Mark Ritson

Mark Ritson

Mark Ritson is almost a man who needs no introduction, but for those not in the know… Mark has been a columnist at Marketing Week for over a decade, a regular and world-class speaker, a consultant for some of the world’s most interesting brands, and also a Marketing Professor gone rogue – having recently stepped down from his Associate Professor position at Melbourne Business School to focus on his Mini MBA programme.

On a personal level, Mark has had a big impact on how we have come to view the marketing world through his columns for Marketing Week. However, if we was to point to two specific pieces of work, then you should check out his case studies on 50 years of the Effies (our favourite was the Tide super bowl ad analysis), or his talk ‘On the Contrary’ – delivered at the APG strategy conference.


Mark Ritson’s talks with The Marketing Meetup:

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