This is a 26-word email. Within it, there are 11 opportunities to make your email campaigns great.

While the specific copy/tone might not work for you, next time you write a marketing email that only you could write, start here.

Template for great plain text email marketing

The eleven opportunities to create great simple, plain text email campaigns are:

  1. Subject line builds on previous work and teases what is to come
  2. Profile photo in line with branding
  3. Lower case heading stands out in inbox
  4. Comes from a personal email address, instead of a hello@…
  5. Unique salutation – not just ‘Dear *FNAME*
  6. Copy gives you the information you need, but nothing else
  7. Link on the word ‘webinar’ gives first chance to sign up
  8. Use of emojis to shorten copy and add humour
  9. Personal sign off
  10. Copy in CTA informal and not ‘Sign up here’
  11. Odd/unique job title to add a touch of curiosity

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