Contribute your content to The Marketing Meetup!

The Marketing Meetup Community is amazing, and we want to give you our platform to help share what you know. So, we’re opening the doors and asking you for your contributions.

That’s why for the first time we’re actively seeking your submissions of blog posts or < 3 minute vertical videos, or 3 mins+ horizontal videos. If successful, we’ll feature your content on our website, and also publicise via our newsletter and socials.

Some things to know!

  • The Marketing Meetup audience: The Marketing Meetup primary audience is marketing manager-level folks. These are folks with experience in the industry, with feet both in the tactical and strategic elements of marketing. 
  • We’re looking for original content with practical takeaways. The article must be original and have not been published elsewhere. Check the TMM blog for other stories on the same topic and make sure that your story tells readers something new, follows a fresh angle or offers suggestions on how to do something better (rather than just why and how to do it).
  • Give credit. Check your facts and quotations. Cite the original sources (not the source that quoted the original source.)
  • Give examples. They bring the article to life!
  • Aim for the stars. We want to show off your thoughts proudly – so please make sure they’re your best. We won’t publish everything we receive as a submission – so we need content to meet our standards.
  • Keep it snappy. We value content that is focused on a specific topic or problem. It’s not about writing war and peace – it’s about addressing and solving a problem with your writing. If we feel we have to edit the article heavily, it makes it way less likely we’ll use it.
  • No self-promotion, please. We’ll make sure your bio is prominent enough that your name is on display.

How do I submit an article?

Please complete this form giving us the details we need to know as well as submit your draft. 

Please note: We only consider complete drafts (not pitches). TMM reserves the right to remove links and edit the content to meet our editorial standards before final publication.

What happens next?

All submissions are reviewed regularly by the team. You will be notified if your article is accepted (or not) within three weeks of submission.


Got questions you don’t see answers to? Shoot us an email: We’ll be happy to help.