How I wrote a song which meant we ended up working with Fiverr.

Author: Joe Glover
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Sometimes, you just have to do things a bit differently.

Story time. Back in mid-2019, it became apparent there was the potential to work with Fiverr.

I am a customer, so when I heard they were interested in working with the community, I was really excited.

The initial email exchanges were positive.

I jumped on a call with a chap called Andrew. That was great.

Andrew even came to an event.

And then, as can happen with these things… Silence.

Opportunity gone. These things happen 🤷‍♂️

Or… so I thought. 

Sitting in the Public Library in Cambridge one day, I thought stuff it, if I’m going down, I’m going down in glory… or creepiness… or a combination of the two.

So, writing lyrics to the tune of ‘Hey There Delilah’, I penned a song to Andrew. Something he couldn’t ignore.

Naturally, I then got it made on Fiverr with a nice American man who very patiently put up with my BS lyrics and made it sound almost like a proper song.

Not everyone was a fan… here’s the exchange with my dad.

And so, with Dad’s advice ringing in my ears, I nervously sent through the song to Andrew.

‘Hey Andy,

Hope you’re great! I know you’re a busy chap so figured I should do something to stand out in your inbox.

Enjoy the attached (made on Fiverr). Let’s catch up.


A couple of days passed.

And then… I got my explanation.

Andrew was moving jobs. 🤦‍♂️

But, he’d passed me, and the song, on to his colleague Liron, the Marketing Director of Fiverr. 

Importantly, the song became a great talking point to start off with Liron.

At the beginning of this year, Fiverr came on as an official partner of The Marketing Meetup.

In the time since, they’ve been amazing, supportive, and useful. We’ve changed our branding working with their freelancers, we’ve had people do SEO for us, we’ve had others do Podcast show notes (you can see all the people we’ve used in our own Fiverr store).

As for the song… well you can listen to that in all it’s glory. I take no responsibility for bleeding ears.

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