Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland started in 1988 as a graduate trainee at Ogilvy and since has risen through the ranks to the title of Vice-Chairman. This title is vague, quite consciously, but in effect gives Rory the freedom to explore advertising, as well as look to elevate the industry through his many speaking and writing for The Spectator and in his recent book, Alchemy.

He is also the owner of a Japanese toilet fact, which is a fun fact, but also pretty damn cool.


Rory Sutherland’s talks with The Marketing Meetup:

How to get ghosted less – Stephen Kenwright

It happens during a boom. It happens twice as often during a bust (and it hurts more). When we get ghosted, we feel like the victim. We blame the client. But, often, we can do something about it. You’ve spent hours creating a proposal, only for your prospective client...

Ten recommended SEO tools from the pros

We recently hosted Azeem Ahmad, Areej AbuAli and Crystal Carter for an amazin' hour of SEO magic. Video below. In the session, they recommended a bunch of tools, so outside of our normal write-up, we thought we'd also do a special post just for the resources they...

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