This is the last wednesday @ two of 2020.

And, really at its core, it is simply a thank you message.

This was a year, which started with a certain set of expectations and ended with a very different ones.

Nonetheless, it’s been a year where the community has grown from 11,000 to nearly 20,000. Where some of the world’s most incredible marketers have spoken with us.

But more importantly, we’ve been blessed to be surrounded by some of the most lovely people in the entire world.

When COVID struck and we had to cancel our events. It was a time of fear. it was a time of high anxiety. And even though parts of that has been carried throughout the course of the year, then the rest of the time has been interspersed with joy, togetherness, feeling like we’re part of something, unity around kindness and love. Thank you.

And while this is the last wednesday @ two at the year. it is not the last you’ll hear of us 🙂

  • We’ve got two more webinars left.
  • We’re also launching our rebrand on December the 15th.
  • And hopefully, we’ll also be launching season three of the webinar schedule, which will be unreal.
  • Finally, we’ll also be sharing more details on the marketing meeting membership, which we’ll be starting hopefully again, in January, 2021.

Loads to get excited about.

I just want to close out with one final thing, which is, again, a massive, thank you. It’s not lost on me how special all of this is and how none of it would exist would matter without the contributions of this amazing community.

I feel so lucky to sit in the middle of it and it’s an eternal joy to play a small part in it. So thank you.

Once again, do join us for the webinars in a couple of weeks. Keep checking back for the rebrand and the membership coming up.

Wishing you nothing but a massively well-earned rest over this Christmas break.

It’s been a hell of a year, but we’ve come out of it and, let’s look forward to a big happy, healthy, fun, positive 2021. I love you all. Thank you.