Why The Marketing Meetup is going to Newcastle and Manchester?

The Marketing Meetup is an community by marketers, for marketers. We're brining our events up to Newcastle and Manchester and wanted to explain why.
The Marketing Meetup: Manchester

The Marketing Meetup was never supposed to grow quite as it did.

It was just an idea of something that would benefit me when I was a solo marketer in a small company – somewhere to learn and meet my tribe.

And yet something clearly resonated with others too. While I’m not surprised I was the only one feeling there was a need for a community like this, things over the past three years have gone mentally wonderful. Today the community is spread over 11 locations and 7,000ish members running 104 friendly events per year. 104 events where the community is encouraged to do nothing but listen, say hello to one another, and be positively lovely. No sales before getting to know the human being in front of you.

It’s been bloody brilliant. And bonkers. And lovely. Really lovely. I’m proud that my new full-time job is to help marketers become better at what they do and build communities where there wasn’t before.

So that’s why the answer to The Marketing Meetup is headed to Manchester and Newcastle. There are people to be helped – just like I needed helping three years ago. Ultimately, that’s why we’re growing this thing: to help more people.

And Newcastle and Manchester specifically?

These two cities represent everything The Marketing Meetup does. Community. Innovation. Friendliness. Hard work. A sense of heritage and togetherness. You just get a feeling when you walk through the streets of these incredible places that something special is happening. I can’t help but want to be part of that.

They’re a natural fit because the wonderful people of these cities already come together over so much and hold so much pride over their community. The Marketing Meetup hopes to simply and respectfully build upon these communities – offering those in our specific niche somewhere to go to meet and learn together.

I can’t wait to get started.

The first Newcastle meetup is 8th July and the first Manchester meetup is on 23rd July.

Entry is free – and so long as you promise to listen, say hello and be positively lovely… you’d be more than welcome 🙂

With love.