The Marketing Meetup is a community – that means the most important thing about it is people like YOU.  Here’s what positively lovely marketing people say about The Marketing Meetup. We promise to always do our best for you. 🙏❤️

I am pretty wowed by your post, what you’ve done with Marketing Meetup and most of all your ethos – you can’t buy that warm-and-fuzzy you have created (congrats!)

– Sailesh Raithatha, Notion Consultant, As in Boat Ltd

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for running the Conversation Club. Besides learning more about marketing and meeting up with like-minded people, I wanted to get better at having conversations with people, being a web developer means I often spend most of my time hidden behind a screen and don’t engage with other people.

– Daniel Gregory, Web Developer, Relative Marketing & Creative

I’m new-ish to The Marketing Meetup but was blown away this morning. What a fantastic and insightful meetup. Thanks for sharing inspiring people and help to conjure up marketing ideas.

Josie McKay, Media And Communications Officer, Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Rory Sutherland webinar this evening. 90 mins of insight and entertainment. Just what I needed to recharge my batteries.

Lisa Hallett, Head of Marketing, Educator Solutions

I was a first-timer at the meet-up last night, going along to support my colleague Charlotte, but I thought I’d drop you a quick message of thanks! (Sticking with the theme of gratitude 😉) The group was friendly & the atmosphere was supportive, I’ll definitely try and make it to a few more once you’re back after the summer break. Thanks again:) Keep up the good work👍🏼

– Ollie Mowles, Influencer Marketing Trainer, SocialB

Glad to see you at The Marketing Meetup session yesterday. Thanks for organizing as it was really informative and enjoyable.

Linus Goh, Marketing & Management Student, University of Exeter

I can see The Meetup flying, I love reading your nuggets of info from those you get on it.

William Collier, Client Lead, Croud

I just wanted to send you a quick message as I attended your webinar for the first time this afternoon and it was great! It was so refreshing to have an honest down to earth event where people actually interact and aren’t afraid of asking questions.

– Cathrine Evans, Marketing Manager , Granite 5 Ltd

A brilliant motivational webinar session this morning with The Marketing Meetup!

Today’s session with Martin George from Waitrose & Partners was incredibly enlightening on his career, experiences and recommendations of navigating a long career in marketing.

A great way to start a Tuesday morning!

Callum Holland, European Marketing Graduate , Radius Payment Solutions

That’s what makes what you do so worthwhile. I know that when I was on furlough, The Marketing Meetup made me feel I was part of a big family.

Ann Marie Trzaskowska, Career Coach, MIND

I attended my first Marketing Meetup webinar this week. James Routledge’s talk was so honest, real and impactful in so many ways. I also loved the buzz from the group in the chat – so much positive energy (I will be back for more!). Thank you for creating this space for the marketing community to come together 🌟

– Rachel McAvoy, Marketing Leader

I had a brilliant time at The Marketing Meetup this morning joining Joe Glover and Martin George for their discussion around things that Martin has learned from an extensive and colourful career in marketing.

I noted down some great points, my favourite being:

💡 Never stop learning, you are your own project so make sure to work on yourself

🔥 Surround yourself with energy radiators rather than energy suckers and let them feed your inspiration

It was a great way to start my day – thank you, Joe and Martin!

Lizzie Blower, Marketing Executive, Gazprom Energy

Congrats again to Joe Glover for creating and nurturing such a lovely bunch of marketers in The Marketing Meetup. I learnt so many gems from Martin George and as always, it felt like a catch up with pals.

A positively lovely experience to kick-start the day…

– Charlotte Travers, Business Development Manager, SocialB

Thanks for putting this together […] – super useful as ever. And I really appreciate the option to listen to your webinars in podcast format too 👏

Sarah Canning, Co-Founder, The Property Marketing Strategists

Your emails smash it every time, I love reading them.

– Diane Wiredu, Conversion Copywriter, Lion Words

Thanks, for what you’ve built, especially for solo marketers like myself!

Laura Fox, Senior Marketing Specialist, WeTeachCRO

On my lunch break today I joined my first The Marketing Meetup Conversation Club. What a lovely bunch of people and it was great to share tips and resources. Fellow marketers: definitely check it out!

Becky Wright, Business Engagement Coordinator , Serco

☕️ Cuppa? ✅

🍪 Biscuits? ✅

🤩 Be awesome ✅ (questionable!)

Must be The Marketing Meetup time!

Another great webinar touching on the subject of bravery and memorability in marketing. Another insightful hour well spent.

Zoë Enever, Freelance Copywriter, Write Through The Line

Yet another totally solid The Marketing Meetup webinar this morning!

If you’re not already involved, you really should be.

Real-life examples of people who do genuine work and offer actionable learning, and THE friendliest, most supportive community of professionals you’ll come across. It’s often genuinely hard to keep up with the presentation because the chat is on fire!

We missed Joe Glover this morning but James Sandbrook was Posi+ively Lovely in his place!

If you have even a remote interest in marketing, it really is one of the best resources around.

– Emma Harvey, Digital, Communications and Marketing Manager, Wenta

I love Tuesday mornings.

Because it’s The Marketing Meetup time! 🎉

This morning with Marisa Thomas was truly mind-blowing, and it touches on what I’ve been trying to do for years, but have never been able to put it into words: talking to customers like they’re your friend. 👯

So many tips and insight from this webinar, so I’ll drop the link to the recording in the comments once it’s up. And if you’ve not subscribed to #TMM yet, what the hell are you waiting for?

– Kelsey Frick, Localisation Consultant, Subtitler & Copywriter, Freelance

My first time at The Marketing Meetup was always guaranteed to be a good one. Huge thanks to Joe and Dave, super valuable content and connected with a ton of great people 🙏

Jeremy Essers, Director, Essers Ecommerce Pty Ltd

I’m so glad I attended the right Marketing Meetup webinars – all of them this year actually!

TMM feels like home to me and I enjoy being part of it 💜 Excited for what’s yet to come!

– Ewa Orczykowska, Content Creator and Community Manager (Volunteer), Cambridge Social Media

Always worth an hour out of your day to listen to! Thanks 😊

– Katy Whittaker, Marketing Consultant, Freelance

I use it loads with my marketing apprentices and the live sessions are such an ace way to introduce people to an amazing support network too. The members are the best of the best.

– Rebecca Craven, Development Coach, Apprentify

Some career-changing webinars right there! Well done on creating such an incredible community.

– Adam Barrie, Chief Content Officer, Electric House

Marvellous copywriting masterclass delivered by The Word Man Dave Harland 🏠 for The Marketing Meetup just now.

Make sure you grab the replay, especially if you’re serious about making words work for you.

– René Power, Lead Consultant, Rene Power Marketing

I wasn’t able to join live this morning but managed to catch the recorded version of Dave Harland on The Marketing Meetup.

Awesome webinar, I can’t recommend it enough and it wasn’t just a laugh but really informative and helpful too. Gladiator is one of my favourites but the whole look at storytelling was ace ⚔

Thanks, guys.

– Matt Conway, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Compettia

Are you sitting comfortably? 📚
Dave Harland’s stream of consciousness included references to ‘Back to the Future’, ‘The Godfather’ and even ‘Snakes on a Plane’.

From Joe driving over a cat (how could you Joe?!) to exploding faces (no actual faces were harmed), ‘Davius Wordius Persuadius’ showed how one unexpected storytelling tweak makes it more fun, engaging and memorable.

Another blinder from The Marketing Meetup – so good I have watched it twice already…

– Sophie Blackmore, Founder, Happy Marketer Ltd

Tuned in for the first time yesterday as did some of my colleagues. Really interesting session, looking forward to joining more. 🙂

– Lynsey Buckingham, Senior Marketing Executive, LINX

It was such a brilliant discussion 👏🏼 I too left absolutely buzzing!

– Emily Peters, Marketing Manager, GWP & Associates

You know it’s going to be a good day when it starts with Joe Glover and Dave Harland, Copywriter on The Marketing Meetup.

Thank you for making me smile 🤩

– Emma Johnson, Brand Manager,

It was absolutely AMAZING! I’m still laughing inside. It was honestly one of the most entertaining webinars I’ve ever experienced. Thanks for the valuable storytelling education and belly aches Dave!

– Holly Greiff, Founder, Impact Brand Consultant, Polarized Branding

The Marketing Meetup as always delivering an atmosphere built on sharing, kindness and inclusivity. Whilst not an industry marketing professional, I always feel welcomed and always come away with marketing wisdom and inspiration. That’s why I’m always happy to talk about it!

– David Fung, Magician, The Magic Circle

Such a great session this morning as usual 💜. Thank you Tim Soulo for your time!

– Sarah Clay, LinkedIn Trainer, Self-employed

Keep it coming man! Incredible to see you and the team and the community going strength to strength!

– Oyinkro Kagbala, Founder & Creative Director, K-OS VISUALS

Love The Marketing Meetup podcasts: one of my best companions while walking.

– Patrick Dao, Senior Marketing Manager, Merck Life Science

I was just thinking about the first few Marketing Meetup events I attended back in my old job and how many of the people there inspired me to take the next steps in my career. I’ll always be very grateful to The Marketing Meetup community for that.

– Adam Pemberton, Marketing Manager, Westpoint Cyber Talent EMEA

Thanks for the top session Tuesday & looking forward to the next!

– Gareth Walters, Associate Director, Grosvenor International Partners

I love receiving your emails. They are positively lovely!

– Fiona Campbell, Head of Marketing, Ascensos

Webinars are BORING. Except when they aren’t. And yesterday was one of those days when the magical webinar angels sent down two absolute corkers. First was Dave Harland, a masterclass on storytelling on positively lovely Marketing Meetup. 

– Nic Simpson, Head of Copy, All Words

And a huge thank you to you Joe for showing up every day and bringing us all together. My Tuesdays wouldn’t be the same without my 8:30 am hangout with the marketing crew and I for one am chuffed to be taggin’ along for the ride.

– Sarah Edwards, Marketing Strategist and Founder, Purple Bananan Marketing

Thank you! When you look back and you realise in the face of adversity you have delivered an awesome experience. Not just for the quality of sessions. Not just because people learnt. But because during a time of deep challenge, you created something that gave people something more. An anchor to their week. A community of shared ideals and values. You gave everyone something to look forwards to amongst the chaos.

– Dominic Neil-Dwyer, Chief Marketing Officer

Well done – you are a great inspiration and have built such a wonderful community that is supportive, lovely, and full of knowledge. 👏

– Lesley Fettes, Director, Network Design

I’ve really got into your podcasts recently and love everything The Marketing Meetup stands for.

– Zack Grimes, Digital Marketing Lead, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

I’m a retailer first and foremost and I feel just as at home amongst this open and positive crowd of like-minded folks. The Marketing Meetup is a community, a tribe, a crew, a family.

– Mat Brown, Ecommerce Manager, Universal Works

You’re driving a positive marketing revolution.

– Sophie Cross, Editor, Freelancer Magazine

Thank YOU for consistently bringing us illuminating & captivating webinars 🤗

– Susie Tobias, Website designer & developer, Wise Genius

First time visitor of The Marketing Meetup today. It’s safe to say the bar is set pretty high now… Ash and Claudia were fantastic speakers! Just wanted to say thanks for organising such a brilliant webinar.

– Ashley Heywood, Co-founder , Hunter Heywood Ltd

Seriously, you’re smashing it with The Marketing Meetup at the moment and that’s something I really wanted to tell you.

– David Cook, Head Of Marketing, Elmtronics

I came to my first Marketing Meetup last week in Norwich and really enjoyed it. Really great idea and look forward to seeing you at the next one.

– Olly Constable, Client Partner, Electric House

Massive thanks for your awesome work running such a great marketing community.

– Toni Navarro, Digital Marketing Manager & DM, Toni Navarro Consulting

Working remotely from home in a global pandemic can sometimes feel like solitary confinement! For me, joining The Marketing Meetup has given me access to a positive, virtual classroom/community of like-minded marketers. Thank you Joe for creating this community. I’ve learnt so much from your amazing lineup of speakers and topics.

– Edel Walsh, Commercial Marketing Lead, McAfee

Just wanted to say thank you for creating the marketing meet up! Every week I learn so much from your amazing guests.

– Adam Purvis, Founder, eeep! Travel

Really enjoyed the event today, as someone who was used to working in a marketing team of 8 and now working on my own. Having a discussion with like-minded marketers has been something I’ve really missed out on over the last 6+ months. This event helps with that, so would love to see them continue if the appetite is there for everyone else.

– Jared Thompson, Marketing Manager, Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester

I just watched your ‘What I Wish I’d Known About Marketing 8 Years Ago’ webinar and was moved to message you. Thank you. Thank you of course for your insightful information, but thank you even more so for your kindness and willingness to share your difficult times with so many people.

– Jillian Rene Smith, Copy editor, J. Rene Editing

Just wanted to thank you for this morning’s Marketing Meet Up webinar, and, well – everything you do! What a wonderful group to be a part of. Tuesday mornings are fast becoming a highlight of my week!

– Laura Chapman, Marketing, Communications & Events Manager, Kaizen Restaurants Ltd T/A McDonald’s

I’ve loved watching and listening to the Marketing Meetup for some time now, so think you do a great job. You talk about many of the topics I hold dear to me with your guests, so it is always a good use of my time and entertaining too.

– Craig McVoy, Beyond Brand, Founder & CEO

Cheers for setting up things like this morning’s Conversation Club.

I really enjoyed connecting with other marketers and collectively working through this rather arid and rocky landscape we’ve found ourselves in. I have to admit I did find it rather strange talking about my experiences to complete strangers on camera from my own home but it was super useful and beneficial.

Thanks again and I’ll certainly be attending more in the future!

– Nick Handley, Biddable Director, m/SIX

Great session on The Marketing Meetup today, my 1st time! I would like to thank you, I am a newcomer in London, it’s really great to discuss marketing with people. Can’t wait to meet people in person 🙂

– Elise Verriest, Head of Digital Factory

I attended a Marketing Meetup back in January and found the evening incredibly useful – so I wanted to thank you!

– Nick Giles, Managing Director, Halftime

Always curious to find out what Joe has come up with for the next opening line. In addition, the content is useful and straight to the point. 👏👏

– Katya Oliveira, Integrated marketing & communications consultant, Independent

Keep doing your excellent job in the marketing community!

– Katerina Bititsiou, Digital Marketer, TTP plc

I just attended the webinar with Rory Sutherland and in a surge of inspiration thought I’d reach out to say THANK YOU. First event attended, certainly not the last

Hjalti Rognvaldsson, Associate Director for Consulting, Kantar Consulting

We are really excited to attend the next Marketing Meetup! We’ve been telling everyone how much we loved the first one we went to.

Lucy Summers, Co-Founder and Motion Designer, Indigo Illusions

Thanks again for a great session yesterday, and for all the webinars you’ve put on – there’s been some really useful content.

Debbie Davies, Pilotlighter, Pilotlight

Really enjoyed your webinar on personal branding. Shout out from Zurich, Switzerland!

– Dan Roznov, Creative Director, Champagne Spy

Great session yesterday! Really enjoyed the vibe you’re creating in The Marketing Meetups.

Melanie Goel, Brand & Marketing Strategist, Melanie Goel Brand Consulting

The webinar this morning was really good. Well done for organising it! It was a pleasure to listen to both of you.

I’ve been a bit out of touch with The Marketing Meet up in the last few months but it has evolved so much and it’s clear how much hard work and heart you’ve put into this. You’ve gone a long way since the first meet up I went to 4 years ago. You are smashing it!👏

Natali Stoeva, Marketing Manager, Redgate Software

I just wanted to say ‘hi’, and also I admire what you have achieved with The Marketing Meetup, amazing. I really like what you stand for in the marketing industry too 🙂 Fellow empath here!

– Charmaine Connors, Event Project Manager, Digital Media Business

Appreciate your efforts in hosting these fabulous webinars. I really enjoyed the just-concluded John’s one.

Sree Rupavatharam, Sales Officer & GTM Advisor, Growth Spots Ltd

I always really enjoy the sessions that you put on, always so inspiring.

Kelly Baber, Campaign Executive, Davies Group

Super drive time listening to the recording of this week’s Marketing Meetup broadcast with Martin George. Thank you for these. Best quote? “Marketing is sales with more fun!” I am having a lot of fun! If you haven’t tuned in to #themarketingmeetup – do! Also, the #facebook group is great!

Kristine Clark, Head of Marketing, Horrex BV

Blown away by Martin George’s session in The Marketing Meetup discussing the marketing models that have guided his career and the joy that can be found in running marketing for brands. A very humble & inspiring conversation. Thank you & to Joe Glover for bringing it together

– Abigail Moore, Marketing Lead, Tannas

I love ❤️ the love ❤️ you are creating for the marketing community.

Graham Robertson, Founder and CMO, Beloved Brands Inc.

It can be isolating as a freelancer, and even with a growing support team, I’ve felt lonelier than usual.

Joe Glover & The Marketing Meetup – 8:30 on a Tuesday morning has become a highlight of my week. Amazing speakers and a great community of like-minded marketers.

Laura McDonald, Digital Marketing Consultant, LMc Digital Marketing Ltd

“Scribbling furiously, pages of notes, moments of ‘EXACTLY’ and ‘brilliant point, I must remember that”.

It could only be…. #themarketingmeetup run by Joe Glover.”

Elizabeth Hibbert, Copywriter and Content Writer, Word Salon

Tuesday mornings are becoming my fave mornings of the week because of the incredible talks that we get to hear at The Marketing Meetup. ☕️ 🧠

Dalia Courridge, Marketing Strategy Consultant, Dalia Courridge Marketing

Through this website and podcast, you can learn about almost any aspect of marketing from people at the very top of their game.

I regularly attend the events myself and they’re great for keeping up to date. The Facebook group is also a great resource, full of lovely, helpful people.

– Chris Rogers, Marketing, Co-founder of the Private Practice Surgery

TMM is brilliant 👍🏾😁💯

– Tricia Chambers, Business Owner, Sommet Marketing

I especially love the salutations in your emails. They make me smile without fail 🙂

– Mia Lorenz, Managing Director, Business, Research Academy Ltd

Anyone working in marketing should hop onto one of these webinars. Great content. 👏 This morning was brilliant.

Samantha Payne, Founder, Cleartime Marketing

Just attended my first The Marketing Meetup webinar – ‘Don’t be Brave. Be Right.’ with the fantastic Ryan Wallman & Giles Edwards.

Really insightful talk, and incredibly entertaining. Their book, ‘Delusions of Brandeur’ is also an essential read.

Would definitely recommend the webinars to any marketers in my connections – looking forward to the next one!

– Alex Myers, Marketing Manager, The SEO Works

So why be there (The Marketing Meetup webinar) in real-time?

The wonderful community of marketers. The lively chat. The Q and A at the end.

– Tom Elmer, President, Marketing Muscle

The Marketing Meetup is always such a great resource.

Karolina Kot, Branding and Public Relations, TEN Sports Management

Thanks to The Marketing Meetup for continuing to inspire me on a weekly basis.

– Louise Edwards, Marketing Consultant, Sentient Marketing

The sooner you start thinking of your followers as an extended part of your family the easier it will be to write effective content that will resonate with your audience. This is something Marisa Thomas spoke about in this week’s The Marketing Meetup leaving me feeling hopeful that the future of Marketing will be less about sales, and more about cultivating your community ❤️️

Emer Mooney, Founder, Animal of the Day

The pressure to write an engaging post about this morning’s The Marketing Meetup is HIGH!

Where this post may fall short, Dave imparted many a pearl of wisdom I’ll be looking to adorn on my future work.

As ever, thoroughly recommend a watch of this morning’s The Marketing Meetup.

– James Human, Marketing Headhunter, Rosslyn David Recruitment

Another week, another great session from The Marketing Meetup!

I recently joined the group and am loving being part of this community.

Fab presentation from Dave Harland, Copywriter who shared the power of storytelling, along with some great tips on how to create a compelling story.

– Venetia Price, Marketing Manager, Abzorb

This morning I got up extra early to hear from TheWordMan Ltd he’s a wordsmith but not quite Wordsworth because he doesn’t do dull poetry Dave Harland. An excellent session with The Marketing Meetup

Sarah Moran, Account Director, Scaramanga Agency Ltd

Fantastic resource – thanks for hosting & sharing 🤘

– Colin Ramsay, Founder and Director, DragonLight Films

You’ve created the most incredible community. Thank you 😊🙏

– Sarah Townsend, Freelance Marketing Copywriter, Sarah Townsend Editorial

Totally agree with everyone. James absolutely smashed it this morning. Such a fantastic webinar and led in the true TMM kind, positive vibe style 🤩 Thank you both for all you do. Brilliant community to be a part of 🙂

– Kathryn Hudson-Cook, Digital Communications Lead, Ansbury

Thank YOU for such an insightful session this morning! Really got the ol’ brain cogs turning!

– Hannah Waddams, Marketing Director, MAAS Marketing

I was in the presence of greatness this morning where Dave Harland talked through storytelling in a way that blew me away.

It gave me a massive creative boost and set me up nicely for the rest of the day.

Thanks, Joe and The Marketing Meetup for putting this on, this could be the best one yet.

– Neil Griffin, Innovation Director, Oxford Innovation

Just wanted to say that I’ve been joining you guys for your webinar sessions over lockdown and I absolutely love them. Thanks for all the amazing efforts. 😊

– Jim Ker, Campaign & Digital Manager, Kingston Unity – Friendly Society

Next time I’m wondering why my B2B content isn’t getting the attention I can refer to my handy holy f**karoni batsh*t crazy chart and see what needs tweaking. Some absolute gems in today’s session to help make us all better marketers

Thanks so much to Joe and Dave for another amazing webinar from The Marketing Meetup.

– Wendy Melville, Freelance Marketing Specialist, Melles Consulting

What a great talk! He was so passionate and inspiring. Thanks as ever for organising!

– Helen Feeley, Marketing Manager, Richard Kendall Estate Agent Ltd

I really enjoyed the chat between David and Joe – David is so inspiring and I was ordering his book seconds after the webinar ended! I can’t wait to join more of these webinars in the future. Thank you to The Marketing Meetup team for hosting these brilliant talks.

– Jessica Brown, Customer Marketing Manager, IRIS Software Group

Fab session – I always look forward to Tuesday mornings. Great work!

– Phillipa Duckworth, Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Professional

Brilliant session from Dave in this morning’s Marketing Meetup with Joe Glover.

– Paul Lewis, Head of Strategy, Fellowship

This was probably one of the best The Marketing Meetup’s I’ve seen, Joe Glover (amongst pretty stiff competition it has to be said). Can’t stop thinking about Dave Harland,’s exploding face 😱 💣 .

– Rebecca Orde, Director, Rebecca Orde Ltd

It was a great session by Tim Soulo. My learning from this was that the greatest ‘hack’ in SEO is to get the fundamentals right. Thanks for organising this 👏

– Kaneshanathan Kumaraguru, SEO Manager, Surge Global

Great work! I’ve found The Marketing Meetup to be really helpful as I’m sure it has for many others.

– Alex Cairns, Marketing Executive, Energy Angels

The Marketing Meetup – Spreading positive loveliness for four years ❤

– Ian Birtwistle, Sales and Marketing Manager, Enigma Interactive

I remember rocking up to my first Marketing Meetup event in Cambridge, in the very first week I started working for myself (coming up to 4 years ago). I was so nervous – making conversation in a room full of new people … eeeek! Everyone was so lovely though, and the talks were ace, and continue to be online.

– Vicky Westmore, Marketing Communications Specialist & Writer, Rogue Bee Communications

I always love the chat at your events. It’s like the ultimate way of networking without ‘networking’ – no formal structure or organised fun – just people making real human connections.

– Alice Lyons, Company Director, Dark Coffee

By chance, I joined Joe’s podcast and was instantly glad I did. The sessions are upbeat and the community of professionals are all positive and share wisdom and anecdotes that add value. Huge chapeau to Joe for being an industry connector and for the works he’s put into The Marketing Meetup.

– James Hickson, Co-Founder, Just Add Milk Ventures

Joe and his community are not only positively lovely; they are encouraging, helpful, creative and just a really great bunch of people to surround yourself with. Two things that stand out to me personally: The great job with switching to virtual events and the fun salutations in his newsletter (which you should definitely join by the way).

– Lina Lotta Landgraf, Digital Marketing Specialist EuroCentral, Dassault Systemes

I’m learning so much from the weekly webinars. Still fairly new to the industry (3-4 years) so it’s been great!

– Sarah Pascaru, Founder & Social Media Strategist, Social Jooce

Joe and his community are not only positively lovely; they are encouraging, helpful, creative and just a really great bunch of people to surround yourself with. Two things that stand out to me personally: The great job with switching to virtual events and the fun salutations in his newsletter (which you should definitely join by the way).

– Lina Lotta Landgraf, Digital Marketing Specialist EuroCentral, Dassault Systemes

I feel at home with you guys!

– Jeremy Freeman, Business Manager, Smart Giving

Creating a fantastic community – every single event that I’ve attended has added value as you bring in quality guests.

– Glenn Smith, Managing Director, Gherkin Associates Ltd

The Marketing Meetup is more than just weekly events, it’s a network of incredibly supportive and like-minded branding and marketing nerds. I have learned so much from the webinars and taken that into my everyday practice. Plus I’ve met so many positively lovely humans too, which is awesome. Incredibly grateful for Joe and all the sponsors for making it all possible, you’re all a bunch of legends!

– Hannah Silverstein, Head of Brand and Marketing, Satisfied Snacks

Excellent session today 👏 Thanks for organising this and all the others!

– Jacqueline Castelino, Marketing & Communications Consultant, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

That was my first webinar with you guys and it was superb. I’ve signed up to as many as I can for the future.

– Kris Holland, Director of Marketing & Communications, Charlton Morris

A testament to the great work you’re doing and the fab resources you’re sharing! Keep it up!

– Robyn Wagner, Marketing Assistant, Laker Builders Merchant

I’ve been listening to a lot of The Marketing Meetup webinars recently […]. I bloody love how positive they are. And love the tone of your regular emails. I keep them in my best practice folder for inspo!

– Kerry Leech, B2B Content Marketing Strategist, Roo & Eve

Thanks for curating the brilliant Marketing Meetup webinars!

I’ve only discovered the content over the last few months but every Tuesday I join knowing full well it will be absolutely worth my time.

– Jacob Goodwin, Marketing Executive, Anthill

I have just found your Meetups, these are brilliant![…] I shall be tuning in regularly. Especially in lockdown as I need the social element.

– Rechenda Smith, Website & E-Commerce Manager, Hey Girls

The Marketing Meetup is such a great avenue for marketers to learn from the experts. Thank you for organising this great platform.

– Bina Messenger, Social Media Consultant, Freelance

Can’t recommend The Marketing Meetup enough…I’ve learnt a bunch of useful and actionable things from the community; things that have helped me be a better marketer. Plus, Joe’s gotta be the nicest bloke in marketing, so that’s an added bonus!

– George Bell, Marketing Manager, Sanctus

Love everything you guys are doing at The Marketing Meetup! It’s definitely helping me to get some of that creative stuff out in my style. So thank you.

– Daryl Hughes, Director, Whitelist Talent

What an amazing session today! Absolutely LOVED it 🙂 I’m gonna be a regular to this bar 😀

– Pragya Mishra, Head of Marketing, SHIELD

I’m a big fan of The Marketing Meetup and just wanted to say that I love your ethos and community spirit and really appreciate the sessions you put on each week.

– Joe Merriweather, Senior Client Executive, Fifty

Superb hosting and corralling of the maverick, Mark Ritson. Thoroughly enjoyed.

– Mark Beaumont, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Dinosaur

Went to my first Marketing Meetup last night – really enjoyed the vibe and the format!

– Zeph Brown, New Business Manager, CLEAR

Loving the events so far Joe, looking forward to becoming a bigger part of The Marketing Meetup community. Keep crushing it 🙂

– Jack Trodd, Business Development Manager, The NDL Group

Thanks for that session this morning, it’s the first one I have attended and I found it very useful and a great start to the day.

– Tim Hill, Marketing and Business Development Consultant, Freelance

This was my first Marketing Meetup session – it was really encouraging and useful so thank you!

– Averil Wagoner, Marketing Executive, Intercity Technology Ltd

Thanks for putting on a positively lovely event last night. I’ve been struggling with negotiation since I started my new property business so the advice last night really helped.

– Natalie Campbell-Reid, Marketing Manager, Explori

Exercising while attending one of the best webinars of the week The Marketing Meetup. If you’re interested in marketing it’s well worth joining. Every Tuesday at 8:30 am.

– John Cleary, Personal Brand Photographer, John Cleary Photography

I’ve just been on this morning’s Conversation Club. Thank you – it was awesome. A really great way to start the day. I’ve only found The Marketing Meetup recently but really enjoying part of the community.

– Dave James, Coach, Positive Pod

Thank you for all the amazing webinars you’ve put together recently they have really helped me develop my skills and knowledge 👍 (I can now use emojis on Linkedin which is pretty cool!)

– Stephen Olverson, Marketing Executive, Proteus Engineered Façade

What a positive and engaging webinar with Helen from Amazing If today! Well done for putting it together and I am thrilled I had a chance to make it!

– Ula Howlett, Head Of Digital, Rawtalks Academy

I am a relative newcomer to The Marketing Meetup but really enjoyed this morning’s session on personal branding. So many discussions, webinars, podcasts out there currently, so really pleased to spend an hour at the start of the day on something really informative. Keep it up!!

Adam Jones, Director, Nurture Professional Services Marketing

Loved this morning’s webinar – it’s got me really fired up for the day 🙂 Thank you!

Hannah Ruth Cahill, Marketing Manager, Rotec Security

Love The Marketing Meetup, thoroughly enjoying all the webinars – a cracking opportunity to learn from speakers we wouldn’t necessarily have the chance to hear.

– Peta Bean, Head of Marketing & Communications, Stonegate Precision Tooling Ltd

I thought I would drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed this morning’s webinar and it certainly made me think about how to inspire and drive that creative thinking.

Tristan Mobbs, DST Analyst, Connect Plus Services

Just wanted to say thank you for the event this afternoon with David and was great to hear from a business owner about how he uses marketing tools. It was my first session and will definitely be signing up for more! What a fantastic community you have built…incredibly valuable, especially in times like this where face to face events can’t take place.

Kerry Metz, Director, Metz Marketing

Brilliant session this morning. It was my second time joining one of your webinars.    I already feel so inspired and energised!

– Emma Mitchell, Marketing Executive, THSP Risk Management

The only reason I ever really went to The Marketing Meetup was because of you Joe. The content is good, but how it’s presented and delivered makes it all the more enjoyable, memorable and like a family

Lee Carnihan, Marketing Manager, Curveball Media

I enjoyed The Marketing Meetup podcast with Bryony Thomas 💦 so much that I decided to buy her book!

We’re all familiar with the classic sales funnel, but this podcast was a really interesting look at the 13 points where customers may be leaking out – and how to identify and plug them!

John Swatton, Senior Marketing Professional

🙂 What a start to the day!

Fresh off The Marketing Meetup webinar with Martin George, and I must say: The most insightful webinar I’ve ever seen.

In his email this week, Joe Glover said it was going to be good. Boy, was he right about that!

I remember attending the inaugural TMM in Norwich nearly 4 years ago with maybe 30 (?) people in the room. To see the chat exploding with messages today blew my mind. 🤯

A real testament to the incredible #community spirit and to the #leadership too (but they won’t say that!)

A positively lovely experience to kick-start the day…

– William Baker, Digital Marketing Manager, Premier Education UK

Brilliant session this morning on The Marketing Meetup hosted by Joe Glover

Today’s session saw Martin George Customer Director from Waitrose & Partners talk about the things he learned over his years in Marketing.

Martin touched on his beliefs that brands can positively change the world and his commitment to lifelong learning.

If anyone needs some motivation, I would strongly recommend checking out Martin’s session and joining The Marketing Meetup.

– Dan Bassett, Head of Marketing, IMP Software

A couple of weeks ago I asked Joe Glover if there was a recording of the latest The Marketing Meetup webinar as I’d missed it going out live.

He pointed me towards their website which I didn’t realise has the recording of every past webinar on it…

It’s a veritable smorgasbord of quality content & well worth a look!

Ben Schmidt, Owner, SSB Media Ltd

Joined my first The Marketing Meetup in a long while & really enjoying the talk from Ryan Wallman & Giles Edwards “Don’t be Brave. Be Right.” All about risk v reward & communicating the value of creativity. Brilliant as ever 👍🏻.

– Tom Hemmings, Associate Director, EY

Started the day with a brilliant talk – The Marketing Meetup with Ryan Wallman and Giles Edwards (fabulous!).

Marisa Crimlis-Brown, Communications Manager, Sookio

I was blown away by today’s The Marketing Meetup session which was all about thoughtful marketing.

Marisa Thomas was not only informative and reinforced things I’ve long suspected about marketing, but she was also super lovely. Definitely one to catch up on if you missed out!

– Becky Dashfield, Marketing Consultant, The Copy

A delightful session this morning from Giles Edwards & Ryan Wallman.

If you measure the success of a presentation by the number of sly screenshots taken (and I think you should), then I think this one has got to be up there amongst a host of other quality sessions from The Marketing Meetup.

🐘 if you know, you know

🙏 Thanks, guys!

– Tom Dickens, Strategy Director, Warm Street

One of the best talks I’ve been to in a looong time!

– Alyson J Wilson, Partner/Training Manager, Red Rocket Studio

I’m finally getting round to catching up on some of the amazing content from The Marketing Meetup 🙌

Great presentation from Katy Leeson on ‘Hacking Social Media Using Psychology’ and discussion with James Sandbrook.

🤔 Loads of food for thought and have already edited my latest post to include facial emojis instead of objects! 😉

– Lisa Ellison, Owner, Liontooth

When you take a screenshot of something and think…yup, everyone needs to hear this!!

Thanks to Marisa Thomas for this quote and The Marketing Meetup for creating the platform!

Anu Adegbola, Contract PPC Account Director/Account Manager, Mind Swan

Every week I think surely, these webinars can’t get any better. And they always do. Thank you! Even the dog joined in on this one. Loki thought it was EPIC.

– Claire Thorpe, Head of Marketing, Isosec

This morning’s coffee ➡ The Marketing Meetup featuring the unique copy stylings of the imitable Dave Harland.

Great way to start the day! 😊

– Sarah-Jean Ng, Social Media Content Producer, University of Cambridge

Have tried several different podcasts and webinars over the last 12 months. Some good, some errrr, not so good.

Wanted to put out a mention to The Marketing Meetup for their sessions. Compelling, relevant, engaging, and often amusing, and a special mention to Dave Harland, Copywriter for yesterday’s session on copywriting. Couldn’t watch it live, but watched it last night on youtube and it was excellent – more than two full pages of notes and scribbles!

– John Cove, Group Marketing Manager, Pyramid Travel Products

So much quality content. Thanks!

– Claire Durrant, Personal Branding & Social Media Consultant, Claire Durrant

This morning I had a choice. Doom scroll/look at memes and risk RSI, or make a cup of tea and invest an hour in learning.

I’m really bloody glad I chose the second option.

It’s been a little while since I made time to attend The Marketing Meetup webinar but today reminded me why it’s so important to regularly carve out an hour, stop trying to do a hundred things at once and just listen. There’s a whole lot of people sharing a whole lot of good advice, we’ve just got to pay attention.

Thanks again Dave Harland and Joe  for bringing laughter to the start of the day and getting my brain going 🙌

– Ellis Taylor, EMEA Marketing Manager, LEWIS Global Communications

Did you start your day right? I did! Picture this, it’s 8.29 am and I’m tipping Minor Figures oat milk into my coffee. From the other room sounds the Outlook calendar jingle. Let The Marketing Meetup begin!

Today I joined Joe Glover and Dave Harland, Copywriter for ‘How to write engaging stories for social media’. I learnt how to approach story analogies, format suggestions and best practice tips (disclaimer: the simpler the better).              I appreciated the mix of information, examples and relatable movie quotes. Thank you, I can’t wait to get writing!

– Jade Charles, Marketing Lead, Broadlight Global

I saw a post on LinkedIn for one of the Tuesday morning Marketing Meetup webinars and, as was on a mission to take in a few more online events to help my lockdown mind and creativity, I signed up!  A newbie to the community, I also signed up for the newsletter as loved the style and copy – engaging, amusing and insightful. Naturally, I followed the positively lovely community on all social channels and joined the Facebook group too! Three Tuesday webinars in and I have shared the group info with loads in my industry already and have pages of notes from the incredible session that are hosted.

You have created a space for something wonderful in the industry Joe and I cannot thank you enough!

Feel armed with all the creative ammo to perfect the art of WTFing and continue crafting social media captions. Thanks for the session, Joe and Dave!

– Suz Bird, Marketing and Social Media Consultant, Self-employed

The TMM webinar has become a vital weekly powerup for my marketing game.

– Andrew Knowles, Trainer, explainer and coach for small business owners

I was part of an absolutely fantastic session on SEO strategy and content marketing this morning. Thank you Tim Soulo for your inspiring insights and to the lovely Joe Glover for making today’s webinar happen! 🙂

– Ramya Sriram, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Kolabtree

It was such a good podcast! Dave was a brilliant guest. Really looking forward to new ones, and will be catching up on the back catalogue for def 👍

– Lucie Gill, Organic Content Lead, Social Republic

Thank you for all you do in bringing the marketing community together.

– Simon Badman, Partner, Social B

Well done – you’ve built a great community and an invaluable resource for marketers all over the world. Keep up the good work!

– Josh Bradley, VP of Demand, Shipamax

Always great speakers and a fabulous group of supportive like-minded individuals👏- thank you!!

– Jenine Rees, Marketing Manager, Cransley Hospice Trust

Another great session and I loved seeing all the interactivity between the attendees and the great questions posed.

– Annabel Venner, Marketing Consultant, Annabel Venner Consulting Ltd

Your work on The Marketing Meetup is absolutely phenomenal. Each week you have a fantastic speaker lined up. Great advice given from both them and the community of marketers and fantastic hosting skills.

– Amy O’ Regan, Account Manager, Dyjaho

It’s my weekly marketing fix and joy!

– Alison Steyn, Customer Marketing and Communications Manager, Lifeplus

You’ve created an amazing community and I am not surprised by the calibre of speakers who said yes to you. The Marketing Meetup is always a highlight of my week. Hats off to you!

– Jeni Murch, Senior Marketing Manager, Arbuthnot Latham & Co. Ltd

I only discovered The Marketing Meetup while working at home, and the webinars and podcasts have been absolutely brilliant. While you were obviously very emotional this time last year facing such a challenge, with it came opportunity and I for one have gained so much from the online community, webinars and podcasts you’ve created.

– Rachel Dalby, Head of Marketing, Business Development & Sales, Co-wheels Car Club

You do an amazing job in helping the marketing community develop and learn. And it is done in such an inclusive way. Well done – feel proud!

– John Moss, Managing Director, JA Consulting Ltd

You have created an amazing platform. Full of lovely, positive, and professional people! Thanks a lot!

– Mónica Muñoz Mora, Sales Director

Great platform you created! Looking forward to find out more!

– Sanne Van Broeck, Co-Owner and Digital Architect, Park Avenue Comunicatie

I felt 100% addressed and signed up immediately 😃

– Pascal Debowiak, Digital Marketer, Rhenus Office Systems

Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for organising – I can’t wait to attend more.

– Victoria Pritchard, Copywriter, Engage Copywriting Services

It’s an amazing feeling to serve your peers Joe – thanks for all you do!

– Leon McCowan, Director, Your Business Mobile Ltd

I love these webinars, really valuable content & always super-engaging.

– Rachel Hammond, Digital Strategist, The Hammond Agency

I have been attending your webinars and thank you so much for those. A wonderful variety of topics and a great community there. 🙂

– Chris Menzel, Chief Operating Officer, Matchbird GMBH

I have recently found your community and this morning attended my first event. WOW – what an event it was! I wish I had half the energy Carrie has, she was amazing.          I have to say I understand SEO and why we need it, but this morning goes to show why we should be using the experts if we want results. Thanks again for allowing me to join the community and I am looking forward to what’s to come.

– Jayne Raven, Marketing Manager, Pennine Wealth Solutions LLP

I recently came across The Marketing Meetup. I like what you’re doing in the Marketing Space. Inviting people and sharing valuable lessons.

– Suryansh Tomar, Head of Student Council, SCMC

First time joining the meetup and really loved it. Definitely needed it today.

– Stuart Haynes, Founder & Managing Director, Big Bear Comms

Came to my first Marketing Meetup webinar this morning with Andy and Martyn – fantastic stuff, thanks for organising! I’ve been following The Marketing Meetup for ages but can’t usually make the Tuesday evening meetings, so really love being able to access them online!

– Sarah Wightman, Head Of Marketing, Acteon Communication and Learning

What a journey! Shows how good results take time and persistence. Thanks for hosting such great events.

– Maria Soleil, Marketing Consultant, Soleil Marketing

Thank you for the webinar this morning. It was my first session, and so good! Definitely lived up to my expectations.

– Sharleni Inbanathan, Head of Marketing and Engagement, University of East London Students’​ Union

I have to say, I’m super happy I came across The Marketing Meetup, wish I’d jumped in before lockdown, but the webinars have been amazing during this period, so thank you and congratulations!

– Mercedes Torre Liñero, Marketing Manager, Silostop

We’ve “met” on the last couple of your Conversation Clubs. Love what you’re doing – this can otherwise be professionally a lonely time, and what a great opportunity to network!

– Aoife Noone, Global Organic Social Media Lead, Freelance

I watched several Marketing Meetup sessions and I find them incredibly useful.    I especially enjoyed today’s one with Tim, what a great guest and an awesome conversation.

– Gabriela Wasilewska, Sales and Marketing Associate, EtonX

Thanks again for the awesome squiggly session this morning!

– Ben Hulme, Founder, Hulme Redwood Ltd

I really enjoyed The Marketing Meetup last night, was great to meet some like-minded people and learn some new things.

– Neil Robinson, Head Of Commercial, Get My Slice

Thank you for the Friday Conversation Club sessions. They’re one of the highlights of my week at the moment. Looking forward to meeting & spending time with like-minded and interesting people next week already!

– Emma Curwood, Senior Marketing Manager, Arden University

Thank you for this morning’s webinar. This has been my first toe-dip into the world of personal branding. I’m very appreciative of you sharing your time, experience and experts with us.

– Kat Gjertsen, Co-Founder, Ultimate Matchplay

Amazing webinar this morning with Liron Smadja – so much useful information presented. Really enjoying the webinars each week with The Marketing Meetup 😊

– Erin Guyton, Marketing & Community Engagement Officer, Home Instead UK

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