You know how every brand in the world is telling you that they’re there for you right now?

That they care.Β That they are by your side?

As well-intentioned as these messages are… aren’t they all starting to look the same? If I get one more ‘A message from our CEO’ message of reassurance, I think I’ll have to start tearing out what little hair of mine remains.

But here is the thing. We do care, and we are there for you. Everything we’ve ever done has been about creating a helpful, lovely community of amazing marketing people. I hope you feel that as much as we mean it.

But how do we make that message cut through when everyone is saying the same stuff?

Well, I guess one way to do it is to present things differently. Do something fun and a bit silly.

Like, for example, asking Sean Paul (chart-topping rapper who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, The Saturdays, Clean Bandit, Sia and many more of the world’s most famous acts – ask your nearest teenager) to send your community a message, just to say hey.

Yes. I think that will do it…


No, I don’t think he knows or cares, what The Marketing Meetup is, but isn’t he a nice man?

πŸ™‚ Stay safe.Β 

Love, all of us.

(p.s. been getting some reports of some device/browser combos not playing the vid, so here is a youtube link)


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