We’re moving The Marketing Meetup events online in response to Coronavirus ❌😷

It’s not a point of shame to note our first reaction to all this was fear. We must have chewed the ear off 100 different people about how this big change will affect everything we’ve collectively worked so hard to create.

But then we came across this quote…

“The greatest freedom we have is the freedom to choose how we react to the situations we’re placed in”

So we’re going to use this as a massive opportunity to try and help improve your life in ways we would have never had the chance to if we were still ‘heads down’ in events and travel mode.

More creativity. More useful resources. More being brave. More stuff, designed with you in mind and sealed with a big old package of love. People still need people and we’re going to play our bit.

While this is a pause on one part of TMM due to a situation we don’t take lightly, it’s a big fat play button on more good, new stuff. That’s quite exciting.

If you have any questions, please do let us know – our intention is to be coming to you in the coming days and weeks with stuff to make you smile.

Look after yourself, and others, in these weird times.