It is said that if you repeatedly do something for 100 days straight, it becomes a habit.

So we made you one to help you do the thing that you want to change in your life, or your marketing.

A physical thing (once you print it) which doesn’t ping or vibrate.

Stick it on your fridge or office wall.

Put a big fat cross or tick in the box every day. For 100 days.

No gaps (no-one likes to see gaps).

Then watch your progress.

Push ups, walking, reading for 30 minutes, 10 minutes of business development, flossing, running, dancing… it doesn’t matter. What matters is it is simple and you do it EVERY FLIPPIN’ DAY.

So what are you going to make your new habit?

Keep it simple, do it every day and then share your experience with us by emailing Or use #TMM100days on social. We’ll give a shout out to every person and business who completes their challenge.

Save the image below and print it out, or download the PDF under the image for keepsies.


You can download a PDF of the Habit Calendar here!