People come to our marketing events because they’re hungry for knowledge and want to meet new marketing friends.

They come back because the community produce a lovely environment, with listening, saying hello, and being positively lovely at its core.

The Marketing Meetup runs a comprehensive online schedule of events and webinars for marketers. Thanks to our lovely sponsors, the webinars are free to attend for anyone looking to come or watch for seven days after they go live on our blog and The Marketing Meetup Podcast. Marketers then discuss and stay in touch with each other in between events in our Facebook group.

Want to be part of it? Check out our upcoming marketing events below.

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24/05/2022 14:00 Mary Owusu, Professor of Digital Marketing and Analytics What you need to know about GA4, and how to implement it – Mary Owusu Virtual Sign up here
25/05/2022 17:00 Nick Hussey, Founder of FRAHM TMM IRL: Creating an authentic and kinder brand Bristol Sign up here
31/05/2022 08:30 James Norris, Marketing Leader at Contentsquare and Tzveta Dinova, Accessibility Specialist at ASOS The case for accessibility and how to make your website more accessible – James Norris and Tzveta Dinova Virtual Sign up here
31/05/2022 18:00 Gareth Turner, Head of Marketing at Weetabix TMM IRL: with Gareth Turner, Head of Marketing at Weetabix Leeds Sign up here
07/06/2022 14:00 Harry Dry, Founder of Learn the basics of copywriting in 45 minutes – Harry Dry Virtual Sign up here
07/06/2022 18:00 Speaker to be announced TMM IRL: Speaker to be announced Newcastle Sign up here
14/06/2022 14:00 Sol Enenmoh, Head of Digital Transformation at Vanquis Bank How to bring about transformation in your business – Sol Enenmoh Virtual Sign up here
21/06/2022 08:30 Beau Miles, Filmmaker and Writer How to tell amazing stories about the not obvious, and how to grow a YouTube channel – Beau Miles Virtual Sign up here
23/06/2022 18:00 Andy Lambert, Senior Manager Product Marketing at Adobe and Bethan Vincent, Fractional CMO and Founder at Open Velocity TMM IRL: The metrics that matter, and growing your marketing career Nottingham Sign up here
28/06/2022 08:30 Louisa Holbrook, Head of Sustainability at Brompton Bicycle How to talk about sustainability without greenwashing – Louisa Holbrook Virtual Sign up here
05/07/2022 14:00 Ellie Middleton, Personal Brand Manager at Great Influence How to approach neurodiversity as marketers – Ellie Middleton Virtual Sign up here
12/07/2022 14:00 Nishma Robb, Senior Director, Marketing at Google UK Nishma Robb – To be announced! Virtual Sign up here
19/07/2022 08:30 Max Hoppy, Co-Founder at Bind How to deliver great presentations, speeches and pitches 🙂 – Max Hoppy Virtual Sign up here
26/07/2022 14:00 Richard Cook, Social Media Manager at Monzo Bank How to stand out on social media in ‘boring’ industries – Richard Cook Virtual Sign up here

“If any of you haven’t engaged with The Marketing Meetup yet, now’s your chance. And believe me, you do not want to be left out.”


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Some of our previous marketing speakers

Our speakers include some of the world's most famous and most effective marketing practitioners and thinkers. From Oscar Nominees to Disability Rights champions, to well-known names - we've had them all on our stage.

John Espirian

John Espirian, Relentlessly Helpful Technical Copywriter

Nathan Anibaba - Founder of AgencyDealmasters

Nathan Anibaba, Founder of Agency Dealmasters

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Catherine Newman, CMO of Manchester United

Why attend marketing events like The Marketing Meetup and what makes them among the best marketing events?


Marketing, when done well, can be a noble act. It matches a problem to a solution for customers and communicates it creatively.

But why attend events like The Marketing Meetup? Very simply, marketing doesn’t have to be a solo adventure. We can all make each other better. We can help each other along. We can learn, collaborate and grow together. Marketing done well is an amazing thing.

The Marketing Meetup is a friendly, inclusive and welcoming place to be. You leave feeling informed and welcome. That’s why they feel like some of the best marketing events and webinars around.


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