Nine marketing blogs that are actually really good

It was fascinating doing some interviews with the community the other day. One of their biggest problems wasn’t finding good information – it was prioritising which good information source to pick that day! Here’s nine (plus a bonus!) I read on the regs, that I hope will be useful for you too.

  1. Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin is the Godfather of marketing. He practices what he preaches too. Every day, he turns up and provides value from his brain that is gifted with ⭐️ clarity ⭐️. Quick daily reads. Check it like you do emails.
  2. Marketing Examples – Harry is a young man who is taking our industry by storm. Short, practical case studies from a gifted marketer, writer and designer. You probably already know about Harry, but if you don’t – get on his list.
  3. Dave Trott – Dave Trott belongs in the conversations with Ritson and Sutherland in terms of reverence directed his way. Trott writes well, and you’ll enjoy his stuff.
  4. Ahrefs – Super actionable posts on SEO and more general marketing. The Ahrefs blog is a labour of love, but also the blog you wish you had wrote yourself.
  5. The Marketoonist – A bit of lighthearted fun. The Marketoonist satirises our industry but does it in a way where you can laugh along. You would have seen illustrations from The Marketoonist in many a presentation, even if you didn’t realise they were from there!
  6. Copyhackers – Wonderful resources for anyone looking to level up on copywriting and copy that converts into sales. Jo had a huge influence on me as a young marketer growing up. A wonderful writer.
  7. Derek Sivers’ blog – Not really anything to do with marketing, I just think he’s a wonderful man. If you like to read stuff from a clearly thoughtful person – check him out.
  8. HubSpot – Okay, back to marketing. Hubspot have built an unbelievable set of resources over the years. In our interviews, Hubspot was the most named place people in our community went to to get marketing knowledge (outside of The Marketing Meetup 😉)
  9. Mark Ritson for Marketing Week – For my money, with the rampant success of the Mini MBA, Mark is the most influential marketer within the industry. With this in mind, his articles are always worth a read, whether it’s learning something new, topping up on a strategic view, or keeping abreast of latest developments.
  10. Bonus – The Marketing Meetup Blog 🙂 – The question I get asked daily is ‘are TMM talks recorded?’ – the answer is yep! They’re all on our blog. But, we’ve also added a bunch more written content and templates, too. The TMM blog is growing and growing – I’m very excited about that 🙂

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