What are the best books for marketers?

Well, instead of just giving you some of my favourites, I asked you lovely lot yours in the webinar yesterday.

And BOY OH BOY it was a long list. So, I picked some of the repeating ones, and without further ado, here are The Marketing Meetup community’s recommendations for books you should be reading to become a smarter version of yourself. Enjoy!

Book recommendations by marketers

  • Guy K-S : Scientific Advertising – Claude Hopkins. Written in 1923. Timeless.
  • Jordan D: Not a business book, but the most enlightening book I’ve ever read is Natives by Akala
  • Jay M: Currently reading ‘The Mom Test’ by Rob Fitz – must read!
  • Susanne K-N : Superfans by Pat Flynn, the easy way to stand out, grow your tribe, and build a successful business
  • Grace H: Can’t recommend The Chimp Paradox enough – not specifically business or marketing related, but amazing for working on mindset!
  • Susie T: Favourite book – Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  • Dave H: Atomic Habits by James Clear. Tiny changes, remarkable results.
  • Daryl H, Jemima W: I’d recommend Shoe Dog the story of Nike
  • Roz F: My favourite business book is The B2B Executive Playbook 🙂
  • Poppy W: My favourite book is The Underground Railroad (not a marketing book)
  • Kathryn H-C: Not business related, but just finished the Tattooist of Auschwitz… incredible real life story.
  • Stephen K: Badass: making users awesome, by Kathy Sierra.
  • Barry D: I always loved ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins which is about finding your niche and sticking to it
  • Charlotte M: The Creative Curve: how to develop the right idea at the right time is a great one for marketing
  • Mike B: Fav biz book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven Covey. A classic.
  • Phil M: Recently enjoyed Zero to one, notes on startups or how to build the future, by Peter Thiel
  • Ben H: Dare to Do, by Sarah Outen. It’s all about the journey!
  • Gary P: My favourite book recently has been Radical Candor (How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean) by Kim Scott.  But also a recent book called Factfulness (Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About The World – And Why Things Are Better Than You Think) by Hans Rosling
  • Rina S: Book: Be so good they can’t ignore you. Cal Newport
  • M N: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi was really helpful for me as an introvert to understand why networking’s so important, and how to do it without feeling inauthentic/slimy af…
  • Claire T: Fave marketing book = Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas. Great practical advice, fantastic marketing audit and good to help non-marketers understand what we do and why on earth we do it!
  • Chris R: I’m reading “They ask, you answer” by Marcus Sheridan and so far it’s brilliant
  • Angie M: Recommends: a little book book on branding by Robert Jones
  • Chris E: For all those with imposter syndrome, check out Strengths, by Sally Bibb
  • Tricia C: The Micro Script Rules (How to tell your story (and differentiate your brand) in a sentence…or less.) – Bill Schley is amazing and highly recommend 😁
  • Sarah B: Copywriting made simple by Tom Albrighton
  • James S: Currently reading “Surrounded by Idiots – the four types of human behaviour” – great book!!
  • Jessica TdF : I recently read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert which is about how to find the right mindset for creatives. I’m currently reading Influence by Robert Cialdini… so far so good.
  • John G: Favourite book is called ‘Insanely Simple – The obsession that drives Apple’s Success‘ by Ken Segall. Hammers home the need to keep things simple in all areas of business – do not overcomplicate it!

That should keep you busy :). And, if it doesn’t, also check out the ultimate reading list for marketers we published earlier in the year with our own recommendations.




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