How can marketers convince the finance team of the value of marketing?

Too often, the finance team is presented as the enemy – the unreasonable person delivering the ‘computer says no’ answer to marketers. In this webinar with Deepa Shah, we debunked some of the myths surrounding the relationship between finance and marketing, and much more.

Specifically, our questioning focused on:

  • How marketers can approach working with their finance team, and vice versa
  • How can we make budgets more accurate which look into the future?
  • Methodologies for budgeting and the degree of tolerance do you tend to build into it?
  • Advice for folks who are cash poor right now, but with strong orders on the books in six months time?
  • The fundamentals of finance Deepa wishes everyone would grasp?
  • Where marketers should be looking first to upskill?
  • The most important factors that guides your decision making when it comes to marketing spend? In other words, what is the key to your buy-in?
  • Should SME’s take up the government bounce back loan? Pros and Cons?

Deepa’s profile: 

Deepa is a senior leader, with 20 years’ experience working for fast growth global businesses within marketing, creative communications and technology, including insights agencies that specialise in healthcare.

In brief, her core areas of expertise include:

• Financial planning and management (including restructuring, cashflow management)
• Long/short term business strategy planning (including exits, market expansion)
• Commercial and operational positioning (including pricing strategy, procurement, internal operations structures/processes)
• NED/Board advisory
• Business mentoring

As a trusted, strategic business partner, she can advise and support dynamic businesses with their operational management, strategy and growth. I bring external thinking and fresh perspective to organisations. These are demonstrated by my growth mindset, courage, determination, creativity, and willingness to experiment and learn.

Beyond the technical excellence you would expect, I am open, curious, and empathetic. My ability to debate key human issues, and my perseverance to drive lasting change to make a positive difference in people’s lives demonstrates a much deeper commitment to the social change agenda.

I am an active mentor and give my time to help women develop professionally in their careers. This ranges from entrepreneurs, to helping those working their way up the career ladder.

In March 2020, I took on the role of Business Mentor for NatWest Group’s Enterprise Accelerator Programme. The role requires me to mentor start ups in the programme.

Since April 2020, I have taken on a similar role to the NatWest role with The British Library, also as a business mentor.

I am a Governor, Trustee and Director of London South Bank University. (Pro Bono NED role).

During my time at Publicis, I have been the Chairwoman of the VivaWomen! Board. VivaWomen! Is an employee-led Gender Equality community, which focuses on raising areas of gender inequality, supports women to develop skills to better their own outcomes, and in turn builds confidence within the workplace for everyone. VW! also encourages men who want to be involved as champions and supporters for women they’re working with, in order to drive equality for everyone.

This event was live on 5 May 2020, 12:00