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Now is the time many marketers are looking to up skill. Here’s the areas we would be focusing our attention in 2020:


– Fundamentally… digital. If you’re still telling yourself you’re not a computer person, unfortunately you’re being left behind. Now is the time to learn.

– Strategy. Our industry is plagued by a focus on tactics, which without context of strategy just leave us spinning the wheels. Getting a broader view on our role made me a better marketer when it came to implementation, too.

– Community building. Building something meaningful which provides value is important for attraction and retention of customers. Also implied would be things such as email marketing to communicate with the community.

– Copywriting. We’re all writers – doing it better makes us more effective at our job.

– Data analysis/reporting. Because the best way to show your value is to report it as clear as day with the numbers.

– A specialism of your choice. Because it will be good to point to a specific skill set, even if you’re a generalist. This could be channel (Social, PPC, SEO, Web dev, Email, Events etc) or industry specific (FMCG, Retail etc)

Events coming up…

Date Time Format Speaker Name Get yo' space
13/10/202008.30 - 09.30 Webinar Kirstie Smith, Founder of Social Circle 20 new advancements to implement into your social media strategy Sign up
How we set up Zoom for Marketing Meetup Webinars

How we set up Zoom for Marketing Meetup Webinars

Zoom has become one of The Marketing Meetup’s most important bits of software.

And while we’ve all no doubt set up many a Zoom meeting for the purposes of quizzes and more, learning about how to do it for webinars wasn’t all that easy. So, we thought we’d create a (not short) video, on what the background operation of setting a Zoom webinar looks like. 

How to prove the value of marketing – Daniel Gilbert, Founder & CEO of Brainlabs

How to prove the value of marketing – Daniel Gilbert, Founder & CEO of Brainlabs

This session is relevant because as marketers, it’s not good enough to do something and expect the budget to keep on flowing when you haven’t proven the value of it. This session is important because as marketers, we often do a bad job in marketing ourselves and communicating our role in a company. This session is important, because we have one of the world’s most unique thinkers on marketing in our company for an hour, so by the end, I hope you would have learned something new, had your perspective shifted,

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