What is it going to feel like working from the office again?

It's May 17th. The latest round of lockdown restrictions has eased. We’re asking ourselves ‘are we ready for office life again?’

It’s May 17th. The latest round of lockdown restrictions has eased. We’re asking ourselves ‘are we ready for office life again?’

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The days of working back in the office have been long anticipated and this may or may not be good news to some. For over a year our lives have done a 180 and our ‘normal’ working day is a thing of the past. With all the new restrictions and face coverings, will the office even be the same? 

The case for staying at home…

Some of us are itching to get back to a bit of normality but I can assure you, some are fearing the day. The thought of going back to public transport or even just sitting around people again. 
I’ve become quite accustomed to my new ‘working from home’ routine. With the opportunity to stick a wash on throughout the day or do my food shop on lunch. It’s provided a more productive side of working balance. Freeing up time which I’ve grabbed with both hands.

What I’m looking forward to the most…

Part of me is ready to get back to a normal desk and finally use the kitchen table for its real purpose.
I’m ready for the buzz of the office, the morning chats and the dad jokes that fly around daily. I’m ready to get back to a bit of normal.
YET, I know myself and 2 days back in the office and previous habits may start to grate earlier than expected…
That’s where the hybrid of working at home and in the office will help! 
Companies have realised that working from home is achievable (finally!) and not all of us are sat back with a tea in one hand and a biscuit in the other tucked into the next season of Selling Sunset. 

Will the office be the same?

Take away the rules of social distancing and wearing a mask to make a coffee, we’re in for the same office we’ve always known. The thought of having meetings face to face rather than battling with dodgy Wi-Fi signals, and your face pausing at the most unflattering angle is enough for anyone to rush back to the office
There are pros and cons to the ‘normal working life’ resuming. But the main factor is to make sure that YOU feel comfortable enough. 

A few tips for easing yourself back into office life

  • Take things easy – If you’re not comfortable sitting in the lunchroom around people, suggest going outside or even head out for a walk to get some fresh air.
  • Speak with your employer and check there are safety measures in place and what the new routine of the office will be. This will help the first day back run a little more smoothly and if you’re not quite ready just yet, it’s easier to speak with someone rather than throwing yourself in the deep end. You need to bear in mind that we’ve been made to fear something for over a year and even to fear getting to close to another human… so take things easy if it helps
  • Try not to worry – I’m sure you’re not the only one that is feeling slightly anxious about being around people again. Or if you’re more confident than someone else, just have a bit of patience and let everyone take things are their own pace
  • Reflect on how you feel – if you did too much on your first day, switch it up for the next day. Try different ways on tackling the day which are easier on yourself
  • Suggest – if the way the office is working due to covid safety and something isn’t working for you, suggest an alternative way 
Last, this is the first step back into our nonvirtual lives so, stay safe and good luck out there.