The best webinars for marketers

There are plenty of great marketing talks out there, but I genuinely believe these to be amongst the best webinars for marketers on the web.
Best webinars for marketers

There are plenty of great marketing talks out there, but I genuinely believe these to be amongst the best webinars for marketers on the web.

Over the past 10 days, six separate people have asked me what the ‘best’ TMM talk is of all time.

And here’s the God honest truth – there genuinely isn’t a ‘best’ talk. For one, that implies that one talk would be better than any other in all scenarios, which plainly isn’t the truth. Instead, let me share with you where I would start if I wanted to go back in time with TMM. This list is by no means exhaustive, I’ll have to do a part two soon 🙂

Some of the best ‘how to do marketing’ talks

These are the talks where someone has come in and shared something super tactical and in the weeds. Telling you step by step how they’ve done a thing.

Some of the most inspirational talks for marketers

These talks are perhaps less tactical, but leave you with that warm glow afterwards.

Some of the ones marketers speak to me all the time about –

The ones that stuck in the brain with the big names.

  • Mark Ritson AMA – Possibly the most influential marketer in our industry right now. I have a lot of time and respect for Mark as he gave us his time, particularly when he didn’t need to at the beginning of the pandemic to do an AMA.
  • Bryony Thomas on strategy – Bryony has a model for everything. A tonne of marketers walked out of this talk much wiser on marketing strategy than when they entered. I’m a big fan of hers.
  • Rory Sutherland on… everything – Rory is one of a kind. If I was to say this talk was a stream of consciousness, for most people that would be an insult, but for Rory – it’s the highest praise I can think of. The man is a genius and this talk was likewise mind-bending.
  • David Hieatt on email and business – This was one that went in a different direction than I expected, to be honest. We were supposed to focus on email marketing, but ended up in many directions. After the talk, I was worried people would have not enjoyed it because it wasn’t ‘as advertised’… in fact, my inbox has never been more full of ‘THAT WAS INCREDIBLE’ emails.
  • Dave Gerhardt AMA – DG is another hugely influential marketer. To get a view into his brain for an hour was useful beyond belief. Plus he said I was a good interviewer 🙂
  • April Dunford on positioning – April is the one of the world’s foremost experts on positioning. Her talk style was enough that people have come to me numerous times since her talk and said… “That April was quite something wasn’t she?!”
  • Louis Grenier on radical differentiation – I was a fan of Louis before I met him. Now, I don’t think there is any other marketer people speak to me more about than him.

Some of the talks which weren’t directly about marketing, but I learned so much anyway

Because marketing inspiration isn’t just found by speaking about marketing.

  • Martin George on lessons learned from 30 years in marketing – Martin is one of the most grounded, lovely, hard working and accomplished marketers I have spent time with. His lessons from 30 years of marketing were humble and from a place of experience. Also amazing was the amount of people who got in touch after Martin’s session saying how they had previously worked with him and loved the experience. That’s who I want to be when I grow big.
  • Penny Ferguson and Catherine Newman on leadership – Penny and Catherine provided an amazing insight into what true leadership is in this session. If you have any challenges as a manager, or with a manager – this is the talk for you.
  • James Routledge on mental health – James Routledge is eloquent as anything and shared openly his journey of mental health. I came away from this talk thinking ‘that was important’, which, for a happy little marketing community like ours, really is a lovely thing.

The only reason I’m stopping here is that is about 20 hours of content already. There are SO MANY MORE amazing talks and write ups and more on the blog, and The Marketing Meetup Podcast.