Five years ago, we started our first event in a canteen in Cambridge. The budget was £200.


And from that £200, this community was born: today we sit at 26,000 people with our events each week landing with impact. Big things have small beginnings.

Now we’re five years into our own journey, it’s time to put the ladder down for those behind us. We want to help those with an idea and just needing a bit of help to make it happen.

The idea can be anything. A side-project, a project, something that lasts forever or a short term thing. The thing that matters is the ability of the project to deliver impact to whoever it touches.

We’ve worked with our sponsors to put together an amazing package of help that will set up the selected folks with as good of a start as they could possibly hope for. No strings attached: we just want to help.

The grant package will be delivered over the course of three weeks in a way that helps the recipient make the most of the generosity of time and spirit of those involved. 


So… drum roll please. Here are the grant packages.

Week one – Plan it

  • You will be hooked up with a mentor who will lend you advice and thoughts on your project – provided by The Marketing Meetup
  • You will get brand and story advice – provided by Baz from Bravo Creative
  • You will get help creating a content plan – provided by James at Human

Week two – Build it

  • You will receive a six-month licence to ContentCal so you can schedule and analyse your content – provided by ContentCal
  • You will get access to TMM+ to help you with your ongoing marketing learning – provided by us
  • You will get access to the Copy Club Slack group – provided by Copy Club
  • You will get 6-12 months access to Giosg’s chat bots and interaction designer to make your website siiiiiing (and more importantly – convert!) – provided by Giosg

Week three – Launch it

  • £300 in cash to be used to bring your idea to life – provided by Cambridge Marketing College, Impression, and The Marketing Meetup
  • £500 in Fiverr credit to support your idea’s growth with freelancers that fit your needs – provided by Fiverr

One package per month will be awarded for the next five months (applications open in September for the first package to be awarded in October). You only need to apply once, and each month we’ll pick from the whole pool of applicants – basically: get your application in early!

We will be judging applicants on…

We want these grants to support

  • The ability of the idea to make an impact. The impact is defined, to us, as radically changing the lives of the recipient, or even more ideally – changing lives beyond just the person creating the idea.
  • The applicant themselves. How will the grant package provide this person with a unique opportunity to begin on the project? Would they otherwise be unable to access such support to make their idea happen?
  • The idea. Is the idea something that feels in line with the values of The Marketing Meetup – looking to elevate people and be ‘positively lovely’?

A big thank you to our headline sponsor…

We use Fiverr a lot. They’re the leading marketplace for freelancers. Whatever you’re looking for Fiverr has it. With more than 500 categories – Logo Design, Website Development, Content Marketing, Influencers’ Tools, Graphics for Streamers, eCommerce, Dropshipping, Music Production, Voice Over, Social Media Marketing, Short Video Ads and Video Editing (the list goes on). If a business needs it – Fiverr has it.

And ALL the supporters of our grants 🙂

Apply below. Good luck!