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Become the best marketer you can be. The Mini MBA in Marketing is an MBA level, CPD accredited course that gives you the tools and expertise to supercharge your career. On-demand modules based on Mark Ritson’s award winning MBA teaching form the basis for applied, world class learning. Designed for marketers of all backgrounds, nationalities and educational levels, over 90% of our alumni complete the course feeling more inspired, confident and effective as a result of taking the Mini MBA in Marketing.

Reviews from the TMM community

The thing I loved about the Mini MBA in Brand Management is how thorough it was, as well as catering to all kinds of learners.

There were weekly modules (released weekly so you can’t work ahead), extra reading and resources to learn more around the topic, often from The Harvard Business Review and other highly reputable publications, as well as a brand plan (optional) that ran throughout the course and a final brand simulation (optional) that brought all your learning to life in a ‘real-world’ simulation. Mark even read some of the extra material aloud to make it easier to listen when commuting (all the participants have busy lives and are studying alongside work and family).

Mark’s delivery is highly engaging and the course is loaded with case studies, which I always find incredibly helpful. The Mini MBA is both practical and theoretical, fun yet intense. You walk away far more knowledgeable than you began with some useful frameworks to bring into your work.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s absolutely worth the time and money. And take advantage of the private LinkedIn group to run ideas off peers and learn alongside.

Marisa Crimlis-Brown
Senior Client Strategist

The Mini MBA is something I won’t shut up about, to fellow marketers as well as anybody I know who runs a business.

We live in a world where people go on about emails, being social first, customer personas.

Whilst all valid, they miss the key first steps to any marketing strategy.

And that’s what Mark’s course changed for me. The education and understanding of how to take time, think strategically and then take action has been a game changer.

What also helps is the engaging level of the lectures, the way the education is delivered, the LinkedIn group support of others on the course and the practical way you get to put all that knowledge to work in the end of course assessment.

Part of me wishes I could do it all again for the first time – 100/10

Jonny Rose
Marketing Manager

Absolutely brilliant course.


Really comprehensive course. Mark is an engaging and knowledgable lecturer which makes this course really easy to digest.

Beth Heddle
Senior Marketing Manager

Informative, street-wise, funny and highly-memorable. With every module, a lightbulb goes off and you can almost hear the ‘click’ in your head.

I just wish Mark’s teaching techniques had been adopted by the national education system – my geography would be so much better now:-)

Both courses get my top marks for a delightful experience and a tsunami of lingering inspiration!

Mary Kyriakidi
Global Thought Leader

The world of Marketing is notorious for serving up distractions that pull practitioners away from the guiding light of professionalism, and into the darkness of charlatans or silver bullet pipe dreams. Mark’s MiniMBA program not just distinguishes between the light and dark, but also charts a path for marketers stuck in the ambiguity of the latter to bring themselves to the realm of clarity.

YY Ling
Wealth Associate

Great course (both the Mini MBA and the Brand focused one). In depth, chock full of insight and useful information. This is a must do course to get up to speed with what is happening in the marketing world right now.

I have put my whole team through it, and I thoroughly recommend you do so with yours.

Matthew Ferguson
Brand & Insights Lead

This course is intensely insightful, expertly delivered, and immediately useful.

Brett Dillon

I had been considering doing the Mini MBA in Marketing for 2 years, before I took the plunge. I then wished I had done it sooner. It is great for all levels, consolidated all my learnings and experience over my many (25+ years) in marketing. I really enjoyed the entertaining videos by Mark, the examples and tools are very useful and practical.
In my opinion this is the best course. And you must take the exam at the end. It is a really good way of putting the learnings into practice in a safe environment with feedback from the alumni and Mark along the way.
All in all a 5 star marketing experience which will help any marketer in their career wherever you are.

Paula Parker
Marketing Consultant

This course was such an eye opener, a very logical approach to learning all about marketing, at the same time a balanced view between theory and practice and how to execute in practice. Having taken the exam, I must say, it really was worth it as it made me realise how when it comes to applying the learnings, you really do need to keep going back to the theory and learnings to make sure you apply them properly. Only someone who knows their stuff though and through can really level and teach well – that is Ritson! No fluff, all solid practical advice also to your very own problems you face in your everyday job. I have been to many courses and this is the best – all around it fully delivered. And I have just signed up for the continued access to those golden resources that I can keep using and keep checking and reminding myself I am on the right track. I did the marketing course, next I want to do the branding too. Well worth the money.

R Smalley
Leading consultant

Mini MBA in Marketing review –

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and thought it was delivered in a practical, well-structured way. I found the content easy to digest and very useful.

The materials were delivered by video presentations, readings, audio files and Q&As. I liked that you can top up the training materials with a curated reading list of extra resources available each week also.

I found the optional extra final assessment to be something I really wanted to do and enjoyed doing.

This course for me gave me a greatwork framework and clear process for doing what I do in marketing.

Oliver Collins
Marketing Manager

Hands down one of the most comprehensive and strategic marketing courses out there.
With a mixture of academic learning, real-world case studies and an array of practical tools to start using in your marketing immediately.

I have previously done the CIM Level 6 in Professional Marketing but found the Mini MBA far more practical and relevant.

It also works really well alongside working, with on-demand videos and voice recorded key readings that can easily be digested on the commute.

Not to mention the amazing Alumni network you become a part of from some very interesting marketers across the board.

Highly recommend it and Prof. Ritson is hilarious and insightful as always!

Douglas McFadyean
Head of Marketing

The best course I’ve done! It’ll equip you with the skills needed to independently think about marketing and your business challenges! Mark is fun, engaging and informative and gives you not just a great course but further resources to learn and develop from after. This course unlike some others is also updated for the modern marketing world!

Dan Bassett
Head of Marketing

An excellent course that goes back to marketing basics, fills in the knowledge gaps you may have and cuts through much of the noise about marketing should be done.

The course is designed to give you confidence to level up and I felt it did just that.

Marketing Manager

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What you need to know

Course Type: Mini MBA

Length: 12 weeks

Study Time: 4 hours per week

Cost: £1595 +VAT

Good to know: Suitable for all backgrounds and educational levels