Things are hard right now. Chances are, they will get even tougher.

And while we can’t click our fingers and make things better, we wanted to do what we could to help. So, working with our friends and partners at Brand Recruitment and Pitch Consultants, we’re offering the community 30 minute CV sessions. 

These sessions will set you on the right track with advice on making your CV sing like a nightingale, from people who see hundreds every single day.

The consultations are free, but will be limited in number simply based on resources available. Both recruitment companies have stepped up and said they want to help, so they will do all they can. It should be said – both companies have been nothing short of phenomenal for our community.

We will also be running a free webinar with both Pitch and Brand at midday BST on 4th June 2020 focused on the current employment market, what you can do to stand out, and answering your questions too. 

If you’d like to take advantage of a free CV consultation, just click the button below to fill in our confidential form by June 5th at 5PM, and we’ll do what we can to help. 

DateFormatSpeakerSubjectGet yo' space
21/05/2020WorkshopSally Hawkesford, Founder and CEO, SHC DigitalAttribution Modelling with FacebookSign up
22/05/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up
26/05/2020WebinarJohn Espirian, LinkedIn nerd. Relentlessly helpful.Linkedin hits, tips and tricks from someone who knows their onionsSign up
29/05/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up
02/06/2020WebinarChris Smith & John MossNegotiation and Persuasion for marketersSign up
09/06/2020WebinarRussell Parsons, Editor of Marketing Week.A Q&A with the Editor of Marketing WeekSign up
12/06/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up
16/06/2020WebinarGraham Robertson, Author of Beloved Brands.Creating beloved brandsSign up
19/06/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up
23/06/2020WebinarMax Hoppy, Co-Founder of BindHow they teach you to be creative at GoogleSign up
24/06/2020WorkshopChris Smith & John MossNegotiation and Persuasion for marketers: The workshopSign up
26/06/2020NetworkingYou 🙂Conversation ClubSign up