get you trained up and feeling comfortable πŸ™‚

Do I need to find sponsorship for the events?

Sponsorship is primarily handled by the TMM central team – however we might look to you to help find local companies we’re not aware of yet who would love to support the growth of the marketing community. We’ll provide what you need, though, and this isn’t your primary responsibility!

Have more questions? Drop our head of events a line at el [at] themarketingmeetup [dot] com πŸ™‚