Now is the time many marketers are looking to up skill. Here’s the areas we would be focusing our attention in 2020:


– Fundamentally… digital. If you’re still telling yourself you’re not a computer person, unfortunately you’re being left behind. Now is the time to learn.

– Strategy. Our industry is plagued by a focus on tactics, which without context of strategy just leave us spinning the wheels. Getting a broader view on our role made me a better marketer when it came to implementation, too.

– Community building. Building something meaningful which provides value is important for attraction and retention of customers. Also implied would be things such as email marketing to communicate with the community.

– Copywriting. We’re all writers – doing it better makes us more effective at our job.

– Data analysis/reporting. Because the best way to show your value is to report it as clear as day with the numbers.

– A specialism of your choice. Because it will be good to point to a specific skill set, even if you’re a generalist. This could be channel (Social, PPC, SEO, Web dev, Email, Events etc) or industry specific (FMCG, Retail etc)

Events coming up…

Date Format Speaker Subject Get yo' space
19/06/2020 Networking You 🙂 Conversation Club Sign up
23/06/2020 Webinar Max Hoppy, Co-Founder of Bind How they teach you to be creative at Google Sign up
24/06/2020 Workshop Chris Smith & John Moss Negotiation and Persuasion for marketers: The workshop Sign up
26/06/2020 Networking You 🙂 Conversation Club Sign up