We’re building a household name. This is how.

Liron Smadja, Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing and International Expansion, Fiverr
Fiverr are building a brand that is becoming ubiquitous in the world. But, the company remains young. In this talk, Liron who was employee number 13, discusses the journey and what you can take it from it.

Fiverrs Journey to building a household name –  Liron Smadja, Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing

Notes from Amon Kiplagat – thank you!!

Viral Age ( 2010 – 2014 )

  • Understand your positioning
    • Start with Google trends
    • Look at reviews to see what people love and what people don’t love
    • Look at Reddit to see conversations about what people like and don’t like
    • Tools: Glimpse, Google alerts, FAQ Fox & Product Hunt
  • Milk every opportunity/win to reach out to people to build trust and validate what you’re doing
  • Build Word of Mouth through your product. Customer referrals, Affiliate programs
  • Run like a hamster to meet & connect with your customers to build a community

Conversion Age ( 2014 – 2017 )

  • Be customer-oriented – Do your research into your customers –
    • A/B Test to get more insight into your customers.
    • Continuously A/B Test. It’s never-ending.
    • Tools: Unbounce, Typeform
  • Your core business competence is important.
    • It’s not what you think you are it’s what your customers think you are.
  • Focus on the Prize – The end goal

Branding Age ( 2017 – 2021 )

  • Stop talking about your product and more about what you stand for. The best brands:
    • Change the perception of the world: what do you offer the world
    • Aren’t just differentiated; They make a difference
    • Engage people’s emotions & Help people help themselves
  • Clearly define & Know your target audience
  • Focus on telling your customer stories to build an authentic brand
  • Be real and authentic
    • Find out who cares
    • Make people feel something
    • “That’s so me” – I relate to that.
  • Make trust your Northern Star
    • Focus on your customer journey and tell your story
  • Target on belonging
    • Make your audience feel like they belong to something bigger.
  • Keep growing, Keep learning & Stay Curious
    • Tools: Fiverr, Zest, BookLets, Mentor List, Really Good Emails, Muzli