Why your website visitors are not converting – Mary Owusu, Gurubound

Mary Owusu, CEO of Gurubound
In this talk, Mary shares the about low-hanging fruit CRO tactics that can drive up conversion rates quickly and effectively.

Key takeaways on why your website visitors are not converting

  • Adding the simplest behaviour analytics reporting to your website can have a BIG impact on your business’s success.
  • The average conversion rate is 2-3%. That means 97-98% have never bought anything. Why are we content with this?
  • The reality is that most marketers find themselves reacting to their conversions (or lack thereof) instead of having a system for CRO.
  • Three fundamental questions to ask when setting a CRO goal:
    • What is your dream website conversion action?
    • At what rate?
    • By when?
  • When troubleshooting subpar CRO, ask:
    • Do I have a visibility problem or an action problem?
  • Always start with your heat maps and watch the numbers, because they will tell you what to do next.
  • All analytics tools are only as good as the questions and goals that you have. Place your focus on the outcome and the actions you need to take to get there.


Q and A on why your website visitors are not converting

Q: What are the top things you would recommend Google Analytics to measure?

A: All analytics tools are only as good as the questions and goals that you have. The best question you can ask Google Analytics is, “Am I converting users?” or, “Am I meeting the business goals I have?” Google Analytics will never tell you why it happened or how it happened. You need other tools such as my own which are engagement-focused and use tracking tools such as heat maps and have a way to reliably gather feedback from your website visitors.

Q: How do you recommend avoiding “paralysis by analysis”?

A: Go back to the question of whether you have a visibility or action problem. Step away from vanity metrics. The bottom line is to see whether visitors are converting or not, and if they’re not, determine whether it is due to top-of-funnel problems or bottom-of-funnel problems. Focus on the outcome you’re looking to achieve and the actions you can take to get out of the rabbit hole you’re finding yourself stuck in.

Q: What resources do you recommend for learning more about SEO and CRO?

A: I spend time on CRO tool websites including Hotjar and Crazy Egg. I also read a lot of content on HubSpot because they’re all about inbound and converting and getting people down the funnel.

Q: What is the impact on performance when adding tracking code for the tools that you suggested like Hotjar? What countermeasures can you put in place to improve page speed?

A: You do have to be careful when adding different widgets whether it’s a behavior analytics tool or a popup tool. Ask the vendor about the bloat that their code puts onto your site. Choose tools that put minimal bloat to your site. Always ask the source, or at least Google it. But, sometimes, it’s a necessary evil. You oftentimes need to have certain code running in the background.