The Best Marketing Resources and Talks (…in the world?) πŸ˜€

We’ve amassed well over 100 hours of talks with The Marketing Meetup over the past few years from (genuinely) some of the greatest marketers in the world. It’s a whole lot of content. So, if I was starting fresh, here is how I would use them. If I was hoping to understand marketing in general […]

We’ve amassed well over 100 hours of talks with The Marketing Meetup over the past few years from (genuinely) some of the greatest marketers in the world.

It’s a whole lot of content. So, if I was starting fresh, here is how I would use them.

Table of Contents

If I was hoping to understand marketing in general

If I wanted to build better strategies

If I wanted to analyse and use my data better

If I wanted to become a better communicator and storyteller

If I wanted to price better and do the finance-y bit

If I wanted to understand people and how they work better

If I wanted to do more general self development

  • ​Marketing during change: What have we learned and what do we want to keep? – Nishma Robb, Google – How can we as marketers operate during times of uncertainty, and how can we collectively create a future we want to be part of?
  • ​How to manage uncertainty– Sam Conniff, Uncertainty experts – Uncertainty is hard for everyone involved. With this in mind, what can we do to understand it, and help others with uncertainty, too?
  • ​Ten questions about the Mini MBA with Mark Ritson  Mark Ritson – An interview which started with questions about the Mini MBA and ended up going far broader, with one of the biggest voices in marketing today
  • ​Developing confidence: levelling the field for marketers – Kirsty Hulse, ROAR – Confidence is something so many of us rarely allow ourselves. This session from Kirsty was transformative in helping believe they could achieve more than they thought possible.
  • ​How to launch a business or project you love  Sophie Cross, Freelancer Magazine – A wonderful view into Sophie’s story of launching a project which turned into an incredible moment. Roland Rat impression also enclosed.
  • ​Imposter syndrome. Stop Faking it. – Sahana Sekaran, Contentsquare – One of the most regularly cited TMM talks of all time. Almost everyone feels imposter syndrome – in this session, Sahana gives us an amazing exploration at this unwelcome feeling.
  • ​How to be a better listener – Oscar Trimboli – Oscar is a bona fied world leader in listening. In this session, he shared how to stop listening to what your clients managers and teams are saying, and instead reaaaally understand them
  • ​The value of creativity in marketing– Giles Edwards and Ryan Wallman – As marketers, the word ‘brave’ has entered our vocabulary when it comes to our work. But is this warranted? Is there a better way to speak about how we take risks in our roles?
  • ​How mental health affected the growth of my business – James Routledge, Sanctus – James Routledge is a man on a mission. That mission is to put the world’s first mental health gym’s on the high street and inspire people to work on their mental health proactively, like we do with physical health.
  • ​What’s the point?  Sherilyn Shackell, The Marketing Academy – How do you find meaning in your life? What’s the point in all of this? Sherilyn Shackell, of The Marketing Academy, is one of the most impressive people we know. A former recruiter who was living her life for reasons that didn’t line up with her values, a serious illness turned things around.
  • ​10 habits for a healthier brain, and how to remember them – Jordan Harry – We don’t prioritise mental health as much as we do physical health. So, what can we do to make sure we’re making the most of our brains: keeping them in tip top shape?
  • ​How they teach you to be creative at Google– Max Hoppy, Bind – An ex-Googler shares how they taught him and his colleagues to be creative.
  • ​Persuasion and negotiation attitudes, skills and techniques for marketers– John Moss & Chris Smith, JA Consulting – We negotiate every single day whether we know it or not. Knowing how to navigate these kind of scenarios is an absolute super power, but it’s not something we examine often – even to the point of many folks being actively uncomfortable in these scenarios. This session explores persuasion and negotiation.

If I wanted to become a better leader

  • ​How to get the wider company on board with marketing – Bryony Thomas and Rachael Wheatley, Watertight Marketing – Getting the rest of the team on board with marketing is difficult. So, how can you do it?
  • ​The choices we make – Sarah Warby, CCO of Nando’s – Sarah Warby has one of the most impressive CVs in marketing. We asked her to come and speak about the choices she’d made that have got her to where she is today, but also the lessons she has learned along the way.
  • ​How to be a good mentor, mentee, or both – An amazin’ panel – Mentorship is so important, but how do you do it well? How about being a good mentee? That’s what this session is all about!
  • ​From Nike to the Olympic Games: Q&A with the Head of Marketing for the Olympic Games – Matt McKie – Matt’s career is enviable to say the least. Taking him around the world to some of the coolest companies and organisations around – we got an hour with Matt to chat about what he’s learned so far.
  • ​What does it take to build a successful career in marketing?– Martin George, Waitrose – Martin George is a legend and a hell of a leader, in this webinar, we hear what a career in our industry has taught him about careers in marketing, the models that have been useful throughout, and getting buy in from the rest of the business on marketing activity
  • ​How to be a great leader – Penny Ferguson, Living Leader & Catherine Newman, WWE – An amazin’ interview with Penny Ferguson and Catherine Newman – two people who have dedicated their lives to great leadership, whether that is in theory or practice.

If I wanted to do the marketing tactics thing better