Very excited to share with you the first international location for The Marketing Meetup, coming at ya in February 2020 🎉

It’s a big one.

Some would say a Big Apple…

It’s very surreal to say we’ll be building a community and helping marketers in NEW YORK đŸ—Ŋ🍎🚕🏴ķ ĩķ ŗķ Žķ šķ ŋ

Thanks to the good folks at Croud, particularly Carly Price ACIM for making this possible. Very excited to do our level best to help the good folks of this iconic city. The hard work starts today!

And of course, thank you to you. All this bonkers stuff is made possible because as a community, we decided it’s pretty magnificent to learn, meet, and do it in a positively lovely environment that prioritises each other. Very grateful 🙂


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