What’s the ******* point?

Sherilyn Shackell, Founder & Global CEO at The Marketing Academy
How do you find meaning in your life? What's the point in all of this? Sherilyn Shackell, of The Marketing Academy, is one of the most impressive people we know. A former recruiter who was living her life for reasons that didn't line up with her values, a serious illness turned things around.

Webinar notes: courtesy of Amon at Hyvespace

Key Takeaways

  • Real Leadership is about giving the best of yourself to others.
  • The best leaders are the ones that are exhausted at the end of the day because of how much they have given to their people.
  • The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.
  • Build meaningful relationships with people who care & matter.
    • Good start – Think of people who will attend your funeral (Relationship Map)

How To Find Meaning & Purpose In A Screwed Up World 🙂

Find your Ikigai ( iki = life & gai = worth) Living a life worth living

  • What’s your reason for being
  • What makes you life worthwhile
  • What things do you live for
  • What’s the reason you wake up in the morning.

Imposter Syndrome – Everyone has it.

  • Feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt despite evidence in your own abilities
  • Feeling like a fraud! The unshakable conviction that you are getting away with something.

Fighting Imposter Syndrome & How to live your best life

Drop the mask

    • Be your authentic self when you meet other people
    • Remember you also put a mask on other people based on our past experiences. (Cognitive Bias / Stereotyping)

Play the hand

      • Play the hand that you’re dealt with in life and find ways of working with what you have.
      • In a poker game you don’t blame the Card dealer for giving you bad cards. You play them or fold (No shame in folding as well)

Change the lens.

    • Look at problems as opportunities.
    • Learn how to take advantage of the different circumstances you are in and how you can do them differently

Get perspective

      • Think of the impact from the power of 5 (5x)
      • If you are feeling crap about a moment think of how you will feel in 5 mins, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months or 5 years.
        Helps to provide context and perspective

Stop giving a fuck

    • Live your best life and don’t look at other peoples lives, it’s got nothing to do with you.

Cherish your tribe

    • The relationship you have now is all you need.
    • Build deep meaningful relationships with people who care and matter most to you.
    • **Task {Do a relationship map} – Long, Short, Thick Thin Lines**

Give more than you get

    • Real Leadership is about giving the best of yourself!


good morning, everyone. Really, really, really great. Um, Happy Tuesday is a dark Tuesday over it here in the UK, but, um, things are looking hopeful if nothing else.

So today, our guest is Sherrilyn Shakil. She is the founder and CEO of the marketing Academy. I’ve known Cheryl Lynn for maybe a year now, um, roughly about year, but in this time she has become, uh, a human being who I respect and admire to the utmost, uh, simply.

Simply put, she seems to be a person that through a combination of choice, uh, and force of personality, she can absolutely move mountains. That being said, uh, while those words are often reserved for human beings who are a large personality without constraint, I know Sherilyn to be someone who is kind, uh, considerate of others and maybe even a little bit of an introvert at heart too.

Uh, the marketing Academy for those who are unfamiliar is a free year long program, uh, for a small, uh, number of marketers that runs annually. Uh, it’s run with the aim of developing leadership capability within our industry. This year. I’m fortunate to be one of the scholars on the Emir program. And I can hand on heart say that.

It’s been one of the best experiences that’s happened to me in the entirety of my career. Um, so while Sherilyn hasn’t asked me to do this, I think it’s worthy of mentioning that the nomination program for the scholarship scheme and the application process for the fellowship scheme are presently open right now.

And all you need to do is tend to the marketing media marketing Academy website, take a look, apply if you can. I wholeheartedly recommend it, recommend it. Um, with all that said is on today’s session, which is about finding meaning, uh, particularly in the context of the world today is something a little bit different for us, but hopefully it doesn’t need any explanation why that’s going to be really important.

Uh, today’s session will run as a presentation and then there will be an opportunity for Q and a. So like if you’ve got any questions come in throughout the course of the session, be sure to drop them in the Q and a feature, which is found down below, um, and just ask away. I tend to find that the questions that get answered first, uh, by virtue of the ones that are being thumbs up, um, are the ones which are asked earlier.

So do you get your questions in nice and early? Um, because then we’ll get them over to share with them. Uh, finally, I just want to say a big, big thank you to the sponsors, all of whom, uh, without whom we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing today. Um, they’ve individually been fantastic as people behind the brands.

And even though you only see the brands, there are human beings behind each of these, uh, companies who say, you know what, we’re going to support the market to meet up, which is amazing because it means that we can continue to offer this stuff for free. So a big, big thank you to content cow pitch, fiver red gate, Cambridge marketing college brand recruitment, gravity global third light and human.

Uh, one ask is very simply, um, you’ll get a follow-up email. After this, after this session, uh, with all these people listed on their LinkedIn profiles, please just drop them a quick. Thank you just to say thank you for supporting our sessions. Um, it really, really, really goes a long, long way. I know that they’ve absolutely loved hearing from the community, this, this, uh, this year.

Um, so that’s my introduction to over. So Sherilyn, um, I’m looking over here, cause my screen is over here as well as over here. Uh Sherrilyn is over to you. Hey Joe. Cause I am getting a flag that my Internet’s unstable. Can you hear me? All right. I’ve got you find that we should, we should caveat that you’re in, you’re in Dubai, right?

So, um, I am you think they could afford really good broadband in a hotel and I’ve just got the normal bloody hotel broadband and it could be shit. So I’m going to apologize in advance, but at least it is hot and sunny with me. So I’m sorry for all you guys in really bad weather, but it’s 30 degrees here really, really hot.

So you can hear me. All right, then I’m going to say. Uh, share my screen and, um, Joe, tell me if this works okay. And you see that, uh, we get in the, yeah. It’s there we go. It’s coming through. Yep. Yep. We got it. All right. So first thing I want to say is I might swear so apologies in advance if that happens, but I’m kind of both the age where.

Swearing is dumb because I’m probably a bit inarticulate. If I get stuck on a word, I swear words might come out. Um, but I don’t use swearing as aggression just so that, you know, so apologies in advance, but I’m not being aggressive if I do sweat. So I’m going to talk to you about what Joe kind of bleeped out, but is it talk about what’s the fucking point?

Um, so it’s quite a purse. It starts with a quite personal story, but I’m going to try and pack as much learning as I can into what we’ll probably about be about 40 minutes, 40, 45 minutes. So, as Joe said, I’d run the marketing Academy, but I’m not actually a marketeer and never have been. And I was in a very, very different career for a long part of my life and then realized that I needed to change something.

And I’m going to talk you through. That story. So let’s kick off, but I’ve just got a question who wakes up in the morning every morning, feeling like this. So you can put something in the chat. I might be able to see it, but who bounces out of bed in the morning going, Oh, how many of you wake up every morning?

Feeling a bit like this? It’s possibly a bit more of this going on at the moment, but here’s the thing, no matter what attitudes you bounce out of bed in the morning, it is an attitude that you’re choosing. So if you wake up in the morning feeling, I really seriously, can’t be honest just to even get out beds and go to work.

It’s the cause of the choices that you’re making in your mind, in your own head, in your own thoughts and our thoughts. I really, really powerful. So our minds are amazing things, but the one thing our brains can’t do is distinguish whether a thought we have is a truth or whether the thought is completely made up.

And because it can’t distinguish between a thought that’s real and a thought that’s not, we will respond to whatever thoughts we have. So, I don’t know whether any of you have got kids, but if any of you have got children or animals that you just completely adore and you just think about something happening to them.

So I dunno something happening to your child or something happening to your gorgeous puppy. You might immediately start feeling when you have that thought a little bit of palpitation in your heart and your stress levels will actually be starting to rise just by thinking something. That’s not true. Any of you wake up at 3:00 AM in the morning and you wake up with a star and you think you’ve heard a noise and in no time at all, you’re visualizing a hand coming in a window downstairs, and there’s a burglar coming into the house and you’re going to be killed in your bed.

And in no time at all, what will happen is that thought in your head will begin to change your physiology. So your heartbeat will rise. Your blood pressure will go up. Your palms will get sweaty. You’re actually changing the physiology of your body through a thought that’s in your head. That’s completely made up.

That’s the power of thinking. And absolutely everything we do. Every action we ever take is proceeded by a thought. So knowing that we can control our thoughts is actually really quite empowering. So if in the morning you wake up feeling, I don’t know, pissed off depressed. De-motivated recognize that honor certain level.

You are choosing to feel like that. And because you own your thoughts and nobody else does, it’s an opportunity to change the way that you think. So I’m going to run through a story from my life where I was living my life, not on purpose. I wasn’t sorting out my own shit, which is the one thing I’m going to suggest you do today.

So I was living quite a successful life, at least to anybody outside of me looking in, I was in my mid forties. So this is about 10, 12 years ago. I’d been in recruitment since the age of 24. So I fell into a career in recruitment because I was out of work in a pub, getting a bit pest, met a complete stranger, started chatting me up.

And I said, I need a job, you know, not got work, I need a job. And he said, you should be in recruitment. You should. I said, is it? And he said, well, you know, we, uh, we sell people. I thought, Oh, Molly gold. Now that sounds pretty cool. Cause there’s like an endless supply of people. So that’s gotta be pretty big too.

And I said to him, what do you need to be good at to be in recruitment? And he said, absolutely nothing. And I thought, yeah, that’s the job for me. And within three, three weeks, I’d interviewed at the company that he was running and I got a job and I stayed in that industry. Until my early forties and I was quite good at it.

I found I had a knack for it. I was very competitive and that’s a good thing in that industry. Um, so I was successful, full I built and run my own head hunting business. Um, by the time I was 40. Uh, I owned that business out where I, I had had three children. I’m married to the love of my life and have I’ve been with him for 30 years.

Fortunately, he’s my anchor and my rock. And I had all the trappings of success. I had the big house. I had the big car, two cars. I had really expensive holidays. And to anybody outside looking into my life, it would look pretty good. But I was deeply, deeply unhappy. I wasn’t living my life on purpose. I was sliding through my life and I was sliding on quite a grueling treadmill.

So I.

Right. Okay.

You kind of want to keep.

Oh, Sherrilyn so we lost you for a moment. Yeah. I feel like you did. I still, it did. It went blank on my end. Hold on one second. I’m just going to get back to my debt. Cool. Are you getting everything else? Did it just drop at that moment? Yeah, we probably had about 30 seconds of, of sort of, um, slightly dropped toward you.

Um, so probably at the beginning of the slide, I guess. Did I get to this bit? Did I get that said I wasn’t giving my life to, I’m going to need to speed up just in case this really does start to drop. Um, I’ve got my mobile on Joseph. It goes tits up to school. Mama. I’m going to keep talking as long as I can.

So, as I said, I was on the treadmill of what I would call the treadmill of fear, which is really about being. Scared that you’re going to lose everything and just having to work harder and harder to make sure you didn’t. So I used to work like a dog, probably 16, 17 hours a day. I was a terrible wife. I wasn’t even worse mother.

My husband was a house husband. So fortunately they have one parent that had time for them. Um, but I didn’t, I was working every hour. God sent when I had my youngest child. Um, so it was 14 years ago. I actually shed chilled the Susan section. To coincide with the sales meeting at my work. I mean, I don’t know what the fuck I was doing, but I was definitely, definitely not living my life on purpose.

I wasn’t being mindful about anything that was going on in my life. And then I nearly died. So I remember waking up at three o’clock in the morning with the most excruciating pain in my chest. And I was thinking shit, I don’t know how to attack. And it got progressively worse. Um, my husband called the ambulance.

It all got a bit dramatic. It was all flashing lights. I remember arriving at the hospital and they’d given me morphine, which I have to say. It’s the best drug on the planet. So just don’t say yes, they know it honestly. And I remember lying in my bed in a haze of morphine and see my doc and my husband talking over my head.

And the doctor said to my husband, when people present with this illness, we look at their symptoms on a scale of one to 10. Is there a one we’ll give them some paracetamol and send them home. If there are 10, I’m afraid it’s a very painful and very quick death. And I’m afraid to say that your wife is annoying.

And I thought, Holy fuck, give me some more morphine. I literally thought, well, if I’m going, I’m going out on a haze and morphing, give me some more, but I don’t remember a huge amount from that moment because I was then taken into intensive care. I stayed in intensive care for three weeks. Um, and much of it is a blur mostly down to the drugs.

Um, but clearly I was in trouble and I had to go through a period of recovery. Clearly I survived very healthy now, but when I started to think afterwards, what could have happened on that day? It was the biggest wake-up call that anybody could have. I really had to examine what had led me there. And I had to be very honest with myself in that self-reflection.

And I knew that the way in which I was living in the choices that I was making in my life had manifested in that illness. And I knew that if I didn’t change things, then I wouldn’t live to very long. So I’m blessed to have had that experience because the outcome of that experience led to the marketing Academy.

In that I had to analyze what was going on in my life. I had to analyze why I’d made some of the changes that some of the choices that I’ve made. And I had to work out what was going to change going forward in order that I was going to live my best life for as long as I possibly could. And the one thing I knew was the, I hated my job.

I’ve been in it for 20 odd years because I was good at it. And I was making money in it. But it was shit. I hated it. I didn’t like the industry, particularly. I hated the commercial competitiveness of it. I hated the transactionality of it. I couldn’t develop relationships with people. I could just move them from job to job.

Couldn’t take any responsibility for any outcomes. I certainly wasn’t making an impact or a dent in world. And I needed to think about how I was going to purposefully live my life. And I went through about six to eight month period of kind of self-evaluation. And what I had to work out is what my meaning was.

And so I’m going to talk you through a process that I went through, but without this framework. So I really consciously know what I was doing until years later, only we had somebody come to a bootcamp in the scholarship and talked about eeky guy. So some of you may know this now we’ve been using the FICO model in the scholarship for about seven years, but over the last three years, it’s become really popular.

Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy created on an Island outside of Japan that has the, um, biggest world’s biggest population of over 100 year olds. And they live with the key guy, um, drives all of that purpose. All of their meaning. It basically means life worth eeky means life guy means worth. It is your reason for being it’s.

What makes your life work worthwhile is the things that you live for the reason why you get up in the morning. That’s what icky guy is the actual fucking point of view. That’s what ego is. That’s what having meaning in your life. It wasn’t fucking point of me being on this planet. What am I here to do?

What do I want to make on the world? Do I want to leave a legacy in the world? What do I want? What’s going to get me out of bed in the morning. What fills my heart and soul with joy. If you’re lucky enough to find that you will find your Reiki guy, and there’s an exercise that you can go through. I’ve got time to go through it in too much detail, but basically you get four sheets of paper.

On one sheet of paper, you write out what you love on another. You write out what the world needs. What’s good for the world on another. You write out what you can be paid for and on another, you write out what you’re really good at because according to the Japanese philosophy, the eeky guy is where all of those four components meet in the middle.

If you are doing something that you love. That’s good for the world that you can be paid for. And you’re really good at then you can step towards your meaning. Now, I don’t believe that you need all of that together in one place to find your ego. There will be things that you’re doing in your life that fill you with utter joy and it might not be what you’re being paid for and it might not even be what you’re good at.

But it fills you with joy. Now, my belief is that you can have that in your life without having all of these component parts meeting. If you’re lucky enough to find something that you fills you with joy, that you can be paid up, it’s good for the world. And you’re really good at it, then marvelous, but doing the exercise to work out what’s going on for you in your life, that gives you.

That moves you towards your meaning or moves you towards your Reiki eyes? A really, really good exercise. So once you’ve written down all of those component parts and Joe, you’ll be doing this exercise in January, which is when it comes to scholarship. When you’ve written down all those component parts, then have all of the full pages in front of you and start to look for connections.

So start to look where, what you love. Is is similar to what you’re really good at. Look at what the world needs and look for where that something that you love. So you can just start to make some connections and join some dots. It might be for example, that you’re doing, you’re in a job that you don’t like very much, but it’s paying you really good money and you’re quite good at it, which is where I was.

Right. I didn’t love my job at all, but I was good at it. And it was paying, paying. My job was not good for the world. The world doesn’t need another recruits up what the world needed in my view was for all of the citizens of the planet to be the best they could possibly be. That’s what the world needed.

What could I do with my skillset that might help other people. That was one of my drivers. You might have been at the webinar with, um, penny Ferguson. I’m assuming Joe, that some of the people watching today would have been. So I’d met penny, uh, who is a leadership development guru and author of the living leader.

So read the book. If you haven’t seen her, she’s a 77 year old lady. I met her 20 odd years ago. She’s a good mother. And my youngest daughter, she taught me everything I know about leadership and she ignited a flame and a passion in me for developing other people, which you don’t do as a recruiter. But she really did make me see how I could impact other people through the medium of teaching.

And even though I’d met her way before I’d got ill. In fact, she was one of the people that I demanded by my bedside when I was in intensive care. I wanted to tell the nurses that, you know, they needed to save my life. Um, she really did create this kind of flame to say, W what else was I going to do with my life?

You know, what, what, what good could I bring to the world? So I needed to go through this exercise. I didn’t have this same work, but I knew that I had the right day. It was, it had to be outside of recruitment, had to get off the commercial rat race. I needed to be around people. I needed to develop talent.

I was really good at connecting people. Because there’s one thing you have as a head Hunter is you understand people very, very quickly. And so I knew I could connect people. I knew I was good at selection, so I knew I could identify talent. And I knew that I could influence people. I was always very good, subconsciously, always very good at influencing somebody to make a decision about something.

So I went through this exercise, although I didn’t have this framework and I strongly recommend that you do. Um, because I decided that one of the things I was going to do after that illness is I was going to make sure that if anybody else was in my kind of sphere of influence, they would never have to nearly die in order to move towards their meaning.

And if I had, at any point during those 20 years, sat myself down. Given me some, even myself, some breathing space and asked myself some of these questions. I believe I would have found my meaning much earlier in life and I probably wouldn’t have become ill and I could have made an even bigger difference because I didn’t set up the Academy until I was 45.

And I might have done something like that when I was in my thirties and just had longer to spread some magic around the world. So that’s the eeky guy exercise. I wish I had longer to take you through it, but once Joe has been through it, you can run a session for you. So this was a big, big learner for me.

I wasn’t taking responsibility for my life. I wasn’t actually taking responsibility for my choices or the decisions that I made either. And the moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment that you can change anything in your life. There is no truer quote, one of my favorite things.

We’re so apt to blame other people at other situations for what was happening to us. And we do that because it just makes us feel a bit better because somebody else is doing it to us. It’s not a fault. We are not to blame, but actually what that does is it makes you become a victim. Because if somebody is doing something to you that you can’t control, it’s out of your control.

It’s very easy to see yourself as the victim. Whereas actually, if you take ownership and responsibility for the way in which you respond to those things, that happening to you, that’s taking responsibility and you are immediately empowered, empowered to respond in the way that’s right for you. So, what is it that gets in the way of people finding their meaning?

What is it gets in the way of people finding that eeky guy, I could do a series of about 10 different lectures on this. So I’m just going to cover just a couple of things. So the first thing that gets in the way to us finding our meaning is our own voices in our heads. Uh, own inner critic. One of our boot camp speakers once said to me, it’s a little bit like having an evil DJ playing in your head, playing that same shitty track over and over and over again, we are our own worst enemies we get in our way that voice in our head stops us from stepping in to the best versions of ourselves.

I, it does. So for a reason it does. So because it wants to protect us. That voice in our head doesn’t want us to go through any pain or trauma or anything that scares us. It wants to get us away from fear. And this will right in some situations, right? It’s the voice in your head that tells you not to cross a busy road with stopping first, but the voice in your head can also shut down some incredible opportunities that you can only really find on the edge of fear.

You can only really step into the best versions of yourself. If you’re pushing yourself to the brink of war you think is possible. And the only thing that will stop you from stepping over that, that brink is that voice in your own head, that voice that says, no, don’t do that. I’ll fuck it up. I’m a failure.

I can’t possibly do that. I don’t even know why I’ve got this job. No, it can’t be me. It’s a mistake. You know, I definitely can’t do this. I’m going to be perfect. I’m going to screw it up. They’re not going to like me. Whatever it is. Those shitty voices in our heads. I did a really good trick for you. I haven’t included in this.

I’ve just thought about it. It’s a really, really good trick name, your voice in your head. Give it a name, give it a character and visualize what it looks like. So the voice in my head is an orangutan called Mildred. And she is the voice in my head who, firstly, she tells me that eating Kentucky fried chicken is really good for me.

I won’t put on a pound is the reason why I’m a big girl, but she’s also there to protect me. She’s the one that says don’t do that. Sherrilyn cause you’ll fuck it up. Don’t do that. Cause that might cause you pain or embarrassment or humiliation or whatever it is. She’s the one that stops me from trying new shit out.

And because I recognize her and because I can visualize her and she’s an orangutan, which isn’t particularly attractive. I find it easier to say to her, you can shut up now. I’m choosing not to listen at this point, you know, you’re, Orangutang go back to your jungle. I’m going to try this and then I just need you to support me afterwards.

So it is just, it sounds really daft, but it’s a very powerful way of stilling that voice in your head. You acknowledge it, acknowledge that it’s there trying to help you, and then just tell it that it’s not serving you right now. You don’t have to listen to it. We choose to listen to that inner critic. I love this image.

I don’t know whether you can see that it’s a cat in, um, in a flock or whatever they call it. Penguins. It’s basically depicting imposter syndrome. I want to read the whole world of imposter syndrome. It is the worst thing everybody’s got it. Everybody’s going to know a single C-suite leader. And I know a lot of them, he doesn’t at some point, wake up at three o’clock in the morning thinking, what the fuck am I doing here?

Oh my God, I wasn’t, I shouldn’t have been given this job, but don’t know what I’m doing. They’re going to find me out. I’m going to get cool flying without a pilot’s license. It’s huge, right. Imposter syndrome. Everybody’s but I believe that if you haven’t ever experienced anything like it, and you’re either a psychopath.

Sociopath or a narcissist. So somehow somewhere we all get this, but look at what it actually is. It’s the most shittiest thing. When you really look at it, internal feelings of inadequacy and self doubt that persist despite overwhelming evidence of your abilities, that’s your inner voice, telling you the unshakeable conviction that you’re getting away with something.

And any moment now, they will discover you as a fraud. When is anybody ever, ever, ever in your life pointed to you and gone, you, you, you are a fraud. It just doesn’t happen. It’s in our own heads. And because it’s in our own heads, we choose our thoughts. We can choose to minimize this again, just recognize that it’s a thing, recognize that it’s probably protecting you and then choose different places.

We’ve very often, as I said earlier, blame things outside of ourselves, right? Because we don’t want to take ownership for that thing. That’s happened to us now, this also happens with feelings and emotions. Does anybody get a flaming email from a client, or I dunno, a friend or a boss that really pisses you off an email.

It just does something or text or conversation that just, and you end that conversation or you read that email and you thought, Oh my God, that’s just really pissed me off. He’s made me angry. She’s made me feel shit, but recognize that nobody can make you feel anything. You haven’t got a button on you that somebody presses saying, piss me off, press here.

You haven’t got a button that says, make me angry. Neither have you got a button that says, motivate me, anybody. That’s feeling really frustrated in the organization that you’re working in because that organization isn’t investing in you or that organization hasn’t just promoted you. Or you know, that organization is treating you badly recognize you have a choice.

You don’t have to work there. And if you do choose to work there, then recognized that you have a choice over the way in which you deal with it the way in which you respond, nobody can make you feel anything only you choose your thoughts and those thoughts will turn into feelings. So I’m going to really quickly, and I think I’m probably putting a half a bit of time.

I’m going to give you some top tips or we have, I’m really fortunate that I get to go to all of the boot camps and see all of the amazing speakers that we have for the scholars. And so everything I’m going to tell you has been stolen from someone I’m not original enough to come up with all of these ideas myself.

So I’ve just picked just some of the nuggets that scholars get over a nine month period. And I’m going to deliver a few of them to you in the next 20 minutes. So these are just a few practical, practical tips. So the first is to drop. The mosque penny may have covered this in, in her webinar because it’s one of the anchor stones of the living leader program, which is embedded in the scholarship.

We all have a mask that we put up whenever we walk into a situation where we want to control what other people think about. So you will come to, I dunno, a networking event. You must upload to those with marketing meetup, right? But you walk into one and you know that you don’t know very many people in the room.

Now as a natural, I’m an extroverted introvert. I am a natural introvert. My natural inclination is to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, my slippers, no, go out to a networking event or a networking party. I hate them, but we need to recognize this one thing. When we walk into a room like that, what will be happening subconsciously is you will be raising a barrier.

You will be armoring up as Bernie Brown calls it, you will be putting a mask on yourself. That mask is covering concealing, the real you, and why it’s there is because you are not ready to show the real you yet, because you don’t know what’s going on in the environment around you. You don’t know what people’s agendas are.

You don’t really know what you want them to think or feel about you. So it’s unlikely. You’re going to reveal your true self quickly. What’s really interesting about this is this at the same time you’re raising your mask, everyone around you is doing exactly the same thing. So whether it’s you’ve just started in a new job and you’re meeting a new team for the first time, you’re just being put from one project team into a new project team.

And. You’re meeting them for the first time. You’ve just won a piece of business and you’re in an agency and you’re meeting a client for the first time. You’re a client and you’re meeting an agency for the first time or you’re just at a party. Oh, you’re on your first tender date. Same thing. What will happen is you will raise a mask that conceals who you are, and they will raise a mask that conceals who they are.

And then something really interesting happens. You when you first meet someone will also place a mask on that person. Because what will happen almost subconsciously is you’ll go back through all of your experiences and we’re driven from the experiences that we’ve had since kids. And you will think about a time when you met someone who looked a little bit like that sounded a little bit like that had that job title, had the accent wall, that same similar outfit.

And you’ll actually impose some of the characteristics of that past experience with someone like that onto the person that you’re meeting. So you’re placing. Another mask on them and are exactly the same time. They’re doing that to you. They’re reaching back into their past experiences and the same.

When did I last meet somebody that looked a little bit like that to red hair glasses spoke really, really quickly obvious, obvious extrovert. Not sure I want to be with that woman. They will put that mask on you too. So before you know, it. And that very first connection with another human being. There are four layers of thickness going on between your true selves, the essences of who you are.

And if you have that mascot for too long, it gets stuck. You start behaving as if the mask is true. Both for you and the other person, it starts to impact in the relationship that you may or may not form with that individual or those teams of people or that client, or that supplier or that boss or that new person who’s just worked for you or that new Tinder date.

That relationship will be predicated on falsehood. Well, I am advising that you do is be mindful that this is happening because again, it’s that protect us. It’s there for a reason. It’s our persona. The thing that we inhabit when we want to protect what’s happening to us, but just recognize that you’re choosing to put it there.

And if you leave it there too long, it gets really, really thick. And you can’t take it off. So just know that that’s happening whenever you walk into that environment and find a way to drop the mask as early as you possibly can find some way to reveal something about yourself quite early on. The beautiful thing about this, more you reveal about self and the more the other person will respond in kind.

So have a think about that. The next is playing the hand. I can’t remember who said this. I think it said Smith at Amazon. Um, gel, if you had to for Amazonia, I think how early on? No, not yet. He’s coming. So he says this really cool. We get. We get dealt shit. Right? We get dealt lemons. We get dealt really, really bad hands.

We’ve had nothing but being dealt shit since March and it’s, I mean, it’s bloody colored everything. We get dealt, things that are outside of our control, the best feeders out there and by leaders. I mean, everybody, because our definition of leadership is those who can influence anyone else in their life.

The best leaders out there are the ones that play the hand. They given the understand they can do nothing about that’s dealt you, but we’ll strategically think about how to play that hand. They choose the strategy of their own play. So, this is a really good technique as well. It starts to build resistance when shit happens to you.

Just think about how you play that hand, because if you’re dealt about how, if any of you have ever played gambled or play cards, you can’t, you can’t blame the dealer for the cut. She never go. It’s your fault. You just dealt me that awful hand. You’d never do that. What you do is you look at your hands and you might think absolutely shit, but I’ve got to play it.

And it’s up to me to play it as best I can. And do you know what, sometimes you can just fold, you don’t have to play, you can just be and just go shit and just fold the hat, just recognize such a choice. Um, another thing that really greatly does that I do, and they changed the lens. Other people out there that are the most sensitive kind of living life to the max and living with joy, the ones that change the lens.

When the world turns to shit, they are the ones that in a world of constant Rapids and white water around to look at a threat or a challenge or some shit situation, and immediately change to what can we learn from this? Where’s the opportunity in this? What will we do better because of this? How can we turn this to advantage?

So changing the lens on any situation is just a really good technique. Like you can literally take off these glasses and put on a different pair of glasses so that I can see this from a different angle and the best CEOs are doing this all the time, especially at the moment, you know, there’s so much stuff happening to us that we can’t control in business and in life and in business, if you just to come to that, If you do the world with me, Oh my God, isn’t this dreadful.

Um, these situations are then you’re unlikely to come out of them, but being able to change the lens and saying, this is the best opportunity we’ve ever had back in March, when COVID hit, I was in Australia delivering the scholarship program in Australia. We had all 30 scholars together. I run a venue called the quarantine station and the COVID thing was happening all over the world, but Australia was in a bit of a bubble.

So Australia kind of got down there last. Um, and I was being pulled by our guys in the States and our team in the UK going, this is really shit. It’s really bad. You know, the U S locking the borders and I’m going, what really, when the key station having a ball and. For about 24 hours. I started to think shit, if this thing is as bad as they’re saying, it’s going to be, the Academy is going to have to shut its doors.

We’ll have to, we’re just going to have to stop trading completely. We’ll have to shut our doors for six months because all of our learning is in-person everything. Every mentoring session, every coaching session, every boot camp, every everything is in person. We don’t deliver anything online in my head.

I’m going, never have never will. Um, and I literally faced fortunately in a hotel room in Sydney on my own so that my team weren’t aware of this, but I faced oblivion for about 24 hours until I thought, well, the fuck am I doing this? Isn’t what we teach. Where’s the opportunity in this. How can we do so how can we do this differently?

How can we find a way to ensure that our people everywhere are feeling loved, cared for how do we reach out to our community and give them support? I thought so. I just wrote to my team and I sat on an email. So they, there got at midnight their time. Okay. We do anything, everything possible. How might we change the programs in order to get this up to this even better?

And I’m sure when they first read it, they thought, well, the fuck are you talking about,

look about what you do and actually what we’ve done with completely transformed the business. And it’s leading to something amazing in 2020, we’ve had an absolute ball issue, but it was touch and go for a little while. The next one is getting a set because,

uh, one of our cohorts that’s amazing. Um, she said when the shit hits the fan, something happens to you. And in that first instance, you feel like you’re. We’ll just get you literally, it’s like an error to the heart. It might be something that you’ve done. You’ve screwed up something and you thought, Oh my God, that is it.

It’s the end of the world. And about to get fired, whatever is, think about the impact of that thing to the power of five. So basically you go, right. I feel like shit, I feel scared. I’m confused or I’m angry or whatever it is. Am I still going to feel like this in five minutes time? Am I still going to feel like they say five?

That was time. Am I still gonna feel like this? Exactly like this in five days in five weeks, in five months and in five years. And he’s one of the best levels you can get, because what happens is by the time you get to about five days, you start feeling like a bit of an idiot because you go, my world has ended.

This is the worst thing I’ve ever done, or it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. But I’m still gonna feel like this in five minutes. Yes, absolutely. I’m still gonna feel like it in five hours. Yes. But by the time I get to five hours, I’ll be having a gin and tonics. I’ll start to feel a bit better.

Am I still gonna feel like this in five days time? Am I still going to feel like this in five weeks time? We’re going to start thinking now. No. Oh, I forgot a bit about that. And like I said, by the time we get to five months or five years, you feel like an idiot. So it’s a really good technique just to put things into perspective, stop giving a fuck.

So my favorite one, how many of you out there are reaching for your phone within five minutes of waking up in the morning? How many of you are watching all of your mates? Living fantastic lives on Instagram and on Facebook. We are comparing ourselves to falsehood, right? If you follow me on Facebook and you’re more than welcome to you’ll think that everything in my life is just amazing because I post that this flown me business class to do Bali, and I’m staying in this amazing place.

And I’m going out into Sydney Harbor and I’m going to the Sydney opera house. And it isn’t my life. Look at the fun I’m having with all my people. Oh, I never post that. I’m feeling completely depleted. I never post, um, I’m feeling really lonely and isolated in a really shitty hotel room that you’ll never see a photo of a really shitty hotel room.

I very, really do it. So I never post, you know, I’m feeling upset. I’m feeling confused and if I’m feeling down or whatever, but never posted anything else. So stop giving a fuck about other people’s lives. Live your best life. Live your own race. Don’t look at that beautifully edited lives of people online and stop giving a fuck.

What people think about yours? Because what they think about your life and what you’re doing now, it’s their issue. It’s not yours. I think to do with you to stop giving a fuck, stop reading your phone. Five, five minutes after you wake up. Um, and this one, my absolute favorite is to cherish your tribe.

Finally, if you, with anything today, it’s that it is the relationships in your life that will get you through your life bar. None, the relationships that you have now and into the future are the only thing you need. You don’t even need your own house. You don’t need a car. You’ve got friends around, you borrow a car and go live on a couch.

You really don’t need anything in your life, except for the relationships and amazing bit come speak in Australia come all summer said once we spend inordinate amount of time in building relationships with people who won’t come to our funerals. Now I had the chance to actually work out. It was coming to my funeral.

Cause like I said, it nearly died and I thought it was going to have one. And it was really interesting to see who was going to turn up at my funeral and work out how much time I was spending with those, with those people, those people that are the closest to us in our lives, those people with whom we have the most deep, meaningful connection.

I’m more likely to be the people that we spend, the less time with the people that we give less of our energy to, because we take the relationship for granted. And yet they’re the very people that we need really close to us in life. Now, there is an exercise that you can do about this. We should do with the scholars with the last week, you can actually map, do a relationship map.

But yourself in the middle of it, write down every relationship that you have in your life. So that’s, so from your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your peers, people who work for you, the people who work for your clients, your suppliers, your teachers, your mentors, your supporters, your champions, your guys, whoever they are getting all down on a sheet of paper, and then begin to map the depth and the distance, the relationship.

So a very thick line will depict a relationship. That’s very, very deep, a very short line will depict someone who’s very close to you that you invest a lot of time in on a daily basis. A long line is someone who you don’t talk to that often, but you might have a very, very deep, long line. So, for example, my relationship with my sister is really important to me, but I’d have a long line to her.

It’d be a deep, long line, but it would be a long line because I don’t speak to her anywhere near as much as I could. And as I should, as I choose to. So if you do a map of like in short, long, Then short, thick, long, thick depicting the depth of the relationship and the amount of time you invest in them and do it truthfully.

And we’ll give you an opportunity to become aware of some choices that you might decide to make differently. Some people that you might choose to speak to much more often. To invest your time in much more often. And you might identify those complete mood Hoovers and emotional vampires who just suck the living daylights out of you.

Those dementors that leave. You completely sucked dry, like a husk, make damn sure that that’s a, long-term very, very, very, very thin line because we have a lot of those people in our lives. But very rarely do we sit down and really work out how much time we’re giving them how much time we’re allowing them, how much energy of hours we’re allowing them to suck, or how much energy they’re giving us.

So do that as an exercise and cherish those relationships. I think this is my last lesson. Give more than you get. We are quite hard wired to want to get stuff. Right. How do I get my team to do more? How do I get my boss to respect me? How do I get my clients to give me more money? How do I get my supplier to do better stuff, better work for me?

How do I get, how do I get. How do I get one of the biggest learnings of my life was learning that it wasn’t about what I got. It was about what I give the best leaders are exhausted at the end of every day. Not because of how hard they’ve worked, but because of how much they’ve given that lesson was delivered to us by Dame, June Tomlin, who was the architect of the 2012 Olympic games makers.

She’s amazing. And what was, she was their HR director and all about leadership and learning. And she was, you know, the best leaders just give. They don’t, they don’t seek to get anything they just give. And I’m going to tell you a really quick story, which Jim already knows, um, which for those of you saw Penny’s webinar, uh, it was penny as the character in this story.

So I used to hate public speaking. I used to hate it so much. I’d throw up, terrified on it. I’d be green and sweating and vomiting before any kind of speaking gig, even to like 10 people hated it. Because like I said, naturally, I’m an introvert and. Kenny is a very, very well-known public speaker. And she talks all over the world and they pair a fortune for him.

And she knew that I had this thing going on for me. This is before I started the Academy, but after I got ill and she phoned me one day and she said, Sherrilyn, I’m, um, I’ve got speaking gigs. I’ve been booked for speaking gig, which I can’t get to. And so I told them that you’ll do it in my place. And I went.

No, I fucking mine. And that Mildred, you know, that voice in my head, Mildred, Mildred wanted to her Mildred is starting to go no way, no way, no way. No, you’re not going to do that. You know, we’re not going to do that. Just say no. And I will say, no, no, no, no, no, no. She goes, Oh, you need to do this for me. And besides I’ve already found your PA and I know you can make it.

She knew me that well. And um, I said, I can’t do it. I can’t do it. And she goes, I don’t know. I feel, Oh my God, this woman has given me so much and she’s, she doesn’t ask me for much. Okay. I’ll do it. And even though I made that choice, I was hating on it for weeks. I’d wake up every morning thinking, Oh, that’s a good day today.

I’m one minute. No, there’s some reason why it’s not, Oh my God. I’ve got to do that bloody talk. It was a night. Anyway. I said to her, what is it then? What? Where is it? Who am I talking to? What am I talking about? She said, it’s at Lord’s cricket grounds. So I was already starting to feel a bit sick. She said, you’re going to talk to 300 executive C-suite directors in the construction industry.

And you’re going to talk about how they can be an employer of choice. And I was like, no, I’m fucking not. I know it’s my imposter syndrome. You know, what, what do I know about bloody construction XL or everything came up. Well, I to, to do it. So a day before I’ve been ignoring my calls for like six weeks leading up to the event the day before.

And I’ve been complaining to everybody about this choice blaming any, and, um, the day before she said, why don’t you come out to the house and just talk me through how you’re thinking, feeling about this. So I turned up a house and she goes, Oh, are you feeling like sick, sick to my stomach? I am terrified.

Really, really scared. And she said, what is it that you think is going to happen? And I go, well, they’re going to think I’m an idiot. They’re gonna think, what the fuck does she know about construction? And they’d be right. I know nothing. I. Think I’m going to trip over my words. And so I’m going to look foolish.

I’m going to forget what I want to say. I’m rubbish. I can’t even have a deck. It’s an after-dinner speak. I can’t even have a deck. Um, so my memory is shit and they’re going to think I’m crap. That’s what I think, penny. And she said, why are you thinking about you? And I kind of paused and I kind of thought, well, it’s all about me.

Isn’t it.

It’s about me. Q1. It’s not valued. It’s not about you at all. It’s about the people in the audience. And I paused a bit, she said, Sherilyn, can you control whether or not they think you’re a good speaker? Is that in your control? And I said, no. She said, can you control whether they respect? You know, that’s in their gift.

Can you control whether they think you’re an idiot? No, that’s in their gift too. And she says, so if you can’t control any of that, and you’re focusing only on the audience, why aren’t you thinking about what you can give to the audience instead of focusing on what you can get from them? And it was a complete epiphany for me for the first time in my life.

I began to realize that real leadership is about giving. The best of yourself in all, in any scenario. And she said to me, do you know how companies could become employees of choice? And I said, yeah, I do. She said, well, can you speak, can you open your mouth? And I go, yeah, I can. She said, then you’ve got some amazing stuff that you could give.

That’s all you need to focus on and you can let go of anything else. It was the most empowering thing. Seriously. Now you give me a room full of marketers and a microphone. I’m there. I’ve just done a huge talk in Dubai at the tech stage. I mean, I’m like, Oh, bring it on. Because as long as I believe that I have something that if only one person will receive.

Then I’m doing the best job I can possibly do. And so all I will do is make sure I can give as much experiences. I can as much wisdom as like, as much perceived knowledge, receive knowledge and share as much of the learning as the Academy is I can on a stage then that’s it. I’m your person. So don’t think about what you can get.

If you’re ever thinking, what can I get from my boss? Think about what you can give your boss to make his or her job a bit easier. What can I get from my team? Think about how you can support your team through whatever it is they’re going through. What can I get from my friend? Think about what you’re giving your friend first.

How do I get my husband to love me more? Think about how much love you’re showing to your husband. First. It is all about the gift. And once you start giving what’s happens is it’s marvelous. Reciprocity thing starts coming in and you start getting stuff back, anything stuff that you never, ever, ever imagined in your world.

So that, and this is my last, um, message to you all. If you’re not waking up in the morning full of joy and start doing something different in your life. Because you need to be fearless in finding that thing. That’s going to set your soul on fire and that’s it. I’m done, Joe, when I’ve got five minutes left.

I’m really sorry. I did not walk long, but connect to me, connect to me. Can you tell me, you can join me on LinkedIn. You can’t find me on Facebook. If you want to see some really sexy photos of Dubai, but you won’t see my really shit hotel room and I’m on Twitter. So over to you there, Joe, uh, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing Sherilyn.

So, um, when you were starting out with your first story, then we had people in tears, uh, and we’ve gone through to the point where, uh, Swan is describing you like a British Oprah. So, um, you’ve, you’ve taken the same weight problems. There’s been a amazing journey, um, this morning and you’ve just taken people on, uh, something really quite special.

So thank you, Sharon. Uh, I’ll send you the chat file afterwards, cause the comments are ridiculous. Um, cause I couldn’t see any comments. Well, people have been arranging to meet up, you know, because they’ve been saying that they feel like they’d like some social you to sort of meet real people again and stuff like that, you know, as a result of this conversation, you know?

So, um, it is it’s half past nine. So I feel like what we could do Sherrilyn is if I send you through the questions, would you mind like recording a video, just answering the questions? Oh, yeah. Cool. So, well, I’ve got nothing to do until three o’clock. This is helpless. One here, lunchtime, and I don’t leave till 3:00 AM.

I’ve got nothing to do for the rest of those. How many hours? Except sit in the hotel room. Cause it’s too cold.

That’s the deal. So I’ll send through the questions to you. And then, uh, in the follow-up email, I’ll make sure that everyone’s got the answers to those questions as a, as a compromise. Um, so everyone, you know, thank you so, so much for being here, Chevron, that was ridiculous in the most positive senses. Um, absolutely unreal.

I think you felt a lot of pressure, Joe. I didn’t want to let you down during this for scholar, that’s like even more pressure than I told you that I was feeling pressure. And he said, just think about that cricket club. Absolutely. Absolutely. Um, so, um, folks do check out the marketing Academy. Um, like as I said, at the beginning of the application process is open for the fellowship.

The nomination process is open for the scholarship, um, hand on heart, if you can get in absolutely worth it, you know, like life-changing, I mean, imagine that. One hour sort of amplified by a year and you probably get in that sort of place. Um, so, you know, um, unbelievable. Uh, thank you for being here today.

Please do take the time to thank the sponsors. That’s my one ask. Um, and other than that, um, I’ll send you the followup email with Q and a and thank you, Sherilyn. Thank you all. Thank you guys. Thanks for listening.

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08:34:54 From Emma Patel : Halifax, West Yorkshire very grey here
08:34:55 From Rachel Morrow to Panelists : Good morning from Northern Ireland!
08:34:57 From Susi Castle : Morning all from Northampton! Something positive I’ve been reminded of over the last few months is how much the scariest, most intimidating work challenges are the most satisfying once you’ve got through them 💪
08:34:58 From Dave Hughes : Morning from beautiful misty East Sussex – Tumeric Chai as recent highlight
08:34:59 From Val Mullally : Hello from a foggy Cambridge. The value of our relationships has hugely struck me during this COVID period.
08:35:05 From Kris Clark : Blue skies here in Amsterdam!
08:35:09 From Catherine Stenson to Panelists : Have learnt that human beings are hugely resourceful and capable of rapid adaptation
08:35:09 From Emma Wheal : Foggy Oxfordshire, creativity, positivity and to keep learning!
08:35:21 From Alex Rejstrand : Hello from south east London. Have learnt that attitude changes everything and can help you through anything.
08:35:27 From Jessica Folkerts : Morning all! Dialling in from Stamford. I’ve learned the importance of reaching out, for help, for a chat, for a hug, whatever it may be.
08:35:28 From Benjamin Thorndyke : Remembering to be grateful..
08:35:30 From Gary Smith to Panelists : I love fog…we don’t get enough here
08:35:42 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : Something positive I learnt about – the #tacklethecrisis initiative by iamelodie to spread positivity about the planet and eco crisises
08:35:57 From Narinder Kumar : Good morning, I’m in Cambridge, it’s very atmospheric here…I learnt that by reducing humans’ activity nature quickly recovers.
08:36:02 From Matthew Doe : Morning all from dreich Hitchin. Deciding that I’m not cut out to be an employee. It’s only taken a few decades!
08:36:05 From Sarah Kenny to Panelists : Hi from Birmingham. To be mindful of others experiences and at the end of the day be kind to each other
08:36:20 From Zlatka Larsen : Hi, this year I learnt that good marketing strategy is indeed resilient and was grateful to have a solid long term one in place as the short term was suddenly flexible.
08:36:42 From Aura Arias to Panelists : totally agree 🙂
08:37:39 From Catherine Stenson to Panelists : Looking great Sherilyn
08:37:58 From Helena Berry : Hello from Stansted Mountfitchet! The biggest thing I’ve learnt this year is the benefit of getting out and walking in the countryside – Breath of fresh air (cue Alan Partridge voice)
08:38:15 From Rebecca Baty to Panelists : Fine with swearing, it’s authentic 🙂
08:38:21 From Joe Glover : Morning everyone! Thank you all for being here!
08:38:37 From sarah edwards : I’m lovin’ Sherilyn already!!
08:38:39 From Rebecca Holland to Panelists : Hello from Palm Jumeriah 🥰
08:38:49 From Alice Lyons to Panelists : Same, Sarah!
08:38:54 From Rachel Luckett : I’ve learned that it really doesn’t take a lot to be happy. In this year where there’s so much restriction, I’ve felt a real sense of connecting with what matters most 🙂
08:39:00 From Zoe Enever : Sarah Edwards, me too! 😀
08:39:04 From Kris Clark : ME!
08:39:08 From Claire Thorpe : definitely fucking not
08:39:10 From Kris Clark : And badass!!!!
08:39:11 From Jessica Houston to Panelists : Not really haha
08:39:11 From Jess Ford to Panelists : Noooooooooooooooo
08:39:12 From Susanne Nowak to Panelists : haha not really
08:39:12 From Adam Pearce : Nope
08:39:12 From Rachel Morrow to Panelists : Absolutely not haha
08:39:13 From Rachel Luckett : LOL NO
08:39:13 From Ben Hulme : Only SOME mornings….
08:39:13 From Rebecca Baty to Panelists : Noo
08:39:14 From Fiona Bradley to Panelists : Bouncing out the bed with stress
08:39:18 From Alice Lyons : Awh Claire! xxx
08:39:18 From Kavisha Singhvi : Wwooooohhooo! Meee!
08:39:20 From Justin Leigh to Panelists : I do now… 🔥🚀
08:39:20 From Ruth Gosling to Panelists : Sometimes…
08:39:21 From Katherine Kelly to Panelists : Would love to…but not really!
08:39:21 From Jess Ford to Panelists : Yes yes yes
08:39:22 From Carolyn Simpson to Panelists : 2nd one 🙁
08:39:26 From Susi Castle : Not ‘I am’ but ‘life is’ 🙂
08:39:27 From Flick Hamnett-Day : Depends on my caffeine levels in the morning
08:39:29 From Natasha Webb : Oh god no…! Perhaps after two or three coffees.
08:39:33 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : Lol a lot more CBA but have my moments of feeling awesome which is great!
08:39:33 From Joanne Gordon to Panelists : Not these days lol!
08:39:35 From nicola lawton : I wake up knackered – ha ha. Kids lol
08:39:36 From Rachel Luckett : Yep definitely CBA
08:39:38 From Justin Leigh to Panelists : 100%
08:39:44 From Victoria Doherty to Panelists : I think it’s because it’s winter for me!
08:39:44 From Claire Thorpe : I start off good doing my meditation and workout but then it strikes 9am….
08:39:52 From Val Mullally : I wold love to wake feeling Awesome!
08:40:14 From Joe Glover : Loads of great comments coming through! Don’t forget to switch to ‘all panelists and attendees’ 🙂
08:40:16 From Qubra Din to Panelists : I love Sherilyn already!
08:40:17 From Kris Clark : Problem with Trump :)!
08:40:49 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : Awww my gorgeous bun is a bit poorly at ht emo, defo got palpitations about it
08:41:05 From Jessica Folkerts : oh my gosh, nearly every night
08:41:08 From Zlatka Larsen : I do my best to choose to be awesome 🙂
08:41:09 From Gideon Barker : Love the image on this slide
08:42:27 From Chrissy Cottrell to Panelists : I’m lucky, I wake up looking forward to work, only some people make the office miserable 😀
08:43:19 From sarah edwards : Hahahah, love this story
08:43:57 From Rachel Morrow : I used to work at a recruitment agency – in their marketing department though – brutal
08:44:03 From Susi Castle : ‘What have you got to be good at?’ ‘Absolutely nothing!’ 😀
08:44:14 From Kris Clark : Yeah because it is just stuff…
08:44:27 From Joe Glover : “Living life on purpose” – I love that!
08:44:33 From Matthew Doe : Good mindset, Kris Clark
08:44:40 From Rebecca Baty to Panelists : Video has frozen for me
08:44:41 From Rachel Morrow : Oh noo, is she freezing for anyone else?
08:44:42 From Joe Glover : Sorry for the wi-fi!
08:44:43 From Ruth Gosling to Panelists : Is anyone else having sound issues?
08:44:48 From Zoe Enever : I can so relate!
08:44:51 From Karen Franklin to Panelists : Freezing 🙁
08:44:51 From Emma Harvey : just as she gets to the good stuff!!
08:44:53 From Lisa Hogg to Panelists : Yes I can’t hear
08:44:54 From Susanne Nowak to Panelists : weak connection or is it just me?
08:45:01 From Rachel Luckett : It’s breaking up 🙁
08:45:01 From nicola lawton : my screen has frozen
08:45:07 From sarah edwards : Oh no way, signal failure just as she’s got us all hooked
08:45:08 From Monica Mora to Panelists : Sherilyn, we are losing you
08:45:09 From Jenii Lowe to Panelists : cutting out for me too 🙁
08:45:13 From Emma Harvey : Joe we’re back to you
08:45:15 From Mark Alford : Not getting any of this
08:45:24 From Dan Griffin : To be fair, this is the usual experience with a recruiter call
08:45:25 From Catherine Stenson to Panelists : yes it’s breaking up for me too – just as I was thinking how cool – living life on purpose!
08:45:50 From Petra Boyce to Panelists : just when it was gripping
08:46:42 From Qubra Din : I can totally relate to this.
08:47:06 From Dan Griffin to Panelists : Might be worth pre-recording the presentations, then doing the Q&A live going forwards? Best of both worlds – but its only a minor issue, nothing to stress about
08:47:18 From Matthew Doe : Where did the phrase work like a dog come from? All of mine have slept for 17-18 hours a day.
08:47:21 From Amy Roberts : I’ve just written “live your life on purpose” on a post-it and stuck it on my wall ♥
08:47:46 From Joe Glover to Dan Griffin, All Panelists : Thanks Dan – it’s been fine to date, but you’re right that building in a backup plan is good
08:48:58 From sarah edwards : Me too Amy Roberts 😀
08:49:10 From Dan Griffin to Panelists : The good thing is that all your presenters are pros – just getting on with it. The real issue is when you have amateurs who panic when something goes wrong and then it all falls apart – no risk of that here!
08:49:20 From Justin Leigh : wow Powerful life story
08:49:28 From Alex Rejstrand : Similar stories of physical illness as a result of stress in a book called “When the body says no”. Super interesting!
08:49:45 From Bethany Woodcock : Incredible story!
08:49:49 From Alice Lyons : Also another book called ‘The body keep the score’
08:49:51 From Qubra Din to Panelists : wow!
08:49:53 From Tomas Edwards : Nearly everyone I know who I would call “successful” have had a moment of clarity like this.
08:49:54 From Claire Thorpe : brought tears to my eyes
08:50:12 From Rachel Morrow : I had such a bad experience in that industry as well
08:50:19 From Tania Murray to Panelists : how often do we take time to stop reflect and learn let today be our chance
08:50:28 From Tania Murray to Panelists : loving this
08:50:43 From Emma Harvey : been reading about ikigai recently!
08:50:57 From Kris Clark : So worthwhile the ikigai. also helped me to understand what I don’t need to try and hit.
08:51:13 From Joe Glover : @Tania – I love that everyone on this call has chosen to take time to invest in themselves and their learning today. This is a time to stop and reflect 🙂
08:51:41 From sarah edwards : I am getting the good feels too Joe!
08:51:43 From Alex Rejstrand : What fills my heart and soul with joy? Now, that’s a question to ponder!
08:51:49 From Justin Leigh to Panelists : I love this model.
08:51:56 From Joe Glover : Sarah – spot on!
08:52:07 From Joe Glover : Alex – for sure. Big questions for a Tuesday morning 🙂
08:52:10 From Rebecca Baty to Panelists : Can Beyoncé be my Ikigai?
08:52:16 From Justin Leigh : Love this! very insightful
08:52:17 From Catherine Stenson to Panelists : /this sounds like a tremendous and valuable framework
08:52:24 From Emma Harvey : ok who can give me a job where I organise the shit out of everything while looking after animals??
08:52:39 From Joe Glover : Hah – I know a dog sitter near me Emma…
08:52:42 From Elizabeth Graetz : Very cool model. Quite like the Hedgehog Concept in the ‘Good to Great’ research.
08:52:51 From Tomas Edwards : Often others can tell you what you’re good at better than you know yourself.
08:52:57 From Matthew Blackmore to Panelists : all the screenshots…
08:53:07 From Dan Griffin : @Emma – practice manager at a vets or shelter
08:53:13 From Kris Clark : @emma harvey tell me about it! Was looking into the business model for running a boarding facility for elderly pets
08:53:24 From Emma Harvey : YES Dan and Kris!!!
08:53:34 From Susi Castle : I feel like there are some new businesses being created right now in this chat!
08:53:40 From Emma Harvey : Hubby and I would love to run a boarding kennels/cattery type situation….
08:53:41 From Claire Thorpe : in a very similar situation currently
08:53:55 From Penny Ferguson to Panelists : Eventually found my purpose at the age of 55!!!
08:54:40 From Dan Griffin : I’m way too much of a nihilist to believe that the majority of jobs/businesses are ‘what the world needs’ – but I get the point
08:55:04 From Kris Clark : Our dream job would be to be the caretakers for a stately home. He can supervise restauration and I can create programming and market it.
08:55:05 From Emma Harvey : A top tip I heard recently around identifying your strengths was to ask some colleagues who you really respect – I tried this, messaged 5 ex colleagues and got some really good responses – really helps you understand what you’re good at
08:55:18 From Ruth Gosling to Panelists : I lost a job I thought I liked this year due to COVID. It gave me the push I didn’t know I needed to find something new. Loving my new role 🙂
08:55:22 From Joe Glover : The great Penny Ferguson on the webinar today 🙂
08:55:29 From Joe Glover : (In the chat!)
08:55:30 From Emma Harvey : Kris Clark – we’ll come and look after your animals and help with the maintenance…
08:55:43 From Michael Thornton : without wanting to sound like a cheesy martyr, I have to disagree; having someone break down in tears when you give them a job offer is pretty meaningful and good for the world for me! 🙂
08:55:45 From Joe Glover : @Emma love asking other people 🙂
08:55:52 From Gary Smith to Panelists : Hello Penny 🙂
08:55:56 From Ralph Harrison to Panelists : Great advice from Emma Harvey – thank you
08:56:12 From Emma Harvey : @Joe its quite scary, but if you trust them SO worth it!!
08:56:19 From Ellie Clegg : love that tip Emma, I’ll definitely be asking a few colleagues!
08:56:24 From Penny Ferguson to Panelists : Joe – I am devastated the I can’t stay – got a zoom with a group at 9am – so sad! Please thank Sherilyn and tell her she is the very best!
08:56:38 From Joe Glover to Penny Ferguson, All Panelists : No problem Penny! 🙂
08:56:41 From Rachel Morrow : @joe is there anyway I can get a recording on this? I NEED to show my mum, she needs to hear this
08:56:54 From Hannah Silverstein to Panelists : This is so pertinent for me right now. thank you ♡
08:56:55 From Susi Castle : It’s a great tip. I’ve done it previously and learned so much about my strengths from everyone who answered. Highly recommend it too
08:57:11 From Joe Glover : Yep! All talks go up on the blog, and The Marketing MeetUp Podcasts
08:57:14 From Catherine Stenson to Panelists : You sure have spread a lot of magic and learning Sherilyn – kudos to you for taking the leap of faith and trusting in yourself#
08:57:25 From Petra Boyce to Panelists : True!
08:57:44 From Rachel Morrow : Great!
08:57:46 From Dan Griffin : Think it works better with ex-colleagues. They are more brutally honest. Worked in companies with anonymous 360’s that worked well too
08:57:46 From Fiona Bradley to Panelists : Take the VIA character strengths quiz and try to fill your days with things you can live your values
08:57:50 From Kris Clark : I will only warn, as an eternal optimist with super powers who is definitely not a victim is that you want to smack everyone around you into understanding!
08:57:52 From Tania Murray to Panelists : great idea Emma I recently done this and was really amazed at the feedback
I had skills high lighted I’d of never have thought of and made a positive impact I didn’t think of
08:57:57 From Alex Rejstrand : Fear I would think
08:58:26 From Rachel Morrow : Evil DJ hahaha
08:58:48 From Joe Glover : Hah, that’s amazing imagery!
08:58:51 From Emma Harvey : you ask either When have you seen me at my best, or can you tell me what 3 things I do best and see what people say
08:58:56 From Susi Castle : On what Sherilyn is talking us through right now: I’d really recommend Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big for fighting the self-imposed obstacles. It was a total eye-opener for me.
08:59:05 From Joe Glover : Thank you Susi!
08:59:06 From Qubra Din : ‘evil DJ’ brilliant 😆
08:59:20 From Joe Glover : Any questions: drop them in the Q&A 🙂
08:59:31 From Drea Lee : I took responsibility without realising and it’s juts hit me now! I absolutely hated a job which should have been the most amazing thing on paper but in reality was just awful. I took the power out of their hands and started looking for something that i’d love to do instead of a status symbol job and I found it! Its a challenge which really gets me up in the morning and i’m doing good for the world. On bad days this session will remind me that I made the right moves and bettered myself and my situation woohoo!
08:59:45 From Emma Patel : This evil Dj sounds all too familiar
08:59:57 From Tania Murray to Panelists : anyone read the chimp paradox
09:00:00 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : Just don’t call it Greta – I got majorly trolled for that online
09:00:11 From sarah edwards : Haha, Mildrid – love it
09:00:11 From Alex Rejstrand : Well done Drea! Inspiring.
09:00:14 From Jessica Dendle : Mildred is my grandma’s name 😂
09:00:20 From Joe Glover : Hah!
09:00:29 From Joe Glover : And Drea… amazing!
09:00:35 From Dan Griffin : The Chimp Paradox is another great book on this
09:00:37 From Jessica Folkerts to Panelists : this is so awesome
09:00:45 From nicola lawton : this is great idea – i talk to mine but not named it – thanks 🙂
09:00:53 From Alexandra Kington to Panelists : I thought of Chimp Paradox too Dan!
09:00:58 From Dan Griffin : Recommend the audiobook – the author sounds like Bob Mortimer on a surrealist rant
09:00:59 From Kris Clark : Ha ha!
09:01:07 From Alex Rejstrand : Gotta drop for a work meeting – will watch the rest later. Thanks Joe!
09:01:08 From Laura Pepper : Love the idea of naming the inner critic. I’m going to have fun with that!
09:01:08 From Ellie Clegg : Drea, I’m using that as my Tuesday motivation/inspiration!!
09:01:11 From Kris Clark : Nothing to see here just a cat in amongst the penguins.
09:01:18 From Matt Freestone to Panelists : Excellent haha
09:01:22 From Drea Lee : yes Ellie!
09:01:26 From Rebecca Baty to Panelists : I definitely have imposter syndrome
09:01:39 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : Haha brilliant Kris
09:01:53 From Mahesh Prabhu : constantly
09:02:12 From Peta Bean : Daily basis!
09:02:19 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : My ex boss did!
09:02:20 From Alice Lyons : Mo Gawdat speaks a lot about our brains and says we shouldn’t pay that much attention to a 3lb organ
09:02:21 From Emma Harvey : Minute by minute basis!
09:02:40 From Tomas Edwards : I was called an opportunist bullshitter once. I took it as a compliment.
09:02:41 From Alice Lyons : He calls his brain Becky and talks about how he ignores Becky is she’s talking down to him
09:03:29 From Vicky Westmore : The Mo Gawdat interview on the How to Fail with Elizabeth Day podcast is excellent
09:03:42 From Alice Lyons : Vicky I was listening to that this morning!
09:03:45 From Gideon Barker : Love this idea – own your response
09:04:20 From Joe Glover : Drop any questions, if you have them, in the Q&A 🙂
09:04:33 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : Untamed has a lot of amazing gems about all this. And ensuring you do feel pain as that is the way you progress
09:04:44 From Vicky Westmore : Thought you might have listened to it Alice with your Becky the brain comment 🙂 It’s so good!
09:04:48 From Jess Ford to Panelists : Is “Sherilyn, will you be my friend?” the sort of question I can post in the Q&A?
09:05:03 From Joe Glover : Hah! Jess 🙂
09:05:53 From Rachel Morrow : My god, I’m feeling this right in the heart this morning. Great chat
09:06:08 From Alexandra Simpson to Panelists : Anyone else need a mini Sherilyn on their shoulder batting off the Mildreds? 🙂
09:06:39 From Matt Freestone to Panelists : This is some good tea, fantastic first tip
09:06:45 From Joe Glover : Hah, so true Alexandra!
09:06:48 From Joe Glover : And thanks Matt!
09:07:07 From Joe Glover : Don’t forget to switch your comments to ‘all panelists and attendees’ folks – just so everyone can see them!
09:07:11 From sarah edwards : Someone once said to me… where you are now should not limit where you want to be 🙂
09:07:21 From Joe Glover : Amazing Sarah!
09:07:30 From Matt Freestone : Thanks Joe – didn’t realise that 🙂
09:08:56 From sarah edwards : It’s a great way to think isn’t it @Joe
09:09:33 From Alice Lyons : @Vicky if you liked it, I definitely recommend Mo Gawdat’s own podcast called Slo Mo.
09:09:44 From sarah edwards : We’ve deffo been dealt shit this year haven’t we!
09:10:52 From Kris Clark : Kobayashi Maru!
09:10:52 From Joe Glover : We have, but I love that outlook on ‘playing the hand’!
09:11:19 From Vicky Westmore : Thanks Alice. Definitely on my list – might dive in today on the dog walk. Seems like a good day to start after this talk. I’d recommend Brene Brown’s Netflix special and podcast too.
09:11:59 From Susi Castle : I’ve just seen some questions in the Q&A and I can recommend the aforementioned Tara Mohr’s Playing Big for fighting perfectionism and Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper’s Squiggly Careers book for finding purpose and meaning in work. Their podcast and other work is just phenomenal. Everyone needs it in their life.
09:12:44 From Alice Lyons : Squiggly Career sounds fab!
09:12:48 From Matthew Blackmore to Panelists : I think sometimes i might’ve wrongly been encouraged by senior mentors to develop a mask and unnatural behaviour.
09:13:36 From Vicky Westmore : Squiggly Careers podcast is great. Will check out those books. Thanks Susi!
09:13:53 From Fiona Bradley : Cheers Susi!
09:13:54 From Susi Castle : My pleasure!
09:14:19 From Alice Lyons : Ooh yes Brene Brown’s podcast ‘Unlocking Us’ is great – and our very own Joe Glover does an excellent one I’ve been enjoying called ‘Humans Come First’ about a more humane approach to marketing
09:14:54 From Joe Glover : 🙂
09:14:59 From Joe Glover : Thanks Alice!
09:15:20 From Lisa Hogg to Panelists : My sister’s advice is when you feel a certain way she says ‘you can park, but don’t unpack!’
09:15:30 From Lisa Hogg to Panelists : I have always loved that!
09:15:47 From Lisa Hogg : My sister’s advice is when you feel a certain way she says ‘you can park, but don’t unpack!’
I have always loved that!
09:15:49 From Vicky Westmore : Of course all of the excellent things Joe Glover does for sure 🙂
09:15:55 From Kris Clark : Nope!
09:16:02 From Justin Leigh to Panelists : great content in this talk.
09:16:09 From Vicky Westmore : Love that Lisa!
09:16:13 From Matt Freestone : Massive clap to this! Don’t believe what you read/see
09:16:15 From Rebecca Morgan : @Lisa – Yes! Love this!! Park but don’t unpack
09:16:23 From Fiona Bradley : ‘The power of not giving a fuck’ is fantastic – we only have so many to give in a day so we need to choose what to stop caring about
09:16:27 From Susi Castle : @Lisa love that saying! Saving that one for sure
09:16:46 From John Cleary to Panelists : Facebook = edited highlights 😃
09:16:52 From Lisa Hogg : Comparison is a killer!
09:17:01 From Lucy McKay to Panelists : I’m very conscious not to. It’s more important to take the time engage with my family, friends, nature and dog – and take time to reflect and enjoy the little things!
09:17:02 From Claire Thorpe : funnily enough I did a shitty post on insta yesterday and it got the best engagement, not that that was the point I just needed to share my shit!
09:17:07 From Drea Lee : I have a Fuck It Bucket – write stuff on bits of paper and put it in the Fuck It Bucket lols
09:17:15 From Christian Pratt : Stop giving a fuck is a punchy antidote to Imposter Syndrome…
09:17:18 From Justin Leigh : i learned years ago to change my inner voice from being the ‘inner critic’ to ‘inner coach’. it takes practice, but just the analogy helps.
09:17:19 From Zoe Enever : YES!! I stopped giving a fuck quite some time ago… totally life transforming.
09:17:21 From Joe Glover : Haha! The Fuck It Bucket!
09:17:43 From Fiona Bradley : Crafting a bucket out of cardboard brb
09:17:44 From Justin Leigh : Very good
09:17:49 From Alexandra Kington : *goes out and buys a Fuck It Bucket*
09:17:53 From Lisa Hogg : There is a great Ted Talk on managing your ‘fucks budget’ ! Can’t remember the speaker’s name but check it out, its great. I am sure you will find it easily
09:18:03 From Tania Murray to Panelists : I’m definitely going todo a fuck it bucket lol love that
09:18:09 From Fiona Bradley : That’s by the author Sarah Kight
09:18:15 From Claire Thorpe : loving the online relationships I have formed but really missing the real ones and feeling pretty lonely without the face to face contact…
09:18:21 From sarah edwards : Gosh, that’s quite something to think about isn’t it, gives you some perspective!
09:18:32 From Natasha Webb : Drea – I love the Fuck It Bucket..! It’s a phrase I use, but definitely going to turn it into an actual bucket. Great shout!
09:18:33 From Emma Harvey : Joe this some really great stuff in the chat – does it get recorded anywhere so it can be shared later?
09:18:39 From Justin Leigh : that’s powerful
09:18:51 From Jessica Folkerts : you’re not alone in your loneliness Claire
09:18:57 From Emma Harvey : *there is some
09:19:05 From Joe Glover : @Emma good idea! It is captured, but has never been shared. That’s a good idea though 🙂
09:19:06 From Alice Lyons : @Claire Thorpe are you able to see anybody and go for a walk? It’s amaxing what a difference it can make to your mood
09:19:15 From Zoe Enever : I was told at an appraisal that ‘my colleagues would think more of me if I worked longer hours.’ My response was ‘I don’t give a fuck. The hours that I work are not their business.’ My priority was looking after myself and having suffered a really severe mental breakdown in the past, I was now very much focussed on working within my limits.
09:19:19 From Drea Lee : For anyone wishing to purchase their very own Fuck It Bucket I can recommend some online shops – mine is a lovely little metal number
09:19:30 From Claire Thorpe : alice, I have been reaching out trying to sort exactly that… I have a dog and get out walking but even that is isolating as he’s reactive to other dogs and I find even my walks lonely.. I am trying
09:20:03 From Alice Lyons : @Claire sorry to hear that. If you have someone that could mind you dog, maybe it might be worth trying to get out on your own to allow you to chat to people
09:20:38 From Anna McInally : definitely going to do this map exercise!
09:20:41 From Drea Lee : Where are you based Claire? Maybe a small socially distanced marketing meet up walk could take place
09:20:53 From Jessica Folkerts : where are you based Claire? if near to Stamford I’d be up for meeting up for a socially distanced walk and chat
09:20:58 From sarah edwards : Lovely idea @Drea
09:20:58 From Alice Lyons : I was just thinking that Drea 🙂 great shout
09:20:59 From Emma Harvey : @Claire can you facetime while you’re walking?
09:21:04 From Alexandra Kington : Best thing I’ve ever done is to remove those ‘vampires’ from my life. Mother-in-Law was one – huge but life changing
09:21:04 From Christian Pratt : Ooooh – yes, avoid the negative energy people. They really do suck life out of you.
09:21:06 From Lucy McKay to Panelists : @Zoe. So important to look after yourself first. 🙂
09:21:20 From Kris Clark : @claire happy to be a virtual buddy!
09:21:39 From Claire Thorpe : great idea Drea, I am in Manchester. I’m trying to organise a walk with a friend this weekend but would love to meet up with anyone local in this community too, thanks
09:21:42 From Tania Murray to Panelists : I was just going to ask you Claire where are you based
I love in MK if anyone wants to meet up for a social distance walk please let me know happy to meet up
09:21:53 From Alice Lyons : I’m in Manchester too! Definitely up for that 🙂
09:22:02 From Claire Thorpe : 🙂 x
09:22:02 From Tania Murray to Panelists : typo sorry should say I Live in MK
09:22:20 From Jessica Dendle : I’m based in Manchester too! more than happy to go for a distanced wander!
09:22:30 From Joe Glover : @Tania – lovely message, but only panelists can see at the moment! Switch to ‘panelists and attendees’ so everyone can see!
09:22:45 From Rick Bebbington : @Alexandra you’ve removed your Mother in Law? HOW?!?! Step by step please!! 🙂
09:22:57 From Emma Harvey : HAHA!!! @Rick
09:23:29 From Helen UnlikelyGenius to Panelists : Im in West Yorkshire but can easily get over to Manc, getting desperate to get out 😆
09:23:37 From Emma Patel : I miss Manchester, can’t wait for an in person meet up!
09:23:52 From Alexandra Kington : Hahaha Rick – yes. Took way too long, but 2 years ago I made a joint decision, with my husband’s acceptance, that I would no longer see or speak to her. Will always facilitate my kids and husband seeing her, but I no longer have a relationship. Best thing I’ve ever done
09:24:00 From Kris Clark : Park coffee walks are the way to go!
09:24:41 From Rick Bebbington : Good for you!! Must have been hard but sooo good where it has put you now 🙂
09:24:51 From Vicky Westmore : Definitely Kris 🙂
09:24:54 From Joe Glover : I can’t do tooooo much to facilitate these walks: but if folks wanna head into the Facebook group (The Marketing MeetUp on Facebook) – you could potentially drop a post in there?
09:25:04 From Alice Lyons : Thanks Joe!
09:25:10 From Christian Pratt : @Alexandra Wow – punchy. Nicely done.
09:25:38 From Alexandra Kington : Absolutely. But would say to anyone who spends longer being upset about a person than happy with their involvement in their life to move on. It’s transformational. And it doesn’t matter who it is. If it’s not good for you then move on
09:25:42 From Natasha Webb : Gutted that I’m not in Manchester @Claire, otherwise I’d love to join you all for a coffee walk! Happy to be a videocall buddy though 🙂
09:25:52 From Rebecca Morgan : It’s not about you, it’s about the audience – BOOM #micdrop
09:25:55 From Kris Clark : Anyone in Amsterdam welcome to come have coffee and a chat at my allotment ;)!
09:25:55 From Emma Patel : “Why you thinking about you?” – Love this!
09:25:57 From Tania Murray : sorry all sending messages and just noticed thanks to Jo I was sending them to the speakers ☺️ I’m based in MK if anyone is feeling they want to meet for a social distance walk or I can help anyone please let me know sorry Claire I don’t live closer
09:26:21 From Kris Clark : Thank you Sherrilyn!
09:26:22 From Lucy McKay to Panelists : What can I do that makes a difference today….
09:26:59 From Claire Thorpe : thanks so much for your offers people, I’m not sure how to find you all but I will try on linkedin 🙂
09:27:03 From angie moyes to Panelists : effing awesome!
09:27:13 From Joe Glover : Anyone else’s mind blowing for the past hour?
09:27:15 From Drea Lee : @Tania i’m in!
09:27:22 From Laura Pepper : yes Joe!
09:27:27 From Jessica Folkerts : hanging on every word, Joe
09:27:28 From Anna McInally : Loved this last hour!!!
09:27:29 From Joanna Tramontin : Sherilyn this is fantastic, thank you so much.
09:27:36 From Alexandra Simpson to Panelists : one of the best webinars I have sat on this year!
09:27:37 From Sophie Blackmore to Panelists : yes Joe! feel I need this lady in my pocket!
09:27:40 From Justin Leigh : amazing insights
09:27:41 From Flick Hamnett-Day : @Joe I’m speechless for how much my mind has blown during this talk!
09:27:42 From Tania Murray : my best email address is taniamurray22@yahoo.com or contact me via LinkedIn
09:27:43 From julie ann twomey to Panelists : amazing session- thank you so much Sherilyn
09:27:44 From Drea Lee : It’s like getting home truths, an I love it
09:27:51 From Qubra Din : what a revelation!
09:27:55 From Sarah Head to Panelists : absolutely, love, love, love this talk.
09:27:56 From Dan Griffin : Happy to connect with everyone on LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-griffin-marketer/
09:27:58 From sarah edwards : This has been one of the best hours, it’s been a pleasure to be here with you all and listen to the amazing Sherilyn!!
09:28:01 From Laura Pepper : Sherilyn you’re like a British Oprah
09:28:07 From Susi Castle : Yes! Getting so much wisdom from Sherilyn’s talk!
09:28:11 From Matthew Hines : Thanks Sherrilyn and thanks everyone. This has been really informative and inspiring
09:28:13 From nicola lawton : thank you so much – very powerful. You are awesome! thank you so much…amazing!
09:28:16 From Tania Murray : brilliant session massive thank you
09:28:17 From Will Allen : This is great thank you
09:28:19 From Laura Chapman : This has been the most incredible hour. Thank you for your wisdom Sherrilyn!
09:28:19 From Justin Leigh : https://linktr.ee/JustinLeigh
09:28:25 From Matt Freestone : Smashed it, damn that was good
09:28:28 From Justin Leigh : happy to connect with the group
09:28:29 From Jessica Folkerts : flipping fantastic
09:28:33 From Natasha Webb : I’m excited for this session’s recording to be published, there have been so many take aways that I want to listen over and over again. I feel empowered! Thank you Sherilyn!! and thanks Joe!
09:28:33 From Vicky Westmore : Thanks Sherilyn!
09:28:35 From Tenika Reid to Panelists : So inspiring thank you!
09:28:40 From Rick Bebbington : So much passion Sherilyn – that was just brilliant!
09:28:41 From Jess Ford to Panelists : Wow, Sherilyn that was amazing, thank you so much
09:28:41 From Justin Leigh : very good, thank you Sherilyn
09:28:48 From Zoe Enever : Amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
09:28:52 From Emily Mellon : That was brilliant thank you Sherilyn
09:28:56 From Claire Thorpe : a bloody brilliant oprah
09:29:00 From Abi Murr : Thank you all!
09:29:00 From Lisa Hogg : Thanks very much – much needed encouragement! Thanks Kris Clark for recommending!
09:29:01 From Sarah Head to Panelists : thank you so so much Sherilyn
09:29:09 From Erica Conradie to Panelists : Wowowowow. Loved your talk!
09:29:09 From Sarah Wightman : So glad I joined this webinar – I nearly didn’t because I thought I was “too busy” today. But this stuff is SO much more important. Thank you.
09:29:12 From Sara Thwaites : Brill …. will be sharing this once I can get my mits on this – more people need to see this
09:29:15 From Jessica Houston : That was amazing!! Thanks Sherilyn
09:29:16 From Matt Freestone : @joe can you put Sherilyns social back up briefly?
09:29:17 From Peta Bean : Absolutely loved that session – thank you so much! Brilliantly inspiring way to start the day
09:29:20 From Barbara Luijks to Panelists : Dear Sherilyn, please adopt me! Best regards Barbara from Holland
09:29:24 From Nicki Sturzaker to Panelists : Amazing session thank you so much Sherilyn, you’ve set me up for the day and got me thinking on so many levels.
09:29:26 From Maria to Panelists : This has been a truly amazing talk, thanks for making my day!
09:29:30 From robin russell : Thank you that was truly amazing.
09:29:31 From Amon Kiplagat to Panelists : Amazing! Amazing! Talk and incredible Journey Thank you so much Sherilyn 🙂
09:29:31 From Ann Druce : Great presentation, Sherilyn, thanks so much
09:29:38 From Helen Hall : thanks … that was great. i feel change coming on.
09:29:40 From Will Allen : Happy to connect https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamdallen/
09:29:43 From Bethany Woodcock : I’m a student currently going through a ‘career change’ to Marketing after studying Graphic Design. Currently trying to do ‘extra’ study to get marketing theory skills, would appreciate the connections! https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethanywoodcock/
09:29:44 From Matthew Blackmore to Panelists : such a great hour, thanks so much
09:29:46 From Ruth Gosling : I’ve got to go but thanks so much everyone
09:29:47 From Petra Boyce to Panelists : I LOVED every minute of listening to Sherilyn
09:29:52 From Monica Mora to Panelists : Lets continue!!
09:29:52 From Lauren Innes to Panelists : Feeling incredibly inspired, emotional and compelled to take action. Thank you so much Sherily and Joe. FANTASTIC session 🙂
09:29:55 From Catherine Stenson to Panelists : Energetic and empowering session – you grow in awesomeness everytime I see you
09:30:00 From Debbie Chettleburgh : Inspirational. gained so much and related hugely. thank you
09:30:03 From Andy Lovell : OMG wow wow just wow … Sherilyn you are fucking amazing
09:30:04 From Conor Phillips to Panelists : What a wonderful talk and great wisdom
09:30:05 From Hannah Silverstein to Panelists : this was so useful. as someone thats been struggling with mental health this has been invaluable. thank you so much for the pep talk for me to sort out my shit!
09:30:07 From Claire Thorpe : https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairewilliams85/
09:30:09 From Joanne Gordon : Thank you so much!
09:30:10 From Alexandra Kington : Fabulous! Thank you so much Joe and Sherilyn
09:30:10 From Drea Lee : me too I’m Drea Lee on LinkedIn
09:30:16 From Ralph Harrison to Panelists : got to go – well done Joe
09:30:17 From sindy stanley to Panelists : Thank you Sherilyn, for your gift of telling me good stuff!
09:30:19 From Sarah Kenny to Panelists : Thanks Sherilyn, thank you for giving your time this morning and for giving me real inspiration. Amazing lady.
09:30:22 From Susie Tobias : Thank you, Sherilyn
09:30:22 From Monica Mora to Panelists : Joe, Sherilyn, thank you so much!!
09:30:24 From Justin Leigh : Thanks for hosting as always Joe. amazing session thank you Sherilyn
09:30:25 From Susi Castle : Thank you so much Joe and Sherilyn. This was such a great talk and has left me with so much to think about!
09:30:25 From Melissa Becker : Thank you Sherilyn and Joe.
09:30:26 From Oliver Lowe : That was the best way to start the morning! Thank you!
09:30:29 From Matt Freestone : Gotta duck out, fantastic session. Thanks Joe & Sherilyn
09:30:30 From Laura Mcdonald to Panelists : So inspirational. Thank you so much Sherilyn
09:30:30 From Jessica Folkerts : thank you so much Joe and Sherilyn!!
09:30:33 From Qubra Din : a massive thank you for this, ❤️❤️
09:30:35 From Judith Pugh : Incredible, thank you! Best webinar I have ever attended! I hear you and you’ve given me some work to do. Thank you!
09:30:36 From Helena Berry : oh wow, this session has been amazing – thank you sooo much!
09:30:38 From Carolyn McIntyre : brilliant way to spend an hour. Thank you so much
09:30:38 From Dave Hughes : thank you
09:30:39 From Emily Marsh : That was amazing, exactly what I needed and thank you ever so much”
09:30:45 From Emma Patel : Happy to connect with anyone https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmapatelcreative/
09:30:47 From Flick Hamnett-Day : Wow! I’m completely blown away by this morning’s talk! Thank you so much!
09:30:52 From Benjamin Thorndyke : Thank you both…what a morning!
09:30:55 From Sophie Blackmore to Panelists : I needed this today! thank you Sherilyn!
09:30:56 From John Cleary to Panelists : Brilliant Sherilyn. Thanks. And thanks to you Joe too.
09:30:59 From Keith Schorah : Thanks Sherilyn & Joe 🙂
09:31:01 From Sarah Scott : Thank you 🙂 Amazing session today
09:31:06 From Val Mullally : Awesome – thank your giving so much, Sherilyn and Joe!!
09:31:09 From Oliver Collins : Thanks Sherilyn & Joe
09:31:09 From Nigel Chaloner to Panelists : Thanks Sherilyn. Very good. Have a good flight.
09:31:13 From Alice Lyons : Thanks all!
09:31:13 From Catherine Stenson to Panelists : Thanks to all the great sponsors
09:31:15 From Jacqueline Towers : Thank you both so much this was mind boggling!!
09:31:15 From Tania Murray : really happy to help anyone just reach out to me via email or linkedin Tania Murray huge thank you all amazing session
09:31:15 From Julie Horville to Panelists : Awesome session, thank you!